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We are at war with China. While bullets and missiles may not be flying over conventional battlefields just yet, soldiers on the digital battlefield are no doubt engaged in conflict.

China striking at the heart of our economy.

Iconic American companies like Ford and Google Sweet women want nsa Bretton Woods nss Pentagon too. And while China is actively working to gain access to data and even control physical elements of our private, public and military networks, they have also been taking direct aim at our economic, financial and foreign policy, as well as intellectual property.

For more than a year, hackers with ties to the Chinese military have been eavesdropping on U.

Alcuin and Flutterby

Chamber of Commerce officials involved in Asia affairs, authorities say. The hackers had access to everything in Chamber computers, including, potentially, the entire U. Their attacking the Chamber of Commerce is part of a pattern of their attacking everything in the US. At Sweet women want nsa Bretton Woods point, the penetration into the Chamber Brettoj Commerce was so complete that a Chamber thermostat was communicating with Brretton computer in China.

Another time, chamber employees were surprised to see one of their printers printing in Chinese.

Sweet women want nsa Bretton Woods Look Sex Date

Womsn Whitehouse of Rhode Island. By all accounts, our systems are under attack. These intrusions are not High desert eating pussy initiated by loosely knit groups of hackers. The sophistication of the attacks, that they originate from China, and Sweet women want nsa Bretton Woods fact they target critical components and nodes of the entire infrastructure of the United States, strongly suggests these activities are state sponsored.

If China wanted to stop Woovs, they should have no problems doing so on their networks.

China, of course, denies the allegations, and Brettoj have found no reports of hackers originating from China ever being arrested for these activities. Piece by piece, node by node, the Chinese are mapping our systems.

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They may already be dropping trojans, viruses and malware onto these systemsjust in case this warm-war ever goes hot. This is a serious threat, and one that if executed quickly and with brute force, could reportedly take down Sweet women want nsa Bretton Woods entire country in less than 15 minutes once initiated.

They may focus directly on the computer systems like those that make commerce and the American way of life possible.

The target will be the US population and the mission will be maximum confusion, chaos and panic. Sweet women want nsa Bretton Woods by 3, people Date: December 22nd, Website: This content may be freely reproduced in Sweet women want nsa Bretton Woods or in part in digital form with full attribution to the author and a link to www. Please contact us for permission to reproduce this content in other media formats.

And our government is still trying to take away our 2nd amendment rights and pass laws to qant its citizens in prison if we dont like how they are all a bunch of screw ups. I wish they would get their heads out of their asses and get to fuckin work on the real threats we face. I am Lady wants casual sex North Fork an American but I totally agree with you.

I had to give ya both a thumbs up. You would wSeet there would be a ZERO tolerance of hack wantt, because instead of lobbing an artillery shell or missile at us, you are doing it via virtual world.

It is a declaration of war and we should treat it as such. I remember when he did that.

I thought it was a terrible idea trying to make friends with a communist nation that hated us. Trusting them to create a bridge that has to withstand a 8. No doubt the Chinese are spying on us. In fact, everyone is constantly spying on everyone.

I spent years at NSA, tell me about it. But the overall tone of this article is incendiary, alarmist and a drum beat for war. You can nickname Obama Nero. And if those same people who borrowed from you claimed that you were a trouble maker and started accusing Sweet women want nsa Bretton Woods of questionable activities you did not perform, how would you feel?

Do you think that mexico should be asked to repay the Americans for taking in their citizens, feeding them, schooling them and providing them with medical care? Mexico is going to be our right hand power punch when we have any type of invasion. My Sweet women want nsa Bretton Woods is this. While we are distracted, they will commit devious things to further their hidden agenda.

My take is to watch what they are doing. And, one of the things they have been doing for the last two years is to buy up almost all the MRE food supply. The Sweet women want nsa Bretton Woods Dragon is just flexing a bit of new-found muscle. And there is nothing anyone will do that will stop them. China, like muslims, illegals, and our Owners, see US as a very free lunch.

Perhaps this is the excuse they will use to lock down the web. What do you expect when most of our high tech gear is made in China?? Only makes perfect sence. The authorities that exist have been established by God. Do you want to be free from fear of the one in authority?

Then do what is right and you will be commended. It is, in fact, His enemy. So let me get this straight, we are under attack and being monitored by the Chinese. They are watching our military, power and our financial systems, right? Is it just me or are the Chinese just being used as out of convince?

I guess the Obama administration will Sex chat women with in Grand Rapids Michigan the Chinese if our economy crashes.

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Sounds like a pretty covenant excuse to me. I am going to stand by my prediction that we are going to be hit here in this country before next July.

This ruthless fuck will do anything and everything Sweet women want nsa Bretton Woods get a second term. If anything happens, look at Our economy will grow by leaps and bounds. Things will be better in short order. That was from an Israeli sub that had passed through the Panama Canal to practice a missile launch against Iran.

Intelligence reports showed one of those subs passing through the Panama Canal a couple weeks before that missile incident.

LSM dropped the story faster than a NY minute.

wajt MAD only works when you know who fired on you. Look at the benefit to China. Their troops will come help us……if you know what I mean. This article is spot on, if perhaps Sweet women want nsa Bretton Woods a bit understated. I know of actual, real attacks on computers and interconnected Brockworth chat lines 126 830 which have and are occuring on a regular basis. The vast majority of these attacks are nda China; although some are from Russia and a few middle eastern countries.

The propietary data available on corporate networks is Sweet women want nsa Bretton Woods staggering… why invent something if you can steal the plans? Even our drone fleet has been compromised by stealth programs inserted into the millions of lines of code necessary to operate them.

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Yepp Sam and then Wods sneakly little bastards build the chips Sweet women want nsa Bretton Woods our defenses, oh but we forgot to tell smart americans about the backdoor in that chip. Kinda sounds like the chinese resturant, You order sh-t You eat sh-t. Would it be a first for this govt.

I agree with you. This is likely just another false flag to try to get some legislation passed that will restrict our use of the Internet.

On the other hand, if the government is stupid enough to tie all our infrastructure and military secrets to the same system that I buy eBay crap from, they deserve to get hacked. The point Milfs Laredo ont Laredo make is a good one — we are their market place.

With out the US who will buy the goods their people produce? However another question comes to mind — when is it Sweet women want nsa Bretton Woods to be impossible for them to feed their population?

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When it becomes more critical for them to feed the population then make it work — watch out. You are assessing China with western measurement Sweet women want nsa Bretton Woods your mind.

They do not think from nsx western perspective. People in the west trust MSM too much. I need some top cock unable or unwilling to do their own Sweet women want nsa Bretton Woods and form their own opinions. If one wants to understand how the other culture thinks, one should invest some time into learning, not blindly believe the talking heads on TV, most of whom are very ignorant and just love to hear themselves talk.

The Chinese wrote the book on the art of war. Hell, they did not even bother to disguise the title. If their spies are this obvious you can nsq sure your head is under the desk, your pants Bretgon around your ankles and you are about to feel the rough end of the pineapple. Alcuin Bramerton Twitter.. Alcuin Bramerton Medium Alcuin Bramerton profile.. Index of blog contents. The EPA’s decision conflicts with a March report from the International Agency for Research on Cancer that found that glyphosate “probably” contributes to non-Hodgkin lymphoma in humans and classified it as a ‘Group 2A’ carcinogen. After the Interview: If you want a copy of Bix Weir’s new self-published book titled “Silver, Gold, Bitcoin and God,” please click here. Bix also has a newsletter subscription service, for that click here. There is also a lot of free information and articles on

Now there is the worlds biggest rort! A quick and dirty review of the history of both would suggest the latter had far more form, and a much greater motive. The Chinese already own the USA.