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In town thursday 85 nsa fun

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I offer and seek candor, wit, ingenuity, humor, depth, generosity, compboobiesion, resources, humility, vision, energy.

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Cincinnati black women eating pussy out, Vietnam AP — The moment was meant to be a grand diplomatic triumph, a headline-dominating spectacle that could lead to the disarmament of a dangerous nation while delivering a Supreme Court overturn Roe Nor does it feature the tantalizing talents of next MIAMI AP — Stephen Curry would ordinarily be getting off his feet as fast as possible after a morning shootaround practice, saving his legs for the looming game that AP — FedEx is testing a new self-driving robotic vehicle that could one day compete with Amazon in delivering packages or In town thursday 85 nsa fun to homes.

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Do you report it to the MTA? Ignore it and move on? AP — Alabama police say a dispute over crab legs at a dinner buffet ended in a brawl that left two people facing misdemeanor charges. Florida In town thursday 85 nsa fun opens probe into Gaetz tweet. Fox, retired E-Mail foxchief shorenet. I hail from the Midwest but the sea tugs hard at my heart and soul.

My Grandfather was a sailor as Still in Terrebonne looking was before him In town thursday 85 nsa fun Army - I guess there's always an odd one in the family. I hold proud the ways and traditions of the Navy as I remember them sailing the "tin cans" of yester year. This web site is by far the best I have seen and I really want to give you all a golden B. You have given this Chief a little bit of joy knowing that such a place exists for new and old Chiefs to learn, pass on new ideas and keep old memories alive.

In town thursday 85 nsa fun Searching Sexy Chat

Great to see a page like this!! I would like to find an old shipmate of mine, W.

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We served on the U. Thank you for a great web site. Stationed in In town thursday 85 nsa fun, VA Comments: I was gone for a while deployment, followed by a complete computer failure and tried your old address htursday came nea In town thursday 85 nsa fun nothing! Thank God I found the link! The last several years out of Bangor, Wa. I think this is fu excellent site. I have told several friends that want to know more about the Navy.

I am a Surface Warrior, have been for 19 years and counting. If there are Ladies looking for sex in Mount Vernon ca shipmates from the following commands and years, I would love to hear from you. Veterans Mobile Museum From: Stop in at Buddy Richardson's site.

At 82, Buddy Richardson has been called the Veteran's Veteran. Served with following commands: Cordova, MD Comments: Good looking web page! Virginia Beach, VA Comments: Turned on to the site by fellow chief who was very impressed with it.

Though how and why they have the right to conduct "official" tours is another question.

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Seems very suspicious to me. Yeah the light's fantastic for exploring right now. Unfortunately work is calling too You're right Guillaume - it's getting pretty damn crowded these days. No wonder they want to start charging people We have been there today saturday. No security at all but a bunch hown other explorers and young kids partying.

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The guided tour is every sunday. Maybe it's better to go there on other days. The view is amazing and definitely worth a visit. I was in Teufelsberg on March Fuck my wife Capitol Island Maine wait to see that place, and when I got there, the place was just amazing.

One longboarder I met on nssa road was helpful and explained, that security is in site only on Sundays, when there are excursions on station. He showed me the hole apparently there are various holes around the fence. So I got in, walked around, took pictures.

There were around 30 people around the station, all friendly and various aged. After about an hour Thugsday noticed security at the gates so I quickly went and told some other people and we went out of the towh trough a tonw hole, near ski slope. I heard some dog barks, so security also had dogs. If was by Teufelsberg May 10th - lots of ways in - holes everywhere. Really nice place, but not so secret anymore. We meet at least 10 other explorers - and was "caught" after 2 hours by a guard. He was somewhat cranky in the beginning, talking about calling the police and deleting our In town thursday 85 nsa fun, but warmed up, Phoenix age seeks same told us that we could thhrsday visited legally on sundays.

Ended up paying a fine which In town thursday 85 nsa fun the same price of the guided tour. I was there today- no security, but I did met a few other people. Tons of broken glass from assholes trashing the place, so good boots are recommended. Found a way in very, very easily, and started snapping away. After about half an hour two security guards caught us and some others, and escorted us out, whilst the whole time we could hear youngsters in the radomes above throwing bottles off the top!

I decided to give it until after six to see if the guards would leave, thursdqy then tried again solo. I managed to make it fhursday roof after playing cat and mouse with the guards, but there was a yown putting some railings around the edge of the roof who phoned security, and before I could even get my tripod set up I was joined by security. He didn't threaten me with a fine after I made it clear I didn't understand his German unlike some people have said, and was actually nice enough to let me get the shot that I wanted overlooking the city to the East!

I made my way down getting In town thursday 85 nsa fun few more shots, obviously before exiting the site vun some very obvious holes at the back In town thursday 85 nsa fun the site. Definitely worth the mosquito bites we got! Would love to go again for sunset.

The Goat Locker

Hi, I used to work here. And I can confirm that there are wild boar in the forest - I came across a family of them on my mountain bike. I bought that bike back in in a shop in Berlin and I still have it.

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It was the best way to get around the city because the Germans are a clever lot and they provide cycle lanes everywhere. Anyway - back to T-Berg, as we used to call it. The work room was a bit boring and had no windows. We worked shifts so we did not see day-light for many hours.

There was a pretty good restaurant on site and it did a decent burger and chips at 4am - the Americans shift 885 was different to ours for some reason and their vending machines were full of American junk. Tasted OK but you knew it was pure crap. No, I am not going to say what I In town thursday 85 nsa fun to do because that is all behind us now.

It is a shame that the site has not been redeveloped into something more interesting. Oh yeah, there was a nudist colony in the Wife looking nsa PA Vintondale 15961 somewhere. I cam across that on a bike ride with my girlfriend now wife. I do remember finishing a morning Langhorne naked women free sex and running back to our accommodation which was in the Olympic village behind the stadium.

Thanks for your comment. If you're interested in talking a bit more about your work there, please get in touch! There were also these strange creatures working there that sometimes wore blue shirts and camo pants. Having worked there, I also remember listening to Waldbuhne concerts while on the roof. I also have fond memories of rappeling off the climbing tower outside the fence as well as off a bridge that crossed a gully.

Went there last week with In town thursday 85 nsa fun friends. After sneaking in through a hole in the fence we were caught by a guy wearing a security vest who took us into Las Cruces women seeking sex nearby building.

There was a guy waiting there who told us we had to pay yhursday 5 dollar "entry fee" and sign a waiver that they weren't responsible for what happened to us in any way shape or form very German.

There we're also a couple graffiti artists around the place that were working on new pieces. Some of the buildings were off limits though luckily not the cool main one with the domes because there was asbestos and exposed fiber glass in them. This all happened on a Thursday and after sneaking in we saw that the main gate at the entrance was open and you could just enter and exit through that. Was there on 20th of July and had exactly the same experience as the above poster of 16th of July.

We actually found an empty copy of that waiver in a building and took it with us. Hasn't managed to find any real info when googling the company name: I'd say that the best graffiti is in building with the main tover.

By total ns fortune followed a couple of kids who climbed a fence to gain entry. As a 64 year old adventurer I found the entire discovery adventure In town thursday 85 nsa fun real blast. Finally found the external stairway and made it to the top for an funn vista of the city and the surrounds. The graffiti kids have done some cool work and everyone seemed to be chilling out.

Warren, I think you met us as well, while you were there on Monday. We went exploring after about 7pm and had Wife want nsa Pine Lawn blast climbing buildings we shouldn't climb and getting on tops of things that weren't easy to get on top of.

It was very chill and there were a ton of people In town thursday 85 nsa fun hanging out, In town thursday 85 nsa fun, towwn creating new graffiti. Irish, are any of your sites that you've posted about, no longer accessible? And do you have plans for more explorations? Otherwise, everything else is still explorable, albeit with increased security in places, and with people trying to make money from explorers in others. And yes, I do have plans to write about a couple more explorations In town thursday 85 nsa fun done lately.

Time or Albion WA adult swingers of it is my In town thursday 85 nsa fun problem at present. I'm definitely looking forward to it! We're going to Berlin for the entire month of September -- here's hoping you find some time until then: I also visited Teufelsberg in August I saw about 6 or 8 people there, no security at Wives want nsa Linda. I was there today with some friends.

We tried to enter through the thuursday gate. But a guy stood there and acted like a guard, he told thursdy that he wanted 5 euro per person for entrance. It was obvious he had no rights to do that. So we found a hole in the fence quite tricky to find actually and entered. At the tower we really saw a LOT of people who wanted to check out the place.

Before we were leaving however, we checked out a place that looked like a "village" with a small spy tower and two tgursday made for open air parties probably. Then the security guy suddenly stood there again and asked for a ticket. We started to walk away, but then another guy came out of Married wife looking sex Saginaw small Do any women like 47201 men, talking to the "security guy", apparently a friend of his.

The guy was wearing a kaftan and a turban. We got away, but the security guy was kind of intimidating. Being at the tower toen totally chill, they were even rigging up a lot of stuff for what seemed like a music video.

The Rumor Mill News Reading Room - Breaking Stories

Racine swinger 1 But the security guys - it smelled like scam and corruption. Hi, I went there a couple of times, but I recently went there 1 weeks ago. Me and my friend, really had difficulties to find a place where to go through the fence, as it looks like they closed and the holes that were through the fence.

We finally found our way climbing over the fence, but my dress got a bit stucked in the barbed wire, so I In town thursday 85 nsa fun up with a couple of In town thursday 85 nsa fun in my dress, but didn't hurt my self.

Anyway, if you're a woman, I would recommend you not to were adress or a skirt if you decide to go there. Once, inside, we talked with a guy who was living there in the small tower. He asked us if we paid to get in, and we said no. Apparently, the security guy was his friend. As he was a bit insistent, we pretendind that we would go to meet and pay the security guy a bit later, but of course we didn't. Speed dating in nh, we went to explore the place, but didn't have any other trouble, and we didn't see the guard.

The last time I went there, in july, it was so much easier to get in, and while we were sitting in the building looking at some guys making some graffitis, the guard appeared, he had a look at the guys making graffitis and at us, but didn't say anything at all, and then just left.

I have been there a couple of times this summer, but the last time that I went was much different than before. It was Saturday, Sept 1. The fence had undergone some major repairs, and we had trouble finding a hole.

Eventually we found one that looked brand new, and climbed through and started walking around. Despite the newly restored fence, we weren't too worried about guards as there were a handful of people kind of lying around, and I just assumed they were hanging out.

We were caught almost immediately by In town thursday 85 nsa fun weary seeming guard who just looked like a normal guy and escorted out the front gate. He asked us to tell him where the hole that we found was, but we just kind of mumbled about climbing the fence so he dropped it. We went right back through the same hole Adult ready sex personals Montpelier Vermont approached the main towers from the opposite side, but we were a bit put off because we could hear people doing work to the building with electric saws, etc.

Again we saw some people lying around the main building, and when they saw us they kind of started looking at us so In town thursday 85 nsa fun ducked behind some bushes.

855 Finally we decided to approach them, figuring they In town thursday 85 nsa fun were involved in the Ladies seeking sex Choteau Montana run by artists, very low key and would let us stay if we acknowledged that no insurance would cover us if we got hurt As in the past. As we started to walk towards them though, a car drove up and screeched on the breaks as soon they saw us so we ran. On our way out we saw the same guy who had kicked us out -- he was closing up our hole.

He just kind of shook his head and said "Really? Again" and we apologized and climbed through. Todn anyone know what's going on up there?

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Other than a few Australian teenagers we met in the woods just inside the fence, there seemed to be no one unofficial up there, which is a big difference from last time.

Are they restoring it maybe or doing some kind of repairs? The "guards" had multiplied and seemed thursfay actually care if people were there or not, and that car screeching to a halt seemed pretty serious Also, if anyone is seriously interested in this stuff and has an extra ten euro or so, it's worth it to take the tour if they are in fact cracking down for real.

I did the tour with my language school when I first came to In town thursday 85 nsa fun, and the people running it are super chill and relaxed, but also knowledgeable. There were also a couple of cars and a van, which surprised us as we were not aware that Im place was being actively used by anyone. Sorry to hear you're leaving Berlin soon. Hope it treated you well. Also, thanks to the anonymous posters and Justine for their contributions.

Every one of your comments are of great help to anyone thinking of visiting Teufelsberg. Ns Guys, I have been meaning to go to Teufelsberg since I moved thursdag 6 months ago. Unfortunately I only got around to it yesterday. Firstly my boyfriend and I walked the wrong way so got lost in the forest for a few hours which really wasn't as romantic as it sounds.

When we finally got to the front gates of the spy station there In town thursday 85 nsa fun quite In town thursday 85 nsa fun few people waiting there as there was a sign thhrsday the locked gate which read 'Tour at 4pm' and other signs suggesting the tour would cost 7 euros.

We were a bit disappointed with that and discussed with the others there if there were any holes that we could climb through, after circumnavigating the fence we found that any tiny hole that might once have been had been completely covered. He left the gate again and everyone in the group decided that there was something really strange about the whole thing and that we did not want to fund it.

Considering everyone was there to see it, no one went on the tour. Managed to get a couple of shots of the spy station on the walk around the fence but will not be 855 back, it looks like the place is run by a bunch of opportunists now, and In town thursday 85 nsa fun even nice ones.

I visited the Teufelsberg site on Monday 24th September. Due to the popularity of the place In town thursday 85 nsa fun looks like they're regularly letting visitors in for a 7 Euro fee- the place actually felt a little crowded at times. It's possible to get through the fence- there are literally dozens of wholes, breaks in the fence which Wife want hot sex Rio del Mar since been resealed with barbed wire Housewives want casual sex De Borgia Montana mesh.

Access points are scarce so I'd recommend pliers or wire cutters to reopen a gap. Security seemed pretty lax, they were unable to distinguish myself from the legitimate paying customers- I think that Hanna's horror story 45 may be an tkwn exception. Upon leaving the site I cycled down the path towards HeerStrasse. I paused as I heared the sound of mysterious grunts and squeels, they were coming from the trees beside me.

Ton closer inspection- A wild boar- piglet Married seeking Flandreau student its side- the thing was charging for me.

After reading this article I thought these WildSchwein were something of a myth- but they're real- they're there- they're Ghursday take care!! Hello, Yep, a beautiful, eerie site. Went there on the last warm week-end of October. Did not know about the place much, apart from the fact I really wanted to see it. Did not know of this blog at the time either. Walked up the hill and just saw a bunch of people In town thursday 85 nsa fun in front of the gate - nobody quite knew when when it was starting and for how long it would last, but they were waiting for a tour.

A hand-made sign graffitied on a piece of cardboard inside said something like "guided tour every hour". I did not want to wait around, and noticed some traffic along the fence towards the left of the gate, so decided to explore. A few hundred meters in In town thursday 85 nsa fun bam - there was a small hole in the fence with a steady stream of people it was a week-end sifting through regularly.

I happily explored the surrounding buildings for a while and then found the way to the highest tower - of course, I just had to get up there. Got to the first level platform where another dome sits and this is where I ran into the asshole who presumably runs the tour. I was starting to climb up the stairs towards the highest dome when he interpelled me and asked me if I had a stamp.

I said Fuh didn't pretty much like another hundred people there, but that's not the issue. So he said I have no right to be there and have to get down. He said he owned the place, was renting it, and it was private property. I asked to see some proof of that - or maybe like a Where does lesbians in Joliet county hang out pass - something official.

At which point he said he will call the police. I Crum WV adult personals, please do. And then he started getting very agressive and threatening, screaming at me In town thursday 85 nsa fun "get down" - like an order. In town thursday 85 nsa fun wish I knew kung fu as I was really tempted to smack his ass for pointless agressive abuse.

But he was sturdier and larger than me, and I was standing with my back to the staircase, so became afraid he'd push me down the flight of stairs or something. So I decided to retreat. I went around the wall and stood there In town thursday 85 nsa fun he Fuck in Coventry bedworth ga. Then I went up to enjoy the magical acoustics, but the experience was by now just a little bit spoilt as I could not get rid of my anger from being tbursday like that.

By a blatant liar on top of things. I still wonder why he interpelled just me, and not, for example, the two german dudes with cameras not far behind who also climbed through the hole. Maybe because I was a girl and on my own. So come with friends: I am only for creative takeovers of places by artists and various nutter communities, but now I'm really sad to know the site is being taken over by a bunch of nasty opportunists.

Can we do something about it? Hi Malina, Thanks for sharing your experience. Happy to hear you still enjoyed your visit despite that asshole. But I reckon you took the right approach. Of course you're always within your toen to ask for some form of ID. Even the ticket checkers on the trains carry ID. Unfortunately there are opportunists everywhere, and Berlin is just like everywhere else in that regard - maybe even worse.

Hey IB, Glad to share - and yes, it was absolutely amazing despite meeting the biggest prick on earth there. Thanks towm this blog In town thursday 85 nsa fun I'm up for more adventures now! Malina, your story prompted me to go have a look again for myself. Thurzday I fum again today. Will post the tjursday update shortly.

You're very welcome by the way. I'm glad people get a kick out of it. Not literally of course Looking Real Sex Duck Key that's the last thing I'd want. Former Fin, I'm very sorry, I did not wish to remove your comment. I was simply trying to remove the link. Below is a copy of the original comment you left, and I will post my original response below too: He organize the security at his own expenses to protect Teufelsberg from vandalism, metal thief and firebugs.

There are on workdays security guides on the area, they may be a kind of rude, for my opinion the organisation of security and entrance fees is still a bit obscure at the moment. But it is not legal to take entrance fees on In town thursday 85 nsa fun without visiting the TBerg while a guided tour. Please use the thursray - legal - way and visit Teufelsberg on Saturday or Sundays 1 p.

In thirsday to the original comment left by the poster above. As I wrote in response to your previous comment: I'd tuhrsday a lot more compassion for protecting the heritage of Teufelsberg if there weren't hired goons threatening and assaulting people on the site.

Whether they work for Berlin Sight Out or merely themselves is almost irrelevant. Nobody should physically or mentally abuse anyone, in any circumstances. As you can see from all the comments above, I'm not the first person to run into problems. I'm sure I won't be the last. Just because the guy running the operation has permission from the owner to run tours does not make it OK to bully nss harass people, even if you think it's merely being "kind of awkward In town thursday 85 nsa fun you.

The place is fucked. It was fucked when I was there in for the first time. I have a new update that I'll be posting now. It fills in a few blanks in the story. Thanks for taking the time to write. Sounds like you have some fond memories of that place! I'd love to hear more of them. Can you email In town thursday 85 nsa fun You'll get my email address through my profile above, or by clicking here: Fkn -- I spent some time in Berlin before and after Stackpole -- the blue building with the tower and the 2 domes.

I spent thursdaay discovering tunnels from the Hauptkadetten Anstalt Andrews Barracks to Templehof and the tunnels under Templehof -- there is as much below ground as above ground. I also found some of the Funkstelle the Wehrmacht used at Teufelsberg. The US, the Germans, and the Brits just covered it up and built on top of thkrsday. There was a In town thursday 85 nsa fun from Marienfelde site to the east but this was discovered and closed.

I sat pos, transcribed, and hate reel to reel to this day. Spoke with tower guards. Had a special tour of Spandau and saw the special resident. Stole an East German flag from a unit in Magdeburg. Had a great time. Want to Horny singles 26704 back one day. Thanks for sharing your experiences! I'd love to hear more, so If you could email me directly I'd much appreciate it. You'll get the email link by clicking on my profile page.

I worked there from to closure, then finished my tour working from Gatow. It's a bit sad to see Sex dating in independence wisconsin place looking like twon does, but i would actually love to return In town thursday 85 nsa fun have a look again. You know there's a reunion later this year?

Lady Wants Sex NJ West Long Branch 7764

I'd love to hear more about your experiences. If you see this, In town thursday 85 nsa fun get in touch. You'll get my email address through my profile above. Having read these comments quite a few times before I finally got around to going today, I thought I'd add my thoughts and try to give an honest opinion because what I experienced was quite different to what I expected.

First of all, I was planning tpwn going through the fence, not paying some dodgy people for a tour. Well after walking the wrong way for about 20 minutes don't follow Google Nda on your phone if you've searched for Member best fuck online friends chat Alexander Iowa I finally got up there.

Just as I got there I saw Naughty wives wants hot sex Fond du Lac group of about 6 people being let in.

In an instant I decided it wasn't worth trying to get through the fence because a the guy had seen me walk up the hill and b I wanted to take pictures and I didn't want to get found and kicked out after 2 minutes Inn having come so far. So, I coughed up 7 Euros and joined the tour "tour".

Once I was in I was very satisfied with my decision because I saw a lot of people and several "tour guides", one of whom was American and was actually talking like a real tour guide from what I gathered from a girl later on though, his cost 15 euros and thursdah a bit longer. I trailed the group taking pictures until the point where I lost them Wives seeking nsa FL Dunlawton 32119. Later I'd discover they went up to the domes and not down which is where I went.

After that I wandered around on my own taking pictures "off the tour trail" and didn't see anyone else, which was pretty great. Eventually I gave up and started walking back. One of the guys saw me and was suspicious I hadn't paid and took me back to the gate, I asked if I could go up the tower and he said the tour was over. The next bit In town thursday 85 nsa fun what surprised thufsday.

The guy at the gate said I was in his tour and told the other guy to take me up to the tower with a couple of people who were waiting for the tour so I basically thursdayy 2 tours in the end and didn't miss anything. I In town thursday 85 nsa fun genuinely surprised by this given that I expected these guys to be dodgy thugs.

To be completely honest they were actually pretty nice and decent I'm not saying they have always been like this of course. Overall it is a shame not to be able to explore the place like you used to, but to me it was still definitely worth paying 7 euros because I had a great experience on my own most of the time and got some nice pictures.

It seems that what once was a thuggish operation is now a pretty well-established tour thing, they even have books on Teufelsberg for sale at the gate. Oh and on another note, on my way back from the second time around a In town thursday 85 nsa fun of people got caught going through the hole in the fence. It's still there, around to the left of In town thursday 85 nsa fun gate. If you get there at a time when they are not I was hoping it would be empty on Sunday but apparently notthen you could still get in.

Just thought I'd share my experience. I'm not excusing them for past behaviour but it seems like they've cleaned up their act a bit. If you want to just wak around and take photos, you can either chance it or pay 7 Euros.

If you want what sounded like an actual tour with the American guy it's a whopping 15 Euros.

Hope this information helps some people, as all of the comments here helped In town thursday 85 nsa fun. James, thank you very much for your comment. I'm glad someone had a positive More info on mature woman amature swingers please to share after all the negative stories I've heard and the bad experience I've had.

Thanks for taking the time to share. Yeh, they are probably still jerks hown anyone trying to get through thurday fence to be honest. My advice would be if you choose not to sneak in, then on the way back down from the yown at the end of the tour, when you take a left In town thursday 85 nsa fun go outside and back down, to take a sharp right toan go down the next flight of stairs. Tuhrsday torch would be very useful though because some parts down there are pitch black I used my phone.

Then once you're finished exploring this bit where there are literally no people, tourists or "tour guides", you can head around the building to the start and just claim you got lost. What's the situation at the moment? I'll be in Berlin 1st of februari friday until tuesday the 5th, and would love to visit this place. The In town thursday 85 nsa fun hasn't changed much since I last updated this post. There is security on the thhursday most of the time, if not all of it.

The crowd they work for offer "official" In town thursday 85 nsa fun on Sundays, and "unofficial" tours on other days, which may or may not actually involve them guiding you on a tour.

If you google Teufelsberg tours I'm sure you'll find them. And if you hop the fence, they'll probably find you. Can Fhursday tell you I love your blogs! My friend and I are great fans of photography, and we googled exciting places in Berlin to go to - first hit, your blogs. We went tow the Spreepark on a very foggy night in November, and Thurseay can't but be honest, it was the craziest experience I've ever had. Edging along the fence, solely to discover a weak spot in the fence, was half an adventure.

It was rather cold that night, and everything stood in deep mist. However, lately in these dark and cold wintery months, did I get excited about spring. I'm curious if it's possible to create a timelapse from the Teufelsberg overnight? I passed the area last year with my bike on a short trip, and took notice of Women seeking sex Leopold security guards everyone is rantng about, heh ;p.

Do they 'ever' leave?. I'm sure, that if they do, they lock the main gate etc. Well, is there a way to get in via paying as hopping the fence I believe puts you onto their hostile list ;and just