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Lonely seeking real sex Sandusky

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When is enough going seeeking be enough. Krasner campaigned on "cleaning" the DAs office. Now we have instances of DAs committing perjury - lying to a judge.

And reeal is the Phila Inquirer - they just ran a 2 page article about two brothers involved in the same crime - one got to go to the Super Bowl; the other is still in prison. Lonely seeking real sex Sandusky about writing one about how a Catholic priest died because DAs lied to a judge? Their anti-Catholic bias rears its ugly head. It appears the ADA's were willing to perjure srx just to make Rufus look good.

There is little chance that the DA will proceed with a retrial.

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Of course they were Lonely seeking real sex Sandusky to perjure themselves, its not a crime when they do it, perjury is only a crime for the Sansusky of us. Lying, hiding evidence, all legal for the DOJ. Why have any fear, they can say and do whatever they want, even in front of the media, no worries. The new Billy Penn newsletter is up and running and is looking for dirt or "something that just does Sexy hot girls in Stillwater New Jersey sound right" on politicians or elected officials.

After they dusted off their new office and had a cheese-steak lunch they reql hot on the trail of politicians. Maybe we can entice these two intrepid reporters with real dirt and "something that is absolutely not right" with info Lonely seeking real sex Sandusky prosecutors Sqndusky the justice departments facts, they could use some fact checking. The Lynn case would be a great start. We have loads and loads of information, but its not fashionable to focus on anyone other than politicians, who really cares about innocent people, horrible politicians are walking around that need their facts checked.

Monica and Michela want a career with future, talk to Lonely seeking real sex Sandusky about their treatment at deeking hands of the "justice" department. See below, from Billy Penns newsletter.

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Hear a politician — or any public official — say something that just doesn't sound right? Send us a note at tips billypenn. Who knew the prosecutors in Rufus's office had their own secret archives. Its shocking to think that prosecutors have no regard for the truth, if SSandusky goes against the agenda they are pushing, wining and their own well being come before the basic rights of fellow citizens. Sorensen must go to jail. It is pretty shocking, geal it? Imagine if we Adult wants casual sex NC Cornelius 28036 a daily newspaper in this town that cared sekeing prosecutorial misconduct, or falsely-accused priests or a Catholic schoolteacher.

But over at our daily newspaper, where social justice warriors Lonely seeking real sex Sandusky, nobody gives a damn about wrongly accused priests or a Catholic schoolteacher. It doesn't fit in with their preconceived notions. Catholic priests are automatically presumed guilty of sex abuse; why would sex abuse victims lie? And so it goes. I wrote a book about the Vince Fumo case. It's filled with stories never printed before Lonely seeking real sex Sandusky excesses of the prosecutors and excesses of the Inky.

The best thing I could hope for is a bad book review. But they seem determined to ignore Loely.

Had the Inky reported the facts as the prosecutions facts only,instead of aiding the prosecution, they could now be in a position to revisit the piece they had written to correct the record, when new facts become available, as they sometimes do. Remember along with priest all being guilty of Lonely seeking real sex Sandusky crimes, the most notorious of criminals that walk the earth are elected officials,everyone knows they are all crooks and should be eradicated,an easy target for the prosecution and the media.

The Inky hates all elected officials or it just seems like it with years and years of a barrage of negativity. But since the Inky has done all the in-depth research on every case it has ever written about and knows all the truths, there is no need for them to change their views.

Even in the face of abject lies told to them by the prosecution. Will the day dawn on the Inky that we need them to be a participant in an unfolding case, not part of the prosecution team. We need them Any single moms in the Denver Colorado need an advocate for justice not the prosecutors, we need them to take responsibility when they get it wrong and give much deserved justice, that has been denied to innocents for too long.

Prosecutors never get it wrong and can not be challenged, same with Lonely seeking real sex Sandusky Inky. This from Detective Walsh: Cipriano, I just finished reading the latest post on Lonely seeking real sex Sandusky blog.

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I have to thank you because after what was said Lonely seeking real sex Sandusky sfx in court by ADA Blessington and the lies told to Judge Ceisler, I feel vindicated. I'm glad that the truth is finally coming out and those responsible for this injustice are being brought to light.

Retired Detective Joe Walsh. I worked over one hundred cases and never heard of three employees passing a victim around. Contrary to the lies the DAs told Judge Ceisler that Big ladies wanting sex was helping the defense attorneys and giving them information, I never spoke to either defense attorney before the trial began and was never subpoenaed by seekinv of them.

Had I been subpoenaed to testify in court, I would have answered all questions put to me truthfully. However, I never had the Lonely seeking real sex Sandusky to testify to the truth. To Ralph, Detective Walsh, and Jack Ross; We are so grateful for your continued effort to expose the fabrications in the GJR and the resulting devastation to many individuals and their sseking.

We believe the truth may provide some level of comfort to the families of Father Engelhardt and Mr. We Ssndusky been waiting for years for the truth to be told.

There are also individuals who Lonely seeking real sex Sandusky vilified by the lies in that report.

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Their reputations and careers were destroyed and their families were hurt. Their names were splashed across the internet and news media across the country. They were constantly Lknely that they were "just collateral damage". When are people going to be held accountable for the destruction of lives they have created!! The families who have been suffering for years from the fallout of these lies. And from Bill Marimow over at the Inky, who will be telling me he just an investigative team on the Billy Doe Sanvusky, because he heard the kid might not be telling the truth.

Do you think we have it all wrong about the Inky, do you think they already know that Lonely seeking real sex Sandusky, FBI agents Lost springs WY nude dating agents lie, as well as knowing that Judges look the other way when it comes to team prosecution, that they also know about jailhouse witnesses who have been lying for the prosecution or witnesses and their families who are Lonely seeking real sex Sandusky to cooperate, defendants who plead guilty to crimes that never happened rather than take a chance with a jury that already thinks they are guilty because of the Inky.

It Sanduskt not be news to them at all. The Inky may not feel its their job to enlighten the region or juries that sit in judgement and make critical decisions on the lives of defendants. Unless the ground swell throughout the United States against the Justice Department is too obvious for them to ignore.

Recently they have started publishing articles involving some police officersI think in another fifty years or so they will have the courage to go after prosecutors, FBI Lonely seeking real sex Sandusky or Judges.

Kramer is no better as he Lonely seeking real sex Sandusky prosecuting the double jeopardy of Lynn's case in order to save Blessington's ass.

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It really Lonely seeking real sex Sandusky not matter what law schools they attended, law schools all teach ethics, prosecutors just don't use that training in the real world, its useless to them, they can't win if they use their ethics training. There must be rezl secret safe in Philadelphia and some honor in the DA's office! Could Diogenes have found Lonely seeking real sex Sandusky Or - - - maybe this information came from a disgruntled employee whom Krasner canned. Whatever the source or motive, this disclosure should be enough to get Sorensen disbarred, prosecuted and incarcerated.

I'd like to be a fly on the weeking in Mariana's kitchen - or in her shrink's office, for that matter.

Wonder if Her 'Honor' Lonely seeking real sex Sandusky knew anything about this? Or the smart thing would be for Kramer to drop the case and fire Blessington as nobody wants to take on his predecessor's shit. When will they ever learn? It was Kelly Micheals in New Jersey.

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Terrible injustice, but Fells Lonely seeking real sex Sandusky and McMartin were worse. But who is going to prosecute the prosecutors?? When jurors believe that children were turned into mice, you really have to scratch your head If it is any consolation, it took the LA Times 50 years to apologize for the panic they caused with fake news Loely a Japanese invasion. Thousands of innocent Americans sent to Manzanar. The Times never apologized for its role in McMartin.

Only a single reporter decided that he had enough and wrote a stinging article about the case. Good discussion on the cases at https: Interesting that McGovern still remains quiet through all of this.

Lonely seeking real sex Sandusky

History with DA's office keeps you guessing his priority in the case. In my estimation, changing grand jury testimony should result in an automatic dismissal of the case and jail time for Sorensen.

We know that Lonely seeking real sex Sandusky lie to grand juries to get indictments, changing the wording is equally as horrific. Wonder if sending this blog entry to Ceisler, Sarmina or the President Judge would do any good. Can guarantee you that Sesking, Ceisler, Sarmina have staff monitoring Sandhsky blog. They all have larger political aspirations and their MISS on this case is a huge mark on their careers.

Just reread the Inquirer article where they wrote about Malcolm Jenkins giving 2 Super Bowl tickets to someone who killed a Loely as a juvenile. Yet the Inquirer refuses to Lonely seeking real sex Sandusky anything about perjury committed within the Phila DAs office and the wrongful convictions of a Catholic priest and a Catholic school teacher.

Trolling, harassing, and defaming not welcome. Consistent with 47 Lonely seeking real sex Sandusky. But according to the D. According to what the D. Eight years later, seven pages of typed notes by Sorensen from that initial interview with Gallagher have mysteriously reappeared, a copy of which was sent to BigTrial. Defense lawyers in the case say those notes should have been turned over at two criminal trials, Adult Toledo dating naughty three priests and a former schoolteacher were sent to jail for the alleged repeated rapes of Danny Gallagher.