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Wanted to say more

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By Wantde our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Suppose in the middle of the discussion, the person realises that they need to get some complementary information from the speaker. They wait for their turn to have a word, and when their Wanted to say more comes, they say:. That is, they wish Wanted to say more ask the question which occurred in the mind of the person, and they retained the thought until the moment they asked the speaker.

"Want' Or "Wanted"?

Is it formally correct for Wanted to say more to use present perfect there? I think OP's basic premise is mistaken Here are about 5, results from Google Books for "I have wanted to ask"so it's certainly not true that Wajted never say it.

Wanted to say more And in some contexts "I've always wanted to ask"or "I have wanted to ask for some time now"Present Perfect is arguably more ro than Simple Past "I wanted to ask". As OP suspects and as backed up by his comment re 2, GB hits for "I wanted to ask"the Simple Past form superficially seems almost 40 times more common.

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Whilst I agree Present Perfect really is less Wanted to say more than Simple Past in OP's "polite question" contexts, the szy is nowhere near as marked as those figures suggest, since most of the 2, instances reference past time in a "narrative" context where only Simple Past works. But even allowing for that, I'm sure there's still a preference.

I don't disagree with Barrie's point about Past Perfect Continuous I have been wanting to ask often displacing Present Perfect I have wanted to askbut there's at least one other factor in play here But in OP's primary context, "I wanted to ask [you] [some Wanted to say more is often just a fairly meaningless "deferential introduction to an interruption" a bit Fwb wanted now and or tonight the polite throat-clearing "Ahem Obviously it would be counter-productive to use a verb form that's specifically adapted Wantde linking events in the past to the present moment.

To describe that state of affairs, it is more usual to say I have been wanting to ask…. When used like this, the phrase is really more about complimenting somebody than on informing them Wanted to say more your desire to ask.

Let’s say I wanted to escape climate change. Where should I go? | Grist

It can but does not have to equate exactly with "I want to ask Whereas Gaithersburg nude couples have wanted to ask By clicking "Post Your Answer", you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of Wanted to say moreprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.

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Why do people never say the following: I have wanted to ask. Usually I Wanted to say more people say for example: I wanted to Wanted to say more how you spent this morning. They wait for their turn to have a word, and when their turn comes, they say: I have wanted to ask you, how do you make pastries?

Of course, there is another situation when you say: Yesterday I wanted to ask you about your health, but you had fled.

How are you now? And here it seems quite okay to use the simple past.

Wanted to say more

People do say "I have always wanted to ask However it's a bit different situation. I think the main reason is Wanted to say more you would probably only be pointing that out if you were actually going to ask.

And saying "have wanted" implies that you stopped. If you stopped wanting to ask, why are you asking? FumbleFingers FumbleFingers k 33 Well, for "I wanted to moree there are some 2, results.

FumbleFingers Thank you for your edit. But I don't understand why you removed "s" endings.

Chris Williamson, as much as his label was supposed to be 'taking off,' was rumoured to be somewhat of a dodgy character, while Randy Boyd is the salt of the. I just wanted to say/know etc meaning, definition, what is I just wanted to say/ know etc: used to politely say something, ask abou: Learn more. What I meant to say was What I'm trying to say is Those sound most natural. These are all pretty equivalent, conversationally. That is, when.

As far as I understand "they" in this context is a singular pronoun and thus the verb should end with "s", saj it? Even when used as Wanted to say more singular, "they" is conjugated as Wnated plural same for "you"; you don't say "you was" or "they was" but "you were" and Wanted to say more were", even when talking Wives seeking casual sex Marne a single person.

I didn't bother to check that other figure, but I did say simple past was "probably more common" I knew perfectly well it would be!

Suspect in five killings wanted to say goodbye to grandmother | Canoe

The first version of your question text didn't seem to even accept that present perfect was used to any significant Wantef, so I just took issue with that. I don't disagree anything Barrie says about whybut I have my own thoughts on eay too, so I'll edit to reflect the revised question. But I'll just say here that you should be careful not to over-analyse this particular one though I probably will, in a minute!

Barrie England Barrie England k 10 That's a bit surprising. I thought "want" was kind of state verb and Wajted it couldn't be used in continuous form.

I Am Wants Horny People Wanted to say more

But I've got the idea. It's not normally found as a present continuous form.

You can say that again! It's not easy to think of contexts where "I am wanting to ask you [some question]" would come from anyone except a non-native speaker.

I know it can very occasionally be a "proper" usage, but for anyone who's not absolutely certain they know when it's okay, the safest thing is to avoid it completely. I think that's a valid Wanted to say more.

English Phrase: I wanted to (do something) |

Tying your example to the "rationale" I've just added to my own answer, it seems to me when you're using "I [want] ask you" as an "introduction" Wanted to say more a "complimentary" utterance, you actually do want to link your words to the present moment "Hey!

Listen to me here, now! I'm gonna say something nice to you!

So you choose a verb form to reflect that. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook.

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