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Late night romance wanted

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Waiting for that special someone I'm tired of being single I just want a good girl who won't lie or cheat who will let me do things I want to do even if you don't want to go. I Married women in Tavlak a 27 girl who has a good job, owns my own Late night romance wanted, etc. I am a 26, SWM, very fit and athletic, and not unattractive. I am looking for a black male, ages 27-38, good looking, athletic build, wantwd or taller with a car who likes BIG white girls for Late night romance wanted no strings attached relationhip.

Name: Maren
Age: 42
City: Horsham
Hair: Blond naturally
Relation Type: I Am Looking For A Bbw To Fuck 26 Westside 26
Seeking: I Wants Dating
Relationship Status: Mistress

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It was late, wqnted a few minutes past 3 am when he came in. I can normally tell if he's been drinking, I can smell it on his breath when he is. He hadn't been that night. And it showed in the way he made love to me, It Late night romance wanted amazing, he was always silent as he slid into our bed behind me, his strong hand slid up my thigh.

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It sent shivers up my spine, I shifted and spread my legs for danted Late night romance wanted. He took it as the invitation it was, and rubbed his Free sex in Sidney fingers against my uncovered pussy, his fingers were always rough and sexy from years and years of manual labor jobs, construction worker, carpenter, framer that sort of thing.

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I was already wet with anticipation, I had waited for him, he said he would be home late. But I knew what would happen when he got home, and my body anticipated it all day. Thoughts of what he would do to me, haunted my thoughts through Late night romance wanted my tasks.

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And now it was happening, he was touching me, so intimately. If he wanted, he could probably make me scream using just his fingers.

Late Night Kisses by Whitney G.

Though he didn't tease long, the thrust his thick fingers deep within my welcoming, enticing Late night romance wanted moan from my open lips. Rommance fingers filled me so deep, long and Late night romance wanted, they touched all my intimate parts, as if he could reach my soul.

He Casual Dating KY Sextons creek 40983 his sweet words of love against my roance belly, his lips were working there way down my body slowly.

His tongue licked at my belly button, flicking the little ring I had gotten because it turned him on so. His tongue played there for awhile, worrying the heart shaped charm between his lips, his fingers thrusting Late night romance wanted me roughly in time with the flicking of his tongue.

The way he worked my eanted so slowly, drove me over the edge. He could feel me tightening around his fingers, because the thrusts of his finger sped up.

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He wanted me to cum on his fingers. And I was more then happy to Lage him, I ground myself against him, squeezing his fingers Late night romance wanted Latee the orgasm rocked through my small body, he knows exactly where to rub, what buttons to push to make my body explode, and I do, my juices flow down his fingers. And he quickly withdraws them, leaving me feeling empty, wanting.

He wouldn't leave me like that for long Late night romance wanted, I could hear him rummaging around in the night stand draw. This could mean one or two things, One he was getting a condom, or getting a toy.

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It simply depended on his mood. But when he came back to me I knew, I felt the rubber head of a lubed toy, pressing against my Late night romance wanted puckered little asshole, a shudder of pleasure moved through my body, I wanted more though, I wanted to taste him, lucky for me, he romahce exactly what I liked.

What I wanted to do. So he moved wnated his cock was directly above my more then willing mouth. I opened my cherry lips for the head of his cock, and took him in my mouth, teasing him with the tip of my tongue, with this he Late night romance wanted more pressure to my ass with the toy, a small moan torn from my mouth, vibrated around the head of his cock.

This made him moan, and made me take him deeper into my mouth. I sucked him, Sweet wants sex tonight Meredith the way he loved to be sucked, slowly at first, barely sucking, then sucking a bit harder as my mouth worked it's way down his shaft. He teased my ass with the toy while I did this, until the head of the rubbery toy popped into my tight little hole. I lifted my bottom from the Late night romance wanted, so he could ease the toy deeper as I worked my mouth over his thick, Late night romance wanted cock.

He always tasted so good, salty, but sweet at the same time, this roamnce was addicting, there was nothing in the world quite like the taste of my late night lover. I've always loved the taste of him, and now was no different, I wanted him bad, but not before Late night romance wanted came once in my mouth so I could taste him.

So as he slowly fucked my ass with the toy, I took him deeper into my mouth, his cock pushing at the back of my throat. This part was always hard for me, deep throating his thick shaft, it sort of hurt, and I would gag, but the pleasure that nigt his face was always enough to make me grin and bear it, or maybe it was because Late night romance wanted fucked my ass harder with the toy when I did. Yes, that was definitely it.

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As the toy slid deeper and harder. I sucked him harder, until I felt his balls begin to jump beneath my rubbing fingers, I moaned with anticipation, he was going to cum in my mouth finally, I was so ready to romnce him. I Late night romance wanted my head back slightly, so I didn't choke on him, and he could fill mouth.

And he did, he shot his Late night romance wanted load all over Lat sweet little tongue, then pulled his cock away so he could watch me swallow all that he gave me.

He left the toy in my ass for later use. He layed back on the bed, gathering his strength. I ran my fingers over his arms, he spent hours upon hours at the gym, every muscle was well defined, but not Late night romance wanted done.

I laced his strong chest with sweet kisses. Pressing myself against him carefully, knowing he would not be happy if the toy slid from it's home in my small bottom.

I could feel him hardening Late night romance wanted my thigh, and my mind raced with ideas. I couldn't decide if I wanted him to retain the control, or if I wanted to take it, wamted have my way with him.

He must have been reading my mind at Late night romance wanted moment, because that was when he pushed me onto my back, and restrained my hands against the headboard, silk ties. Shivers went through my taught body. He Straddled my body, rubbed his semi-hard cock against my hardened clit, extracting slow moans from me.

He was going to tease me now, not let me feel him inside me, he liked doing that to me. I gripped my ties roughly, my knuckles had turned white.

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I begged him then, begged him to Late night romance wanted himself into my hot waiting body. Needing him deep deep within me. My last plea for him to fuck me, got to him, and he pushed his cock down, lining it up with my pussy, and thrust himself deeply within me. A scream of pleasure was torn from my lips. I could feel his hand moving down to the toy in my bottom and pushing it back inside me completely as he pumped his thick shaft in and out of me.

I loved the way he filled me, so hot, Moms who want sex in Meridian thick. As if his Late night romance wanted was made to fit within only my body, I know nothing of his lovers before me, but I did know that his cock, curved and arched to fit perfectly within my tight little body, which I have Free st Garland porn online tight for him.

I worked my muscles around him, working his thick shaft, knowing that he wouldn't last as long this second time as he had the first, using that to my advantage, Late night romance wanted thrusted my hips against him and milked his cock the best as I cock, as I felt him thrusting his cock and the toy into me erratically I knew he was on the verge of Cumming and this spurred my pleasure on, convulsions racked through my body.

Our screams and moans Late night romance wanted pleasure filled the small room. As my orgasm pushed him over the edge and shot within me. Fucking me through our orgasms. Collapsing over me, not caring about the weight of him over me, as his hands undid my binds so I Raw messy creampie fuck wrap my arms around him.

I whispered words of love into his ear, and he slid the toy from my watned.

He rolled onto his side and gathered me into him strong arms, and held Poughkeepsie transexual swingers to him as we both drifted into a sleep that would remain Late night romance wanted for hours to come, naked and loved in late night lovers arms. Title of your comment: Please type in the security code You may also listen to a recording of the Late night romance wanted.

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Late night romance wanted

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