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This is a U. Government inter-agency website managed by the Bureau of Diplomatic Security, U.

Gas Reserves Beneath Turf War in Northern Mexico? | Al Jazeera America

Publishing or otherwise distributing OSAC-derived information in a manner inconsistent with this policy may Married Independence women in the discontinuation of OSAC support. For more information, please read our full disclaimer. Saltillo serious safe women only of State - Washington, D. Hello, welcome to OSAC! South Central Asia Region: This Onpy and Safety Report focuses on the U.

Consulate General Sxltillo Monterrey's consular district of the following states: Crime Threats Overall, crime and violence are serious problems and can occur anywhere, and U.

Saltillo serious safe women only

While many of those killed in organized crime-related violence have themselves been involved in criminal activity, innocent persons have also been killed.

The number of U. In Zacatecas, Seious occurred inup from in Reported extortions have increased in Nuevo Leon, Zactecas, and Durango, which saw the highest increase at 24 percent.

They declined in Coahuila by 59 percent and in San Saltillo serious safe women only Potosi Ladies wants sex NJ Ridgewood 7450 19 percent. Travel is permitted within the state of Nuevo Leon via toll roads. Asfe to Coahuila must be done in an armored vehicle, and overnight lodging is restricted.

Transportation-Safety Situation If traveling by road, travelers should exercise caution and avoid traveling at night whenever possible. Traffic patterns change without notice due to road construction or maintenance, and traffic is often severely impacted, causing major traffic jams throughout Salitllo city.

It is recommended to travel with at least half a tank of gasoline, spare tire, and a charged mobile Saltillo serious safe women only. In addition, travelers should not hitchhike or offer rides to strangers in Mexico.

Mexico OSAC Crime & Safety Report: Monterrey

Monterrey sits astride one of the busiest transportation corridors in Mexico, and many of the highways are crowded with trucks laden with cargo.

Throughout the highway system, travelers will encounter checkpoints often manned by the military.

Travelers should be cautious but follow directions at these checkpoints. The highway to Reynosa continues to see a consistent level of violence, while the highway to Laredo Saltiloo seen markedly fewer incidents.

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Travelers should pay close attention to local news reports and the Consulate Messages for U. Citizens to reduce their chances of encountering these situations. Toll roads, while generally safer, can also be targets for cartel-related carjackings. If stranded on the highway due to vehicle malfunction, dial for roadside assistance.

Travelers should also remember to safeguard their vehicle while in the district: The installation of a car alarm is strongly recommended. If you purchase a car radio, look Saltillo serious safe women only models that can be removed. Try to park inside a residential compound, in a parking lot with an attendant, or at least within view of the location of your visit.

When parking at a shopping facility lot, be sure to Saltillo serious safe women only as close as possible to the store entrance but away from dumpsters, bushes, or large vehicles. Lock your doors, close Saltillo serious safe women only, and keep Beautiful housewives wants sex Hershey vehicle sterile, storing anything that would entice a thief out of plain view.

Visitors are recommended to utilize dispatched taxis or hotel transportation services. Terrorism Threat Post Terrorism Rating: The presence of Transnational Criminal Organizations have had a major impact on the security environment.

Corruption is a serious problem, not only within the police, but in other areas of government as well. Organized criminal elements contribute to the high level of crime in the region. Beheadings, torture, and other gruesome displays of violence have occurred in the consular district this past year.

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Wlmen, Economic, Religious, and Ethnic Violence The level of political violence in the consular district has been low. Post Political Violence Rating: High Civil Unrest Large-scale public demonstrations, strikes, or civil unrest are rare in Monterrey.

Most protests are local in nature and do not pose a threat to U. Small, peaceful demonstrations occur periodically at the Mexican Procuraduria Mexican Attorney General office. It is recommended that travelers avoid demonstrations and other activities that might be deemed political by the authorities. Post-specific Concerns Environmental Hazards Aafe is prone to flash floods during the hurricane Saltillo serious safe women only.

It is common for streets to flood and for parts of the city to be completely cut-off during heavy rains. Avoid driving or walking in flooded areas.

Every year, a number of deaths are attributed to pedestrians or vehicles being swept away by rushing water. Saltillo serious safe women only

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Police continue to confront the cartels and their associates, and these confrontations can result in shootouts on public roads. Following the confrontations, police frequently discover weapons and in some cases explosives.

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Significant cartel related arrests in the consular district include: Kidnapping Threat Reported kidnappings in the Monterrey consular district continue to reflect lower numbers than in previous years, with less than kidnappings reported.

In the district, there have been cases of traditional, "express," and "virtual" kidnappings. Victims of traditional kidnappings Saltillo serious safe women only physically abducted and held captive until a ransom is paid for their release. A "virtual" kidnapping is an extortion attempt by deception scheme wherein a victim is contacted by phone and convinced to isolate themselves from family and friends until a ransom is paid. The victim's family is then contacted and a ransom for the "kidnapped" extracted.

Recently, some travelers to Mexico staying at hotels as guests have been targets of "virtual" kidnapping schemes. State, federal, and military forces have stepped up the security responsibilities in an attempt to stabilize remote Saltillo serious safe women only. How to Handle Incidents of Government Detention or Harassment Police corruption, as widely reported by the media, continues to be a problem. Be aware that offering a bribe to a public official to avoid a traffic fine or other penalty is a crime in Mexico.

If during a traffic stop or other detention the police demand a bribe, visitors should refuse to pay the bribe. Crime Victim Assistance Although police services may not be similar to those in the U.

For information regarding assistance for Wafe. Mon-Fri or the Duty Officer at 81 outside work hours.

Facilities outside of the metropolitan area are more limited. In an emergency, dial for police or for an ambulance; however, wait times for ambulances can vary greatly. Permanent residents are encouraged to contract with a private ambulance service in order to ensure prompt service.

Local hospitals generally require payment in advance. Consulate General Monterrey and can be accessed here: All travelers are advised to check the State Department's Travel Warning for Mexico for up to date information.

All visitors are encouraged to make use of hotel safes where available, avoid wearing expensive jewelry, and carry only the cash or credit cards that will be needed on each outing.

Visitors should be aware of their surroundings, even when in areas generally considered safe. Women traveling Saltillo serious safe women only are especially vulnerable and should exercise caution, particularly at night.

If an ATM must be used, it should preferably be accessed Looking for serious ladies tonight regular business hours and at protected facilities preferably inside commercial establishments rather womdn at glass-enclosed, highly visible Saltillo serious safe women only on streets.

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Travelers should be cautious when using their credit cards. Cards should not leave the sight of the traveler, as many businesses have portable card-readers that can be brought to the consumer. Upon returning home, travelers should examine their statements for any unauthorized purchases. Families of kidnapping victims who are U. Department of Saltillo serious safe women only Telephone: