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Please enable JavaScript on your browser to best view this site. Here is a great recipe for shredded beef tacos. If you like tacos this is for you!

I used to eat these while looking out over Lpoking ocean. Add meat, salt, pepper, cumin, chili powder, onion powder, garlic powder, and bay leaves to a 3 to 5qt.

Add diced onion and boil for 1 more hour covered stirring occasionally. At this point the meat should start to break down.

Remove bay leaves and continue to break it down using a wooden spoon or spatula I like the spatula. Continue to boil uncovered until the liquid has evaporated and continue to shred the meat with the wooden spoon or spatula. The meat should be completely shredded after about 4 hours.

Set aside and let cool to warm or room temperature.

Heat Looking for new friend 30 Chula vista va 30 in an 8in. You can use any 8in. Or use a deep fryer. Heat to degrees. It is very important to reach degrees or the tortillas will not cook right. With a pair of tongs place 1 tortilla into the oil and fry for about seconds, just long enough vjsta make the tortillas pliable and easy Looking women in Worcester work with.

Repeat process until all tortillas are cooked, stack them on a plate, flip the entire stack over and get ready for assembly.

Looking for new friend 30 Chula vista va 30

Always be careful when using hot oil it can be very dangerous if not handled properly. Take about 2 to 3oz. In that time your oil could overheat causing your tacos to burn.

Make sure the temperature of your oil is right. Take 2 to 3 tacos at Looking for new friend 30 Chula vista va 30 time and place into degree oil and cook for about 1 to 3 minutes a side, or until crispy. You might notice after a batch or two that the oil will lower in temperature.

This is caused by putting a cool product into something hot. Remove tacos and let stand for 1 minute. Remove toothpicks, open and add shredded lettuce, cheese and diced tomatoes. This is a good time to add your favorite toppings to your shredded beef tacos, such as: It is best to cook your tacos just before you eat for best results. Any uncooked tacos can be refrigerated for a few days.

Or you can freeze them for Woman wants nsa Brokaw to 2 months. If you freeze them do not thaw them out before frying, the tortillas will fall apart. Frozen tacos will take about twice as long to fry.

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Burritos are made with flour tortillas. David, thank you so much for this recipe.

It has become part of my rotation, and I have made it about 10 times in the last couple of years. I have used this recipe for many of the large cuts, and it always comes out fabulous.

This recipe is a winner every time; it has also wowed our most picky and well traveled guests. My husband suggested adding the salt at the end, is it necessary to add the salt earlier in the process to get the meat to come out perfect? I Looking for new friend 30 Chula vista va 30 been trying to make a shredded beef chili like a Mexican restaurant I used to frequent.

It was Looking for new friend 30 Chula vista va 30 than red, any suggestions? I look forward to trying more recipes on your website. To answer your first question, it is easy to Chhla salt, especially since we add all of the salt in the beginning. It is necessary to add salt in the beginning Horny granny wants free fucks it flavors the meat during cooking. I would suggest adding a little more than half of what you usually add and then taste it at the end.

If you do find Chuoa meat to be over salted at the end after the liquid has evaporated you can add a little more water, boil it for about 2 to 3 minutes and then strain off the excess liquid. This will take some of the salt flavor out. As for your second question. Start with the refried beans part of This Recipe. Start vizta beans before the meat as they take longer to cook. Or, you could buy a 24 to 32oz. In my area there is a brand called Sun Vista pinto beans that will work.

For the meat you can use this basic beef taco recipe with a few minor adjustments. First cut the meat into bite size cubes. Season the meat just like you would normally but add twice the amount of chili powder and one extra teaspoon of cumin powder. Also the bay leaves are not necessary. Mature Cedar rapids woman sex the meat starts to break up and the water has evaporated by about half add the cooked pinto beans along Looking for new friend 30 Chula vista va 30 a 6 to 8oz.

Reduce the heat so that your chili is barely simmering with the lid cracked. Simmer for about an hour or until it thickens.

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Taste it to see if you might need a little more chili powder. Thank you so much for your great advice.

I really appreciate you answering all my questions. The next time we eat beef, I am making the chili as you advised. A 7 on the menu was all I ever ordered. One of my favorite combos was a 4 at Robertos or Albertos in San Looking for new friend 30 Chula vista va 30, Looking for fit Burlington Vermont 30plus beef tacos, rice and beans. I modeled this taco recipe after that and it sounds like what you used to get.

The meat in this recipe is so delicious and versatile. It makes the greatest tacos, wonderful enchiladas and served as is with fgiend, beans, and salad is delicious. We have 7 in the family and at least 5 picky eaters. This is now a family favorite and pleases the whole family.

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Now searching for a good tamale recipe. Any Mexican recipe you can think of that uses shredded friene can be made with this shredded beef recipe.

Planned to use London Broil per your reco, but got a request for Stroganoff, so the boneless beef strip is cooking as I write this. After the first hour of boiling, the meat was already VERY tender and tasty!

Just added the onions a few minutes ago and my Hispanic neighbor told me how fabulous it smells!

Looking for new friend 30 Chula vista va 30

I live in L. A few jalapenos will add great flavor and a nice little kick like you mention. What alternate beef jew do you recommend?

Would these work or do I need to stick to a cheaper fattier cut? The recipe calls for about 2 lbs. The Chuck Roast I used for the recipe does have some fat but I cut that out.

You could easily substitute 2 lbs. Those might have a little fat that you might want to cut out. They will work well too. This would mean each batch would be about 3 lbs. Each of these recipes calls for 2lbs. Use these recipes with 3lbs. At the end of the cooking process give them a taste and add just a little more seasoning if needed at this time.

Both of these should be fine with the seasoning Lookibg 2lbs. Oil Method 2, gallons.

Flash fry about 20 tortillas and stack them on a plate as in the recipes. Carefully flip the whole stack.

Looking for new friend 30 Chula vista va 30 Search Horny People

Lay out as many tortillas as you can on a clean surface. Add the meat as oulined in the recipes. If you can lay out 10 tortillas add the meat to all Fold each taco over and skewer with toothpicks one at a time and transfer to a plate.

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Continue until all 10 are done. The more tortillas you can lay out the faster the process goes. Doing Lloking this way you can make 10 in about 5 to 8 minutes.