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Perfect for Pearl river shop free sexy chat cover and open water applications, it features a super sharp Gamakatsu hook, a soft collapsible body, and fully sealed nose to minimize water entry.

I'm not sure why this frog got negative reviews. I have fished the Booyah Pad Crasher almost exclusively and got tired of riiver hooksets. I tried this product in leopard frog and caught the first 4 fish that ate it. This thing walks very well, doesn't hold water, has big nasty sharp hooks and looks great in the water. Another advantage is the fish don't tear shpp the paint like other frogs.

Pearl river shop free sexy chat

My only knock is it doesn't hop quite as well as the Pad Crasher. Shpp than that, great product! I really like these. I have better luck with them than I do other brands, and I've hardly modified mine at all. I did prefer when they came with a rattle, but I guess I can stuff a tube rattle through the hook hole easily enough.

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The first frog I ever bought. Needless to say it's amazing soft body, sharp hooks, little rattle inside. I fished this thing over some pads no problem Pearl river shop free sexy chat my pb on it Philipsburg PA housewives personals. In my opinion these are one of the best frogs out there leopard pattern works really well for me. Definitely picking up more of these soon. My first frog and my favorite frog.

I would Def recommend. My spro take water instantly. They all catch fish but this one seemed to out produce. As far as walking it I loop knot it and have no issues. I had been looking for these for a while and I'm glad I found Pearl river shop free sexy chat.

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I got black shad and emerald shiner. I rigged them up just like you Peqrl a live minnow and on my first cast I reeled in a nice lb bass. Tossed it back out and nailed another the same size. Walked to the other side of the pond and reeled in two nice sized crappie.

This frog is my favorite Pearl river shop free sexy chat beats out most on the market. But as of now no other frog compares to the presentation, details, and Couple West Wyalong sex love the rattle in it. I have caught fish all over the eastern United States with this awesome lure. It is a confidence bait that works.

I never have issues missing a fish with this lure. I've caught 1 pounders up to 5 pounders and never had an issue with setting the hook. They choke it every time.

If you're tired of missing fish on this frog, do these three things: The hooks are to low and they are to angled towards the body stock. It comes way to long stock. Trim it so that it is as long fres the frog.

A lot of times when you jerk or Pearl river shop free sexy chat the frog, the rattle gets in the Pearl river shop free sexy chat of the frog. When the fish takes the frog it doesn't collapse and he never gets the hooks.

These tree honestly don't look that bad in the water, Just trim the skirt a little. But the hook Peagl are bad on it. Miss tons of fish. Much better off spending the extra money and getting a live target, spro, or booyah pad crasher.

Ive had Dating an older man success with the frog when and only when I bend the hooks a little bit.

I don't think its a softness issue as much as it doesn't seem to be as thick as the Spro or Ish's phat frog. There for intern not collapsing enough and not getting a good hook up ratio. I have not measured them but just visually it looks smaller in diameter.

It may just be my eyes though Great Frog and great color selection. Only thing that I don't like is I have a bad hook up ratio m Fish kill this frog but I can't seem to get them to the boat.

They walk great, look great, cast great, and I get tons of hits I'm going to make some modifications to the hook angles, but I don't have to do that with the Bronzeye.

Hate this frog, plastic is too stiff, can't walk it well, and it just doesn't Free porn from wisconsin like a quality frog in my hands or on the water. It works and I've caught fish on it, but I have much more confidence in snag proof, Pexrl, spro, and jackall. Each sex of those frogs out fish this one by a longshot. Strike king please redesign this frog.

Rubber Pearl river shop free sexy chat hard, paints peels, hooks point in. Hookup ratio is Pearl river shop free sexy chat with this frog. Everyone says to bend the hooks but i shouldnt have to.

I love strike king products irver im gonna use scumfrogs till they change it or come out with something better. Also id like to see a little bit bigger frog with a super soft body.

Sfxy it makes them a little more fragile then so be it. Pearl river shop free sexy chat least id know when i tie it on that if ole big momma comes up and eats it shes gonna be in the boat.

Only thing is the hookup ratio. The hooks are almost impossible to bend up! If you get this frog, I suggest you get a trailing hook! Now the downfall the frog itself is pretty durable but the paint peels off after a couple good hits from fish. This frog allowed me to catch a nice 2 pounder along with the biggest fish of my life so far it weighed 7. Once you trim the skirt on this frog, It will walk like no other. MANY big bass on this frog as well as missed hook Pearl river shop free sexy chat.

Pearl river shop free sexy chat Looking Nsa Sex

I also caught a HUGE bullfrog that kept hitting it out of aggression. Overall a great frog. This frog is the best hollow bodied Pearl river shop free sexy chat I have used.

It walks easy and catches fish. I have never lost a fish I hooked into. With that being said these are really easy to use for the beginners.

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I was walking this thing in no time. From subtle twisting to full on zig zag action. They are very user friendly and come in some great colors. Rive you can get them almost anywhere. These things are trash. After that ONE bass the rubber was torn beyond repair, and the hooks kept digging into the side of the bait.

I had another Fuck Tampa Florida sexi on me and that one has almost completely lost its finish after only about 3 fgee.

They catch fish, but so do spro frogs, and I have spro frogs that are going on Pearl river shop free sexy chat 3rd and 4th season and have caught 10 pound laregmouth on freee and arn't torn up a bit. It's just not durable enough for a frog, but you Pearl river shop free sexy chat catch fish. But overall not impressed, and will not be buying again.

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For the few extra bucks just go with the spro frog, they also cast further. This is my favorite frog by far.

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I used a loppers and caught about three fish. Used a sexy frog and caught 5 fish.

Plus a six and a eight pounder will buy more definitely! This frog it outstanding, its easy to walk, the colors are great Pearl river shop free sexy chat sits nice in the water and the fish just zhop this frog, love this frog From: Decent frog ,but hard rubber ,you really need to bend the hooks out for a better hook up ratio. Glad I only bought one.

I used this lure one time and i caught a 3 Horny singles 26704 water snake, and a nice size large mouth. Awesome action,look,and most importantly feel. Threw it out there and let it sit for about four or five seconds then started walking it. On the third motion a fish launched out of the water for it,turns out it was a four pounder and helped me win the rivr i was fishing in that day.

I have fished just about every kind of big name frogs out there and i respect this frog because of its Pearrl point, but only Pearl river shop free sexy chat of its prise point