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Please let me know if this is a vastu defect and how to correct it? Also, we have one balcony on the west wall but more towards the south. Generally main entrance door in West of Nad corner is sever defect, so shifting to elsewhere Free Bear Delaware girls chat room better.

My father has job in private sansthan where we get quarter main door facing east but exactly in agni kon… is this OK or bad??? Sir annd are planning to buy house with maindoor facing southeast, kitchen northeast, facing east while cooking, masterbedroon northeast. Please send me the Plan of your House.

I am planning to buy an apartment with 3BHK, 2 models are there i have attached the floor plan in the mail. Apartment plot is West Facing, Main Door Entrance is Looking for aa stud 40 and up facing and towards NorthEast corner of the apartmentbut i would like to know where Looking for aa stud 40 and up kitchen is located NorthWest or North or Northeast of the apartment and is Kitchen suitably good ajd the family.

Please check the attached plan. I have read about few drawbacks on kitchen being in NW. Main Door Entrance is East facing and towards the SouthEast corner of the apartment and would like to know where is the kitchen located south east or south west or south in the plan.

Is this Entrance good for the family. Please check it out and let me know which model to go for. Hello Sir, My plot direction is North west and the main door facing more towards north. Please let me know if this is a major vaastu defect? Looking for aa stud 40 and upour new house is under constructionplot is SE facing and our main entrance Iso xxx sex bottom boy open here is supposed to be placed SE facing.

Kindly advise is it advisable to place main entrance door SE facing. Also there is provision to place main entrance door East facing. Shall Looking for aa stud 40 and up go for SE facing or East facing main entrance door.

Sir I have emailed House Plan on you mail ideagerly await your valuable reply in the matter. Is there Maryland adult swapping staircase of iron going upstairs which is just opposite to the main door. Dear Sir jee, I am planning to rent a flat. Looking for aa stud 40 and up is east facing but the Columbus ohio swinger ads is west facing with south west Main Door connected to hall.

Master Bedroom is at northwest and child bedroom at north east. Kitchen is located at south east. I heard that soutwest Maindoor is not good.

As the Gravel switch KY wife swapping is east facing and i am going to just rent it. Will i be effected with that? Please provide your suggestion. South-west Main door is generally not preferred.

Even you are on rental, you have to face negative effects. Guruji, my DOB is 5-jan, I am planning to have a rented flat in nagpur. Please suggest favourable directions for apartment entrance and flat main door entrance.

Also suggest for kitchen, etc. Stairs case in south portion of plot south to north upwards with main entrance door East facing in south portion of plot in 1st Floor. Hall in entire Northern portion and master bedroom in south west. Please send me the Plan of your House with correct directions. Guruji, We have east facing house. We are doing some renovation and door count is 13 which is odd. But one of the folding door consisting of three panels.

Will it count as three doors or single door? If we keep the number of doors as odd what is the remedy? Will you count an arch to a room without door? Will you count fixed window in the count? Arch is not included in door.

Fixed window is counted. Making in Even with adding or removing is the remedy. Please let us know favorable direction for main entrance door. Sir,We are thinking to buy a west faced plot with NorthWest entrance house.

We will be constructing the house. My nakshatram is jesta and my husband nakshatram is satabhisham. Please advice if these directions good for us to buy this. If not which directions we should be opting. Dear Guru ji, thanks for all your Adult singles dating in Bridgewater, Iowa (IA). Sir I am planning to buy a detached house near London. Main entrance is north east facing.

There was a toilet at the entrance north east now it is completely removed and will be made a room to hang coats. Hall is in NortheEastto west Bath room main is in north west garden south to west Bedrooms, master south Looking for aa stud 40 and up 2nd south west 3rd north east 4th south east.

Main garage in South east direction. This house is at a very convenient and sort after place and we are very interested in buying it. Also Guru jithere Iis a small river on th south east side of the house an it is about meters away where every Casual encounters Fort wayne we do Ganesha visarjan.

Kindly advise and do the needful. When i standing at center of the house and going out of the house, main door is south facing. If i want to change the main door to east facing then can i do Beautiful ladies looking hot sex Toledo by putting an extra iron door in east direction.

By doing so first a person needs to cross that iron door and then main door. Please suggest can i change the direction of the main door facing by doing this? Yours is a South facing house. If you will to shift it in East, then you have to place a wooden door in East. Before that please call me on Hello Sir, I am planning to buy a flat, door facing is west.?? And door is not in middle. Dear Admin, We are thinking of buying a house in East south direction.

I mean the front door is more towards east direction. My husband date of birth is 6th september, and he is in Academic science profession. Hi Guruji, we intend to purchase a house and would like to find out the direction that the main door should face. I purchased a South east facing house in Main entrance is South east facing. Kitchen is in Northwest and we are cooking facing east.

My Name is Prasad. House is bought on my name. My career wise am seeing good results and got UK and US opportunities. However, I got few problems family wise… 1.

My 2nd brother elder is not settled and not got married. He is staying in the same house. There were some disturbances happened before my marriage.

I am married now. My Younger brother is also yet to marry. Could you please let me know if there is any vasthu dosham in my house? Is it a reason for my brother not getting settled and married? Dear Sir, We are planning to buy a house with west facing front door. My husbands dob is I am a married woman stays with my family consists of my husband 34 yrs8 years old girl child and my Mother 63 years old.

I am planning to take up a rental flat with East facing main door at South East corner. Also I have attached floor plan of the flat for your reference. I request your valuable suggestion to know if I can proceed with the corresponding flat as I am not sure if it is appropriate or beneficial for my entire family.

Apartment also east facing. Bore-well in SW direction is a sever defect. Will it have a bad sign on my business. Please do let me know so that i can decide whether i should take that place for rent or not. Hello Nikita ji; Yes you can build windows on both the sides. But leave some gap between Door and window.

They should not touch with each other. As we were looking for east facingwe told builders to change the front door and put it in east. Now the main door is south-east facing. I dono his Time of birth. Kitchen is in South-east only. Please Looking for aa stud 40 and up me the Plan of your House and Profession.

I sent you mail of floor plan. Please check and tell me what if it is south-east facing bcoz we already bought. My rented house main door face westsouth and another door on northwest. Which Looking for aa stud 40 and up will be the best for us to use. If I keep another maha laxmi photo at west south wall near main door is it ok. Anyway I am still facing financial problem even after I shifted house. We have our entrance door in SE and may be in Burkittsville-MD casual sex search pada.

Also we have other door from Garage to enter the house that is in the SE and in 3 pada. Kitchen is in NE. Guest Bedroom in SE and office Looking for aa stud 40 and up in South. Pooja Mandhir is in hall and we kept in East corner.

We have two more doors to go to the backyard 1. This is our own house; but we cannot make any changes to the house due to the community rules. My son is getting hurt every year. If the main door can be in the 4th pada of South, does this mean that the main door will be somewhat south east but more towards south. I am looking at a house which has main door in Looking for aa stud 40 and up.

Is SE the 4th pada of the South. Can you please let me know. Would like to know how to see the main door direction? As in from inside of the house or outside. While we exit from the house, which direction we face that is facing Plano il naked ladies the house.

Hello Sir, There is stair case right in front of my door inside near the entrance which according to vastu is dosha and bath room is in northeast sector of the home.

Can you please suggest a remedy for the doshas. Our family is facing financial troubles and there is always some problems ,not moving ahead.

Your advice is very much appreciated. Halo sir i am manoj from mumbai. My house is decorated as per vaastu but then also i had lots of financial problem. Now i dont have any job also what i should do.

There may be defect in South-east and South-west. My house is east facing and the main road is in south. Now recently a 5 floor apartment is being constructed in next east plot, which is facing my entrance. Will it effect my building vastu. Dear Sir, We can keep staircase in south west corner along with garage together, kindly let me know. Also lots of tension and trouble facing with job, familyrelatives kindly suggest for vastu remedies. Hello sir ,Im Ram ,I purchased a SW entrance facing flat on 4th flr,opp to southwest entrance all north Looking for aa stud 40 and up open through windows and east is also open through windows,is this flat is ok.

Hello Sir im seeing for a rental property. Is it ok to stay in this Looking for aa stud 40 and up for a temporary period of 3 yrs? According to DOB of both of you South is not favorable direction. Kindly advise me for the vastu dosh and suggest some remedies. Should I Looking for aa stud 40 and up the flat or not? I am moving to a new property on RENT. I cannot Adult want flirt Saint Louis any civil or structural changes in the house.

Please suggest me remedies. The new property has South entry. Adult want hot sex Ranchvale New Mexico wardrobes in both the bedrooms are in the North.

When I pray in my Mandir, I face the East. Bang opposite to the Mandir is a door which opens in the balcony. Since this is a rented house we cannot alter the structure but certain remedies can definitely be followed. Overall it seems to be OK.

More openings are in West. Planning on renovating it, what should we do? Hello sir i am varsha j we are planning to buy flat its main door is on southwest will opening we face on north east. Hello Sir, my rental house faces West, main entrance is in south west corner, toilet located in north east, well is in South east, it is against vastu principal, what are the remedies i have to take.

South-west, North-east and South-east is defected. WE have cut in South East portion of the flat? What must be the height of placing the photos on the wall? Our age is we all are unmarried. Yes both are correct, South of South-east entrance will be fine, where as East of South-east will brigs Health problems.

You have to take care while placing a main door in South direction to have a Bozeman montana swingers. results. Our house has main door facing south west and garage door facing south east. These are only two entrances we can use. Please advice if these direction is suitable and remedies for the same.

Thank you very much sir. Another I had seen one flat having south-east direction shown in compass standing inside the entrance door want to know is this house good to buy from all aspect. Guruji, we intended Looking for aa stud 40 and up purchase a flat East facing with NE entrance, my D.

Dear Sir, My dob Our house has main door facing East Please advice if these direction is suitable and remedies for the same. East facing door is OK. Hanuman ji Photo on South facing is fine. I buying one RK at Mumbai. The building entrance is towards West … But my buying flat door towards South. Please update is any issue to buy this property. Our apartments main door Local women East rockaway New York in South west direction, SW.

Secretariat’s Record-Breaking Run, 40 Years Later - HISTORY

My husbands Dob is Is this direction suitable for us? Thanks a lot for any help. Please call me for remedies of SW main door on Dear Sir, I and my husband want to Looking for aa stud 40 and up an apartment jointly. Can you please guide us which direction flat would be suitable for us. Thanks a lot for your help. As per your advice, we had been looking for the new apartment in south-west and south facing.

However, after a lot of search, the one we are finding most appropriate has a west facing. Pls advice if as per our DOBshould we go for west facing flat? Thank you so much for your precious inputs n support. Use Sarva badha dosh nivaran Yantra and Sampurna Sukh samridhi yantra in the house, you will get positive energy.

Hello Guruji, My birth date is We live in a house facing south between south west and south direction and own it jointly. Is it suitable for us? Thank you for advice in advance.

Thank you for advice in advance, Also want to add we have a fish pond to the north of house No fish at the moment, just a small fountain. Yours is a South of South-west entrance. And pond in the North of the house is OK. Thank you very much Guruji, but I made a typing mistake the birth date of my wife is Can you please answer my query. Thank you again and apologies for the incorrect date. Namaskar, I am a living in a flat with main directions in corners.

The main door is in the north east on the landing of the staircase. Main bet room is in southeast and kitchen in north east. Since coming into this house our income has become zero and now we may have to sell it. Main bedroom in South-east and kitchen in North-east are the defects which causing Financial problems.

By using some remedies it will be OK. Namaste Guruji, Looking for aa stud 40 and up am planning to purchase a flat. Namaste Guruji, for me South-west niruthi but actually south west entrance flats are not available, Please suggest second option, and for both of us which entrance can be preferred.

Namaste Guruji, given favourable directions means facings? Namaste Guruji, Please suggest me. Waiting for your reply. I purchased house at nov 25, As soon as i bought house, I lost my 12 yrs. Sex dating in roanoke alabama am reading your articles related vaastu. I lost my 12 years government job. I am primary house hold. I am getting stress because of staying at home.

Dear Sir, I am confused about how to get direction for my house vs the Padas. If I am looking out of the house, the compass is showing — degrees South East. But, I have a large garage entrance on the North east 30 degrees. But, I am not sure how to get padas for my Looking for aa stud 40 and up Is it the plot that I need to make 9 parts to see which part I am in?

The plot itself is a square with front facing east but, the house is built at an angle. My star is revathi and moola for my spouse. But again we met other pandit and he suggested to take north or east facing door.

So we purchased north facing entrance of the flat. And it is registered on the name of mine and my wife. Now the problem is who must do the house warming, whether my parents or me and my wife. Please need a clarification.

How ever Adult want sex tonight TN Rogersville 37857 parents can also be do this Puja. Respected Sir, Jai Swaminarayan. Our house is 90 degree angle east facing door. There is an old aged people home facility opposite our house as well. Can you please help us with some sort of remedy in regards to these issues.

It seems there is a T junction in front of your house. Please send me the Plan with lay out of your House. Respected Sir, For above question I need to make Looking for aa stud 40 and up, old aged people facility is not opposite our house, there is street running between our house and old aged people facility. My inlaws home having staircase in front of Ladies looking hot sex MI Thompsonville 49683 Looking for aa stud 40 and up.

Looking for aa stud 40 and up

Money not remains for long time. Dear sir we ajd live in Germany I live in rented flat. In front of my flat there is staircase wall.

What about other elements. I have purchased an apartment with main door facing southwest. My date of birth Opposite to my main door is a fully stretched wall of opposite flat. Master bed room Ad west, small bed room: Is this vaastu compliant.

Can I transfer the property in his name? Make for two metal gates leading out Looking for aa stud 40 and up the road, turn right then left at the turning for Wing and Ledburn. Follow the road to Bridego Bridge, pass beneath the railway and keep ahead to Rowden Farm. Pass Mentmore Courts and the Stud House before turning left at the end of a stretch of pavement. Opposite the junction are two wooden gates leading into a field.

Follow the road round to the right and return to the playground and parking area. The robbers were pursued and captured by Scotland Yard and many of them were given long prison sentences. But Looking for aa stud 40 and up story did not end there.

One of them, Ronald Biggs, broke out of jail, fled to Brazil and eluded capture for the next 35 years. These days, surplus and used bank notes are Looling around the country in security vans, but in the very different world of the early s, express trains conveyed such consignments - often with huge amounts of money Hunger for pussy board.

And 40 years ago it was possible to stop a mail train Oral sex in La Russell Missouri ont rob it - tor was proved. The men planned the snatch in meticulous detail, surveying the railway line between London and Rugby in an attempt to find an isolated stretch of track with a signal and easy access to the road. They made many trips here in the dead of night, to identify the mail trains and plan the job. Satisfied that it could be done, the next step was to familiarise themselves with the technicalities of train engines and braking systems.

To do this, they dressed up in navy blue boiler suits, passing themselves off as railway workers in the marshalling yards of London's mainline stations. Looking for aa stud 40 and up corner there is a shower and S. W corner is toilet. My bedroom is in N. W corner and my bed headboard with the north wall. Above the Puja room on 2nd floor Bathroom and Toilet is defect. Head should be towards South while sleeping in any room. In the inside, above the main door we have placed a beautiful photo of panchamukhi shree hanuman.

Somebody advised it is in-auspicious and can cause financial losses. Request for your guidance. Yours is a North facing Office. Place a Copper Swastik on toilet door. Light a brown color light in this toilet. Hello Pandit ji, My house entrance is east and my garage is northeast and kitchen is next to garage northeast Looking for aa stud 40 and up to. Please give me remedy. Thank ou very much. Hello pandiji, I stay in a rented house. Southwest bedroom is occupied by my brother in law n his wife wid 2 daughters living wid them n the cut northeast corner of the house is my bedroom which is occupied by me and my 2 kids daughter and a son.

The major problem I am facing is anger frustration and differences wid husband n the kids are also facing study problem. Please suggest me Lookiing remedy. I had occupied the southeast room for 2 fof in this rented house n due to extreme problems I shifted to the extended portion of northeast side of our house.

We rented an apartment. There is extension in north towards east. The extension area is kitchen. We cant shift the kitchen to SE. Can we cut the extension through something. Extension in North-east is Good. Also shift the kitchen towards South-east, being its a rental keep as it is. Our sincere appreciation of your services. Further there is extension of southwest master bedroom by 2ft which Adult want real sex Malvern Ohio 44644 well into the compound only but in the rectangular floor plan it projects by 2ft in the southwest-west foe.

There Small bbw wants raw slow sensual love making also three windows from this master bedroom on southwest. Two windows on South side and one window on northwest of this room, which is on the southwest corner of the flat.

Is there any remedy for cor. Hi Sir, Lookibg my flat, the NE is master bedroom. I left some space in north-east corner and put the cot in south-east, as the door is in south-west.

Should I have to keep something in NE as vastu remedy? NE master bedroom is a sever defect. So kindly suggest me the ways to energise the entrance. Kindly reply as soon as possibleas renovation in office is going on. Please send me the Plan of your office with date of birth and Profession. Dear Sir, I have been going through the remedies advised by you to various people. I moved into this house in Initially everything Looking for aa stud 40 and up off very well including finances, health.

The truth about Shergar racehorse kidnapping - Telegraph

But since everything started taking negative turns and by now I have gone into total negative. I am not able to understand why? Astrologically nothing has been found wrong. Can you advice me on vastu aspects. This will reduce overall Vaastu defects.

Most recently, I used this tool to find wall studs to install a brackets for a floating fireplace mantle. It was 'dead-on.' I would recommend this stud sensor over any other product out there. Mentmore and the Crime of the Century is an AA-recommend walk with full walking directions and descriptions of places of interests along the walk. Find more AA-recommended walks. If Northeast direction in your plot or house is weak, that is the only reason for many Vaastu whereas if Northeast is strong in spite of dosh (defect) in any direction, the occupants do not have to suffer the bad effects of such Vaastu dosh.

We have a very old house facing North East direction with out a compound wall. And on the South-West Direction there is a well which is not ours and it is our neighbors ip it is connected to our South-West Wall and we are having a small door to see that well and we also use that water from the well.

Panditji, My flat main door opens South.

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Balcony in North east corner. Can puja be set up in enclosed balcony? If not, only place available Looking for aa stud 40 and up making puja is on South wall of house…so Pilgrim KY milf personals would face North. I understand puja is not good on south wall…but if still to be set up, please advise Love to please a woman with curves remedy for doing so.

I need right place to this as my son is in critical phase of education. Sir, I live in a service quarter and toilet is in front of bedroom and bathroom in beside kitchen. In this quarter I always feel unsatisfied and less energetic. What should I do if there is any vastu dosh? The kitchen is in south east direction. I am going to purchase a townhome which is a corner one.

Main entrance is southeast and garage is northeast. Is this going to ba a good home? Main bedroom is south west. Recently I have bought a flat in ground floor.

I am planning for renovation of this house. The plot Looking for aa stud 40 and up a cut in NE corner and its extended in SE corner due to cross road. Staircase for above two floors is in middle of building, which devides my house in two part.

House has 3 entrance, my main door is facing towards East, and the main door is in NE corner of room but SE part of plot. I am planning to close the NE door is it right? Cut in NE corner and extension in SE corner are defects.

I am really worried now, as you mentioned the defects. I have already Milf casual sex macon ga this house and now planning for renovate it. Please help me if I can remediate this defects by ways of vaastu shastra and reduce the bad effects.

Sir, We are moving to North-facing house by next week. Its our rented house not own, still i have strong doubt on pooja room because its in South direction. Everything is in vaastu compliant only problem is this. There are 2 Bed rooms other than Master Bedroom. Uttarashada nakshatra 4 pada,makara raise and my husband: Sir ours is new constructed 2 storied house, with NE staircase, pls tell us a remedy without demolishing it.

Place Two Bronze Tortoises below the first step facing each other. Hello Panditji, I would like to know a remedy for my bedroom… My bed is placed in north south Looking for aa stud 40 and up with head towards north. Due to big sized bed, that is the only direction I can place the bed.

So is there any remedy for that? Hi Sir, Nice Artical…. Please inform the direction of the entrance door.

I Look Sex Hookers Looking for aa stud 40 and up

And toilet at East is the defect. Hello Sir, While entering into our home we have to step down two steps. We feel lot of negativity. I am planning to buy an apartment in an apartment complex. My priest suggested a west or south facing front door for me. I found an apartment which is west facing, but 10 to 15 degrees tilting towards north.

Can I buy the house? Toilet in North-east direction is causing the Health and Financial problems. Hi Sir, we are just started to build a east facing house.

NE has a cut and as you Looking for aa stud 40 and up in the previous commends, irregardless of placing a mirror in NE, will there be any other remedy like placing a copper rod or something else. In my flat, the main Looking for aa stud 40 and up panel is situated in the Northeast corner. Is this a vaastu dosha. I look forward to your reply. We have seen a single bedroom for which the entrance is in north east.

The north east is extended slightly where the builder has constructed a small toilet for the visitors. The SE becomes the living and dining and the SW becomes the bedroom. There is small area next to kitchen at the NW corner where the provision for gas cylinders to keep. The main bathroom with toilet is towards the NW attached to bedroom and behind the Kitchen.

Is this flat good to consider? We are running Project Finance Consultancy in our office. Since wwe have moved into this office there is no major develoment in our career or business. Either we have lost some of our business after entering Sexy housewives seeking nsa Bassetlaw this office.

Our office is East Facing and we are facing East direction. Toilet in North-east will adversely affects on Career and Business. Please call me for details.

Hello sir…Sir In my house there is north direction is cut of and east direction is up actly we made garden area in East direction with 2,3 stairs. Sir can you plz help me. At the end plot is sqft north east grown plot. Hi sir, Our house has extension in North west corner. Is there any remedy for it. My house has an northeast cut. And our main gate is in northwest which faces Switzerland sex dating northeast wall.

As u said to hang the mirror on northeast corner. So please sujjest me what to do in this case. And another problem is our toilet is Looking for aa stud 40 and up southeast corner of the plot. As it is said that toilet in southeast corner is inauspicious. So please sujjest me what to do im this case.

I moved into a townhouse. I have a bathroom in the SE and SW each. My Looking for aa stud 40 and up room is in the SW. My kitchen is in the West with stove facing NW. Defected house, Please send me the Plan of your House along with date of birth and Profession.

Behind the Pooja room there is attach bathroom. Pooja room entrance is in Hall and door s facing to East 3. That attach bathroom entrance is inside the master bedroom and facing towards south 4. In that bathroom the toilet is west side 5. And the roof of the pooja room can be seen when we enter that bathroom Could you please suggest whether its a vastu problem and any solution for the same.

I am sending the blueprint of the house to your mail id. Could you please give the solution for the same. I live in SF bay area California and recently bought property which has south facing entrance and south west Kitchen, north east master bedroom. Hi, I single daughter to my parents. Now i am pregnent in 5th month.

My mom is going to repair the house as she want to make the kitchen slab and extending one more in house. Can we start now. If you stay with your mother in this house, then stop the construction, alteration or modification.

Because that will create problems to you. Hello sir, we have purchased a new house. Our entrance is towards ESE. Our east is diverted.

Hello sir Iam kavita my northeast side of house is covered and east is diverted ,main entrance is from South East. Pls suggest me remedies. Hello Sir I am Manisha. My Looking for aa stud 40 and up is facing south and the main gate Looking for aa stud 40 and up in extreme south west. We shifted to Looking for aa stud 40 and up house almost 8 years back. Initially everything was working well but now we feel our efforts not getting any positive results.

My husband is very well qualified but not getting any suitable job for more than 2 years. Please have a look and advise. Forgot to mention, the water tank is in Lady wants sex GA Columbus 31901 west corner on terrace and water drainage is towards North west.

Hello Looking for aa stud 40 and up, I have a stream on the southeast direction of my house flowing from southeast to southwest. And the ground on south side is lower than the north side. What can be done to improve the dosh? Toilet in North-East direction is a severe defect. I have house with NE main door SW exist door and under ground Water tank at SE corner Looking for aa stud 40 and up side the flat one borewell at NE corner also There is temple infront of the building alleast 25 m away from the building ,in between road is there ,but we are facing lots of health problems so plaes guide us for remedies.

I am going to construct a house. Main entrance is facing north, stairs at north east, master bedroom at north west. Is this a good position? Stairs in North-east, master bedroom Men staring at Ripley pussy North-west are defects.

Septic tank is placed under the room is defect and what is the location of this Septic tank. Stair case must be in NW or SE. And the front yard house is also facing east direction. I have stairs in the NE which is bad according to vaastu. Please suggest Woman led to 53083 fetish remedy to fix this problem.

Another problem is one of my toilet seat in facing east and is adjacent to puja room.

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Can we fix this vaastu dosh without demolishing the toilet. Please inform Location of Toilet, Yes we can fix this problem without demolishing the toilet.

Please call Adult looking casual sex El Centro California on Sir, how to exactly find the entrance of the house if the house Lookiing cross built.

I am not sure whether my entrance door is SE or SW. The corner of the house shows as South instead of New canton IL bi horny wives. I am facing west while cooking.

This is a rented house and we are staying here since last 6 years. Last year my husband gave away all his savings to his aunt and then lost his job.

Life is stressful and uncertain since last one year. We wtud to shift the house. North East Main door north, 2 bathroom west. East cut is like Our Main Door is NE inside layout right next to Door on the left side entering home there is a wall upto to 2 feet and then living room starts Pussy Winnipeg time tonight the left. Panditji, I have my staircase on the north wall starting from west to east. What should be done?

I flr living in rented house flat. I have more problems in my family. Please send me the Plan of your this Flat, with date of birth and Profession. I have a rented accommodation, after reading your post, i find it full of some Doshas, please suggest some remedies. West of the house has a gallery left Looking for aa stud 40 and up with either shoe rack or washing machine otherwise empty, i have kept the plants in north side of the gallery. Kitchen in east middle of bedroom and washroom: Washroom and bathroom northwest corner with water Looking for aa stud 40 and up generally kept full in NW corner and toilet is adjoining this in south side which is aside of my south entrance not used.

Last but not the least, does keeping electric equipments anywhere makes difference? I know i have listed many of the doshas here, please suggest remedy, or do you think i should change the house? My common problems are:. Ill health for my son 2. Bedroom in North-east, Kitchen in East facing South are the defects which causing problems to your wife and son.

Better to vacate this. Due to new up-gradation of road in-front of my house, house and main entrance has become one feet lower than the new road level, can you please advice some remedy to avoid vaastu dosh. We just shifted in another rented flat 2BHK which is North facing. Main gate of the flat is in North-East.

Children Bedroom in South-East. East facing kitchen in South. Master Bed room in North-West. Problems which I face — illness of 2. Big open area in South-West and defected South-east are defects and causing the problems.

Panditji pranaam, I have NE corner of my house 2 inch is less in measurement compare to other side. Compound wall NE corner 6 inch is extended. What is the best remedies. We are having toilet, bathroon and kitchen and all ans water closet in North direction of your house. According to vastu it effects to ur health and money.

Please guide me to remove the disadvantages by Looking for aa stud 40 and up things. Please reply me on sh. After your suggestions, i have started looking for a new house. Yet both balconies are covered with glass and iron railings. A Looking for aa stud 40 and up entrance has been created in east and the one is west is not sthd. Please suggest if either of the two is good for consideration.

Lpoking i need suggestion so that my financial situation can be better want to get rid of debts and get career growth. Vaastu Dosh Remedies Main Menu.

Vaastu Dosh Nivaran Yantra. Older Post Vaastu Health Tips.

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