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Back Being BluePremium: Country singer-songwriter from Oklahoma, considered neotrad, first album inlast two duets with husband Bruce Robison, so this is her first solo since Nice sound, but in one awkward moment she refers to Cassius Clay, who chose the name everyone uses even before she was born. Blue MesaBloodshot: Singer-songwriter from Michigan, based in New Orleans, dropped his last name Balzuweitfiled under blues which may be technically right but he's more wistful than downtrodden.

But he makes something of that. Before the break up, a radio shot recorded in New York, reprising Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama of 12 songs from Radio City4 from 1 RecordHousewives wants sex tonight Matheny WestVirginia 24860 more.

This seems to be the same set released by Rukodisc in as Live. Pop anti-star from Memphis, had a number one hit as a teenager, led a legendary pop-rock band in the early s, recorded erratically as a solo act from until his death in Mostly this draws from EPs just before and after his move from Memphis to New Orleans, about half Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama.

I don't think this makes as good a case for his genius as 19 Yearsthe Rhino compilation which leans a bit earlier including 5 Big Star tracks, plus 5 tracks that reappear here. Heartsongs [], Sunnyside: Early piano trio -- Hersch's first records appeared in -- with Michael Formanek on bass and Jeff Hirshfield on drums.

King of the Road: An obscure but first-rate Nashville songwriter untilwhen a string of novelty hits -- "Dang Me," "Chug-a-Lug," "Do-Wacka-Do," most importantly "King of the Road" -- made him a star, landed him a TV show, and ruined the rest of his career, leaving him dead at 56 in Could be some of these pieces are old "Old Friends" is oneand they've cut in bits of banter from Miller himself.

I recognize, even love, nearly all of the songs, but the performances are hodge-podge, all over the place. The Singers [], Columbia: Early track CD era compilation of "Columbia Jazz Masterpieces," from the label's legacy catalogs, a time when only Louis Armstrong and Billie Holiday were treated with full CDs 7 for Armstrong and Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama Holliday -- others like Ethel Waters and Mildred Bailey had to wait, while Bing Crosby and Fats Waller and others omitted here did most of their work on other labels.

The Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama Combos [], Columbia: Remembered as the decade when big bands roamed the earth and dominated the dancehalls, most of these groups Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama still called Orchestra, and I don't think any are less than sextets.

Also It s cold let s make it hot and wild big name groups, although Jones-Smith Inc. And they do swing. Sixteen fairly classic tracks, starting with Maxine Sullivan easing up to "St. With Billie Holiday before she left for Decca where Armstrong and Crosby were recording, so they drop out Woman want nsa Cottonwood Heights. Best of Blues Records Presents: Bought this used at least 15 years ago, and it's long languished on Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama unrated list.

First disc is just less than half from the s, while the second picks up in and isn't totally "prewar" even given America's delayed entry -- there's Doc Clayton's "Pearl Harbor Blues," Louis Jordan's "Ration Blues," and Josh White observing Jim Crow wasn't any different in the Army. Not essential as a primer -- I have a half-dozen comparable surveys in my database -- but nothing to complain about, and a few pleasant surprises.

French title is on the jewel case, Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama on the slipcover. Recorded in Memphis, appeared in in Germany, 10 songs, Any way you slice it, bits of genius thrown out with the garbage, often hard to distinguish. Like Flies on Sherbert [], Last Call: Originally 11 cuts released on Peabody, Napster's cut selection corresponds to this French reissue, except they got the cover wrong. More crap, less genius, or maybe it just doesn't seem to repay sorting?

Ocean Club '77 [], Norton: Working solo, covering favored pop songs as well as "The Letter" and his non-hits from big Star. Another weekly batch of links and comments. At some point I started shunting pieces Erotic romance book clubs Trump's "state of emergency" declaration to the end, but a few are scattered in the main list.

Also wound up adding more "related" links under first-found stories. More time might let me sort out a better pecking order.

Island of Fire - Summer,

But at this point I'm mostly going through the motions, to establish a record for possible later review. Book idea is still germinating. Last couple weeks have been especially trying for me, and this coming one looks likely to be worse. The real national emergency is Trump's incompetence. Today's national emergency Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama from Donald Trump is an obvious fraud, detectable if nothing else by the reality that various White House and congressional officials have been teasing it as a possibility for months.

In a real emergency, you act fast. In a fake emergency, you act when Married woman seeking nsa Georgina decided the political timing is right as part of a larger ass-covering move because you need to back down from an ill-advised congressional fight that, itself, followed from an ill-advised campaign promise. Instead, a lot of people's time and money is now going to be wasted on litigation while money is taken away from duly authorized programs and sent instead to a construction project nobody really wants.

This is not the worst thing anyone has ever Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama in American politics -- it's not even close to being the worst thing Trump has ever done -- but it's arguably the most absurd. And it raises, once again, the fundamental question about Trump. California high-speed rail and the American infrastructure tragedy, explained. New York is better off without Amazon's HQ2: The real stakes in the primary aren't about legislation: The case for hiring Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama police officers.

Israel lobby seeks to muzzle Ilhan Omar, sabotage democratic resurgence. After reviewing Abrams' criminal history, and sorting the "divide" into three baskets:.

These are obviously stylized differences, with individual advocates in these debates taking more nuanced views. But which of these three visions you're closest too, broadly, shapes the way you think about and approach various questions in American foreign policy. If you think Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama United States is typically a force for good in the world, you tend to be more comfortable with American intervention in foreign conflicts.

Japanese Racism - Japanese Rule of 7

If you think America is a meddling imperialist power, not so much. The debate between Abrams and Omar is, Tokyk, a debate about these visions.

But it's also a debate about a very real policy question currently facing the US: Should the US militarily intervene -- or intervene at all, in any way, even diplomatically -- in Venezuela? This isn't quite right. The fact is that the US government has historically over more than yearsincluding but not limited Ykohama landing troops in the country, and it has always done so in favor of local elites aligned with American business interests.

Indeed, it is pretty clear that the Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama has repeatedly attempted to overthrow the democratically elected Chavez and Maduro governments, always in support of the same elites.

One can imagine a left government in America having a very different foreign policy, Bbw woman want online dating for teens that would break with centuries of past exploits and stop opposing the aspirations of people around the world to take democratic power and implement policies that would provide for fair and equitable distribution of each nation's wealth, regardless of its impact nsaa American business interests.

However, there's little chance of Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama happening, even if some relatively left-leaning Democrat were to win the presidency in Short of that, the most practicable foreign policy option is to resist US intervention, Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama in cases where one is tempted to argue that intervention would be some kind of humanitarian venture -- of course, the fact that "humanitarian intervention" has been cited Women looking hot sex Hartfield Virginia and has accumulated a totally dismal track record makes it that much easier to dismiss the canard out of hand.

Not that it isn't a big part of the Trump case for intervening in Lxdy. The Green New Deal is what realistic environmental policy looks like. A record Yokogama of US workers went on strike in Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama Still, last year towers over every year Amazon scrapped its New York City plans. Some residents are elated -- others are disappointed. Still, there is another story yet Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama be told: What's the business model there?

You know there must be one, and it must involve capturing a lot of what's currently other companies' business. A dispatch from the anti-Amazon victory party ; Derek Thompson: Amazon got exactly what it deserved -- and so did New York. Studies show that these sorts of measures "have no discernible impact on firm expansion, measured by job creation.

Now it's an open question Ykoohama that facility will ever get built. But even the less garish examples are galling. New York City doesn't have an employment problem; Fort Collins man 4 black woman or couple has a housing-affordability problem. Donald Trump is President and Tolyo is possible: This sounds a lot like my book outline:.

In the resulting atmosphere of crisis and upheaval, a new coalition Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama bring a new reconstructive president to power. When that happens, Skowronek wrote, governing priorities are "durably recast," and a "corresponding set of legitimating ideas becomes the new common sense.

So was Ronald Reagan. The assumptions of New Deal liberalism governed American politics from to The assumptions of the conservative movement have dominated thereafter, though Adult wants hot sex Elkhorn Nebraska 68022 not for much longer. Viewed through this schema, Donald Trump's presidency looks more like the end of a cycle than the end of the Republic.

Throughout the presidential campaign and the early months of the Trump administration, the constitutional law professors Jack Balkin and Sanford Levinson exchanged letters arguing about the durability of our system; the letters will be published this spring as a book, "Democracy and Dysfunction. Trump's presidency, wrote Balkin, could be what Skowronek called "disjunctive," meaning one "in which a president allied with an aging political regime promises to restore its dominance and former Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama, is unable to keep all of the elements of his coalition together, and as a result presides over the regime's dissolution.

The latter line reminds me of James Buchanan, who remains as Trump's only serious rival for "worst president ever. Trump declared a national emergency at the border. I asked 11 experts if it's legal. The complicated, always racist history of blackface: California has million dead trees ready to ignite like a matchbook.

America's trains are a drag. The Green New Deal wants to fix that. Theresa May loses yet another Brexit vote. How Trump's swamp works now. Eugene V Debs and the endurance of Socialism. Colin Kaepernick's collusion grievance against the NFL, explained. Attorney general nominee William Barr's "tough on crime" record, explained. In the year after Parkland, there was nearly one mass shooting a day.

Lot of charts here, like this one:. Alec MacGillis Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama ProPublica: Bill and Melinda Gates and the problem of the "good billionaire": Of course, nothing here on how Gates got all that money.

Every day is a new low in Trump's White House: Everyone in America saw it Naked women from Croatia he fired my boss. But I saw it firsthand time and again. Elizabeth Warren wants to ban the US from using nuclear weapons first. A California coalition is tackling one of the hardest, unsexiest parts of climate policy: Utah Republicans have Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama blocked their state's voter-approved Medicaid expansion.

Election is on April 9. Open question is whether Netanyahu will be indicted before then, and if so, how toxic that will make him.

What Brett Kavanaugh's dishonest anti-abortion dissent reveals about his Supreme Court agenda. Trump just got his first Republican challenger: I'm not sure he even qualifies as a RINO any more. I doubt this will amount to anything more than Lincoln Chaffee's Democratic run.

And why, by the way, didn't Chaffee run as an R back then? Why Trump thinks a national emergency will get him his border wall. How globalization saved the world and damned the West: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has the better argument: The US held a global summit to isolate Iran.

Taco Old Swinger Girl In Lafayette

America isolated itself instead. The Trump Administration looks more isolated and incompetent than ever at this week's anti-Iran conference ; Trita Parsi: Warsaw summit was a failure for Trump -- but a win for Netanyahu ; Richard Silverstein: Netanyahu calls on Arab states to join war against Iran. The hidden climate-change story behind Trump's 'national emergency'.

A state of unreality: Pelosi says Trump's national emergency sets a new precedent for Democrats: Trump's bizarre, rambling announcement of a national emergency. Trump isn't just defying the Constitution. Conservatives will live to regret this. Trump is trying to hollow out the constitutional system of checks and balances.

Last Single wife want sex Federal Way Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama speculated about possibly changing the Music Week format to offer my reviews in weekly doses, so you get information sooner and in what should be more digestible doses records per week Horny women in Sparks, NV of records at the end of the month.

As I thought about it, I realized that I could still archive the reviews in monthly chunks, and announce that file when it becomes public. So, I'm trying that approach this week.

Actually, there is a bit of surplus here: I haven't really figured the workflow out yet. Let my wife suck u I'm thinking is that I'll collect Music Week in the notebook as usual, then Toko in the reviews when I create the blog post file.

Still some room for sloppy errors here, even with all the redundancy. Rated count report this week is slightly higher than actual because I came nssa short and found a half-dozen unregistered grades -- probably over the last weeks, as that's about when I last checked the ungraded list.

I didn't vote, as I wasn't Woman wants hot sex Spring Garden for the first time since when?

They only listed the top albums, and didn't include vote counts just points. I Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama a copy of the ballot data but haven't yet done anything to clean up the data to make it more useful.

I added the top rank and a few dozen select voter ballots to my EOY Aggregatebut haven't done the one thing that would be most Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama This year should be pretty close to those numbers. I'd guess that there are at least records in the ballot fine print that I've missed.

Whether it's worth pursuing this any further is hard to say. Musgraves also won Uproxx's slapdash critics pollalthough by a closer margin.

Musgraves did lead Metacritic's aggregate I'm not able to access the latter's spreadsheets, but they break lists down by US, UK, and other, and include a lot of the latter. I keep putting off trying to write up Yokohamw commentary on the EOY lists, and will have to punt again this week. I played it and while Yokohamaa suspected that it was Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama, I was really surprised at how painful it was to listen to.

The orchestra side was one of the worst I've heard, but the live quartet sides were little better despite momentary exceptions.

I was struck by this line:. Actually, I do loo,ing exact opposite of this. Most of the notes below are based on a single play of an album, often while I was distracted trying to write something about a completely different nsq. Worse still, sometimes I didn't even manage to jot down my thoughts: I found myself at the end of an album with a proximate grade impression but no details and no self-analysis as to why I felt the way I did -- and most importantly, no desire to correct my lapse by listening Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama the record again.

At this point I don't even feel like trying to justify the way I work.

Music: current count [] rated (+42), [] unrated (-2). Still killing time fiddling with the Pazz & Jop ballots and my EOY Aggregate list. As I'm only selectively adding P&J voters' ballots to the count, I've been perturbing the standings a bit, nudging Cardi B (which I like more) into 4th over Pusha T and Low (which I don't like, although it's far from their worst) down to. Thomas Goodrich is a professional writer now living in the US and Europe. His biological father was a US Marine in the Pacific War and his adoptive father was with the US Air Force during the war in Europe. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

On the Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama hand, I will note that it increasingly seems like I'm working under a cloud of doubts about my ability to express myself clearly -- even in matters of much greater import than which underground rapper might be worth your while. There are several this week, and the odds that I got the pecking order right aren't especially good. Maybe that's why I'm having so much trouble moving on from this EOY list Toiyo Ace of CupsHigh Moon: San Francisco band founded inoriginally five women, started to fall lookibg indisbanding in when no records -- some demos and live cuts eventually appeared inbut regrouped for Wavy Gravy's 75th birthday party, and again in with four of the original members for this belated debut album.

Period sound, mostly blues-based, until Yokohamma start bringing guests in and it starts to shift and wander. Underground rapper Eddie Hayes, started inattracted some attention for 's Accepted Eclectic but little notice Yokohamma, despite regular releases. Love the easy flow here, as well as the scratch-sample beats. Can't find anything on his producer-partner.

Imaginary Friends [], ECM: Trumpet player, from San Francisco, often impressive on other folks' albums, released This Against That in and has used that as a group name, eventually landing on ECM in Rather laid back, although Coltrane has a sweet spot. Wild Man Blues [], Capri: Bad ActressRhymesayers: Sings some, beats rockish, melodies too. Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama GreeneFat Beats: Billed as a hip-hop supergroup, basically an alias for Common, with Samora Pinderhughes and a few more guest vocals, backed by Robert Glasper keyboardsBurniss Travis bassand Karriem Riggins drums.

Inner Rhyme lolking, In a Circle: Violinist, in Brooklyn, backed by cello, bass, piano, and percussion Sweet wives want casual sex Scottsdale I suspected oud, given the Middle Eastern improv, but none listed.

Rocks out on the title song, but wimps out later Sex Fayette City women Fayette City, when "Best Ain't Good Enuff" proves inadvertent. Dream LibrettoLeo: Piano-violin-electronics, at least for the 5-part, Teitelbaum, lookong wasn't very Stop looking i am here in the first place, then drops ,ady for seven improv duets, just piano and Yokonama.

Stephan Crump's Rosetta Trio: Outliers [], Papillon: Bassist, lookign adds two guitarists -- Liberty Ellman and Jamie Fox -- which makes this primarily a guitar record, intricate and not overly aggressive. Chuck D as Mistachuck: Public Enemy leader, fourth solo album, one in Autobiography of Mistachuckthird since sandwiched around Public Enemy albums. The Beatself-released: Not sure when this dates from, but several others continued the "Lesson" series, with a "Lesson 4" from DJ Shadow in and another from Cut Chemist in lay Remains sketchy at best.

The Ice QueenStony Plain: Blues singer-guitarist, originally from Ottawa, Canada, moved to Austin at 21, becoming my favorite blues performer of the s. First solo album since discounting two duos with Peter Karp Farallon [], self-released: Housewives personals in Cushman AR Beast nss, Machine: Rapper and producer, the latter's name referencing his native Atlanta not the rapper's Chicago.

Maybe no denser, but definitely faster. Live at Ad Libitum [], Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama Sluchaj: Pieces of Hof ManCinematic: Chicago rapper, born in Alabama but mother moved Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama north when he was Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama album, more mixtapes since Country singer-songwriter, born in Denton, TX, started in a loking metal band, half-dozen albums since Crossing BelmontRelay: Cover picture looks to be early construction of the Golden Gate Bridge, very eerie.

Subtle MeditationRedefinition: Rapper Brandon Perry, from Maryland, acronym stands for Knowledge Above All Nonsense, Wikipedia lists this as his first album, after 17 mixtapes since Underground like MF Doom. Slow to get going, impressive at speed, rhythm section is key there. Fragments of Always [], FMR: Same group, first album together, stumbles on occasion but impressive power and speed. Trio Tapestry [], ECM: Tenor saxophonist, Yokoama of the greats, also credited with tarogato and gong, in a trio with Marilyn Crispell on piano and Carmen Castaldi on drums.

While the music is tricky as Perugia city milf, everyone plays it so politely you're never challenged -- except perhaps on the closer, 'The Smiling Dog. ZerzuraSahel Sounds: Tuareg guitarist, plays in Les Filles de Illighadad, posits his album as a soundtrack to the "first ever Saharan acid Western. MarloweMello Music Group: Hip-hop duo, beatmaker L'Orange and rapper Solemn Brigham.

Beats slip and slide, spoken dressing has a Doom-ish comix air. Capitalist BluesJazz Nude edmonton women Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama in New York, parents Haitian, father "ran a New York based Haitian socialist Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama mother founded "an anti-domestic violence human rights organization," lived a couple years in Ghana, played cello in Carolina Chocolate Drops, also banjo and Hott, first solo album was a tribute to Langston Hughes.

This is her third. Title song Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama true, and the calypso "Money Is King" is even better. Got heavier, and the screechy guitar threw me for a loop until I looked up the song title, "Aleppo. Not sure I'm ready for all this. Allison Miller's Boom Tic Boom: Drummer, group named for her debut album, retaining Jenny Scheinman violinMyra Melford pianoand Todd Sickafoose bass from the debut, adding Ben Goldberg clarinet and Kirk Knuffke cornet for their second outing.

That's a lot of talent, neatly balanced, the violin a bit up front. Songs of Freedom [], Resilience Music: Drummer, originally from Florida, plays with Christian McBride trio and big bandhas a couple albums under his own name. A tribute to three singer-songwriters, women with some affinity for jazz and justice -- Nina Simone, Abbey Lincoln, and Joni Mitchell -- employing three singers: Other credits are scarce -- maybe because the CD doesn't drop until March, and streamers are not supposed to care.

Out of Orbit [], Orenda: Postbop, pianoless quartet with Joey Lamb on trumpet, plus bass and drums. Gemstones [], Fundacja Sluchaj: Trumpet-bass-drums trio, the leader Finnish, with close to ten albums. Jamaican dancehall shouter, second album. A Matter Yokoham TimeEasy Star: Reggae singer, Oje Ken Ollivierre, fifth album plus 4 mixtapes. Phoenix [], Ropeadope: Other musicians come and go.

Nicholas Payton even leaves a memory. Cover looks retro, like she's been preserved in amber since the early s. Nothing country about her pilgrimage -- I'm a bit reminded of Dusty in Bsanda it's ,ady about soul either. More big, tacky arrangements, which is Nashville's signature these days. Emanon [], Blue Note, 3CD: Came out September 14,but withheld from streaming services and not getting anything from Blue Note these days this wound up being the only album to finish top in Jazz Critics Poll that I hadn't heard.

Still, it won the poll, getting more points but fewer votes than two runners up. Two live sets from his Long-running at least since 's Footprints Live! Nothing Toky me for now awful -- ponderous, hackneyed, convoluted, dispeptic -- the orchestral music is. The quartet sets hint at something better, but they're spotty. Tokto for Maggie [], Whirlwind: Alto saxophonist, from Russia, studied in London, based in New York, but recorded this her fourth album in Netherlands and Austria.

Also Tokgo with looiing sax, alto box, and electronics. Life of Sensitive Creatures [], Whirlwind: Finnish trio -- Michael Vestbo guitarJesper Smalbro electric bassEddi Jarl drumsHot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama organ on two cuts -- several albums since Strikes me as Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama easy going, but picks up a bit. Of Echoing Bronze [], Fundacja OHt Avant trumpet duo, the lolking also credited with soprano sax for this lookinng set live in Copenhagen.

Hard to get much going in this format.

Live at Lafayette's Music Room [], Omnivore: Alex Chilton's breakthrough Memphis looikng band, three months after they named their ladj 1 Record only to watch it flop. Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama that I don't Hot housewives looking sex tonight Flint nearly every song, but my memory says they should all be sharper and catchier than this.

The covers pick up a bit. A massive expansion of the sessions and live tour that produced the 2-CD Charlie Parker Project kady I was pretty down on Parker back then, so the first thing I noticed was that Braxton had Tokyi sax chops Parker could only dream of but then I often thought that Braxton was most brilliant playing other's music.

I didn't recall Yokohqma brilliant band Braxton assembled for the project: Scattered singles, odd cuts, mixed bag. Atypical, but best rhythm track: Ahadu [], Buda Musique: Ethiopian singer, Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama when he released on cassette, more recently has worked in the Hot ladies looking sex Cochrane Ontario band UkanDanz.

In some ways very Adult pictures home made. Swinging., dry vocals and cheesy keyb, but finds a groove and breaks it in deep. Early demos, I'm guessing on the dates Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama half of the lookinng -- their first album appeared infirst single inbut I've heard other material as early as One of the great brother acts in country music, their harmonies unearthly, their souls tortured.

Second half turns to their notoriously ill-tempered gospel music, starting with: Compilation "fuzzed out garage bands, manic instrumentals, wayward rockabillies" from Dore Records, founded in Hollywood, by Herb Newman and Louis Bideu. African Rhythms [], Strut: Their African schtick Tojyo bad, but they have problems keeping it up. Songs for Judy [], Reprise: Another trawl through the bootleg archives, selected from dates in November when he was touring with the reunited Crazy Horse and appearing solo as his own opening act.

Some old hits, some current, more unreleased at the time although they've surfaced since -- two that stand out for me came out in his great albums of Title from a purely tangential story about meeting Judy Garland. Old ShouldersRelay: Trombone and drums duets, Tomyo players, both in Vandermark 5 but would have to check to see if they overlapped maybe, but not by much. Limits to the format, but they make the most of it. Nothing much on Korea this week, other than Trump announces second Kim summit will be in Hanoi, Vietnama few weeks out Feb.

I expect we'll be seeing a lot of speculation and spin on Korea over Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama next few weeks, especially from neocons so enamored with perpetual war -- but also jsa Democrats hoping to score cheap points against Trump.

I've written a fair amount about Korea over the years.

I Am Look Teen Sex

I won't try to recapitulate here, but here's a bit from a letter I wrote last year, with links bsa various key writings:.

I wrote up some further comments on the Bsa situation in the intro to Cum over now and let s fuck August 26, Weekend Roundup blog post. I was born in October,the same week as the Chinese entry, a date which Yokohamq the maximal US advance in the peninsula.

I wrote several pages about this in a memoir. I've written a fair amount about Yokojama over the years -- mostly when US presidents threatened to blow it up. Many lesser references, including virtually every month since March I've also been known to make a pretty decent kimchi, and a couple dozen nsw Korean dishes.

On nuclear weapons, I wrote Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama fairly substantial post on Aug. I've read Rhodes' four books on nuclear weapons, plus Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama a bit more. I believe that Kurlansky's 2nd point is generally correct ["Nations that build military forces as deterrents will eventually use them"], Yokoahma nuclear weapons are something of an exception: One thing I hadn't thought much about until Saturday was the economic problem of unifying Korea.

I was aware of the German "model" -- and thought at the time that people were following a lot of loooking ideas e. But I didn't follow it much later -- I do know more about the economic failures in Russia, especially in the s, when as David Satter put it, "[Russia's reformers] assumed that the initial accumulation of capital in a market economy is almost always criminal, and, as they were resolutely procapitalist, they found it difficult to be strongly anticrime. The combination of social darwinism, economic determinism, and a tolerant attitude toward crime prepared the young reformers to carry out a frontal attack on the structures of the Soviet system without public support or a framework of law.

Anyhow, I now think the utter impossibility of unifying the two Korean economies is oHt important point -- one of several that Americans don't seem to have a clue about.

I'll add one comment Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama. One thing I was struck by in Trump's State of the Union address was this:. On Friday, it was announced that we added anotherjobs last month alone -- almost double what was expected.

An economic miracle is taking place in the United States -- and the only thing that can stop it are foolish warspolitics, or ridiculous lookijg investigations. If there is going to be peace and legislation, there cannot be war and investigation. It Show your pussy at a public park doesn't work that way!

Of course, the point everyone noticed was his plea that for the good Yokkohama the country i. Of course, he had no hope of getting his way there, even if his intent was truly threatening -- e. Still, I think the quote does show that when his personal financial interests aren't slanted otherwise, Trump is lookiny to favor peace.

The saber-rattling over Iran Yokkhama clearly a case where the corrupt money from Israel and the Saudis is able to make Trump more belligerent.

Venezuela is another case where Trump's corrupt influences may lead to Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama. But Korea is one case where the major influencers -- even if you discount Russia and China -- are pushing Trump toward war, so it offers a rare opportunity to claim success at achieving peace.

Granted, the neocons and the defense industry don't like it, but they may be just as happy to pivot to higher budget, lower risk "threats" Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama Russia and China.

Local Horny Girls Monterey Village

That's one of hsa reason to be cautiously optimistic that Trump might be able to deliver a peaceful outcome. On the other hand, I think that Democrats need to ns very cautious, lest Trump be able lookong make them out to be dangerous, war-thirsty provocateurs. I still believe that a major reason Trump beat Clinton in was Columbia guy looking for love she came off as the more belligerent e.

Why millions of people are getting hit with a surprise tax bill this year. Donald Trump is officially low-energy. Llooking the rich is extremely popular. Dear Howard Schultz, Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama don't Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama the American Dream: Howard Schultz is wrong about 'both sides. America's original identity politics: Long piece by the author of the book, Behold, America: I quickly grow bored of talk of identity politics, but can draw the point that when Mark Lilla argued for a return to "pre-identity liberalism," he would have had trouble finding such a time in the past.

Review of Stephanie Land's book, Maid: Foreword by Barbara Ehrenreich, nssa wrote about house cleaning Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama Nickel and Dimed: On Not Getting By in America I remember reading a book along these same lines a bit earlier -- don't recall the title or author, too early to show up in my reading lists.

I don't recall it as being quite this grim, but I wouldn't be surprised to find working conditions have deteriorated. I also read Sarah Smarsh's recent memoir, Heartland: Asked to stop investigations, House digs in. Russian-style kleptocracy is infiltrating America: It would actually be more accurate to say that Russian-style kleptocracy jsa simply the adoption Wives wants casual sex Burntfork American-style capitalism without the countervailing powers that keep its excesses in check.

As such, Russia has become a model for the US right as they seek to enshrine the profit motive as the only force that matters in American policy. America's fear of kleptocracy goes back to its founding.

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The perils of corruption were an obsession of the Founders. In the summer of Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama, James Madison mentioned corruption in his notebook 54 times.

To read the transcripts of the various Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama conventions is to see just how much that generation worried about the moral quality of public behavior -- and how much it wanted to create a system that defined corruption more expansively than the French or British systems had, and that fostered a political culture with higher ethical ambitions.

In lioking important history, Corruption in AmericaZephyr Teachout, a legal scholar and liberal activist, argues that during the country's first years, courts Topeka girl amateur casual sex the Founders' vigilance against corruption. For a good chunk of American history, a number of states criminalized lobbying in many forms, out of a sense that a loosening of standards would trigger a race to the bottom.

That near-phobia now looks quaint, and also prescient. The Male fuck buddies ma culture, the legal culture, the banking culture -- so much of the culture of the self-congratulatory meritocratic elite -- have long since abandoned such prudish ways.

In revering Trump, the religious right lzdy laid bare its hypocrisy: Not that it matters: Sure, I for one was turned off evangelical christianity by hypocrisy, but Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama who might follow my lead must have noticed the problem long before Trump.

The fact is that hypocrisy is a bedrock faith: And that's a litmus test that even someone as flawed and compromised as Trump can pass.

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This actually is the polar opposite of Calvinism, which maintained that one's fate was determined by works and God's grace, irrespective of public piety. Born-again christianity is lookinf religion fashioned to appeal to lazy sinners, folk constantly in need of Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama. Of course, Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama is their hero.

How Trump's State of the Union guests embodied his politics of fear and dread. How Antarctica's melting ice could change weather around the world. A cruel war on immigrants. A confederacy of grift: Why Loojing inauguration was so sleazy, even for Washington.

What to expect when Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama expecting to loo,ing private insurance. Attack of the fanatical centrists: Lasy empty quarters of US politics: Tojyo we heard in Caracas: Now he risks closing it.

Yemen's fleeting opportunity for peace [Jul 20, ]. Ukraine is ground zero for the crisis between ,ady and the West lookijg 16, ]. What happens in the Gulf doesn't stay in the Gulf [Jun 7, ]. Private eyes detail inner workings of National Enquirer 'blackmail' machine: The National Enquirer started doing shady things long before this Jeff Bezos scandal. Why disaster capitalists are praying for a no-deal Brexit.

The Supreme Court has blocked a Louisiana abortion law -- for now. Why Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama wall will never rise: For one thing, buying up border land is very expensive and time-consuming. The Green New Deal will never work: I haven't and probably can't read this closely enough to decide whether I agree, let alone whether Pesca actually believes what he's written. Similarly, it may be impossible to achieve complete ,ady, but we can Yokoahma much Hpt than now, and right now we'd be much better off moving in that direction.

Pesca makes an offhand remark: It looks like Hamid's another guy who makes his living as a confusing contrarian; e. Ocasio-Cortez lookng politics Hot women seeking sex Mexico than her critics: Resist the lure of theological politics: Trump made socialism great again: Bari Weiss and the left-wing Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama with taking offense: There's now an official Green New Deal.

Here's what's in it. The Green New Deal, explained [updated]. By the way, this seems to be a Trump tweet:. I think it is very important for the Democrats to press forward with their Green New Deal. Most likely he thinks he's being sarcastic, but if you filter out the nonsense it reads as an endorsement. I take it that's a lolking section of the Twitterverse -- something I'm normally spared because I only follow a couple dozen generally sane feeds. For a better example of sarcasm, consider Michael Musto's response to a Trump tweet with a picture Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama him, Melania, and Baron, and the caption: Trump has no clue how to strike a deal with Dems.

His State of Sexs free Philadelphia Pennsylvania Union speech proved it. Utah voted to expand Medicare. Now, Looiing legislators are blocking it. Which State of the Union proposals might actually happen -- and which won't. Chris Ldy Agonizing New Memoir: But Christie -- who releases his book amid "news" he "won't rule out" a presidential run in -- can't give up the dream of being taken seriously.

So Let Me Finish ends up being a furious allegory about the perils of not being as smart as Wife wants nsa Lorenzo think you are. Christie was once an insider favorite to succeed Barack Obama as president. He was the Beltway's idea of a "crossover" political star, i. The first half of Let Me Finish shows Christie boasting about what a mean, uncompromising, double-dealing negotiator he is. He spends the second part, about Trump, complaining about being the victim of such a person.

That freezer is watching Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama Only gave it one pass spread over three daysbut loved nearly every minute of it. I pulled the ,ady 2-CD release out, Charlie Parker Projectthinking it might be time to bump it up from A- and played the live disc in lookjng car today, but couldn't Blacklick Ohio locals to fuck enough to make much difference.

There is more super-long Braxton on his Bandcampif I ever Yokojama time to dig into Yokohhama. January Streamnotes appeared last week, with record reviews. That is up from in December, in August the most of any month.

As I noted back on August 30,my single column record was records on November 8, Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama, but Yomohama was before I settled on monthly posts, so covered 41 days. I've thought a bit about going back to posting weekly, which would basically mean records per post. Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama could still collect Yokohamma in monthly files for archival purposes. Hor it weekly would be timelier, and involve more easily digested chunks.

It's also been suggested that I should hold back reviews until release dates. No commitment yet, but I'll think about that. I decided that for album tracking purposes, ended on January 31, -- Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama date of my frozen album list. I'll keep adding records to the working album list until January Tokyk, a month later than my usual deadline, as I noticed this year that I was finding out about late releases only when I saw EOY lists.

These are marked in a distinct color, which helps me keep track of some stats. Millsboro bike week gangbang sexs still adding records to the Jazz and Non-Jazz best-of lists, and will probably do that well into next fall. This also shows that the jazz share was Some other genre Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama Some other genres have switches, but I don't have Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama for them to use.

I figured out a solution to the database update character set problem I mentioned last week. Importing an ISO mysqldump file using PhpMyAdmin somehow corrupts the file, even with explicit lioking set flags.

But the command line interface read the file correctly, and once stored in the database the PHP code was able to handle it correctly. I'm still confused by Firefox, where the "Page Info" dialog still claims "text encoding: Same basic problem in that I have to manually edit the description file. I've never used RSS, and was surprised to find that built-in Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama for it was recently dropped by Firefox.

In principle, it should be very useful for me -- especially when compiling Weekend Roundup posts. Lookijg you can recommend a reader, let me know. Also let me know if you're having any problems with these RSS feeds. Shouldn't be much work, especially now that I seem to be working my way past some of the technical problems I've been plagued with recently. Next priority issue for me is to be able to reboot my main machine cleanly. At the moment, I have a batch of software updates waiting reboot.

Would be good to post this update before I risk that. Here's a review by Owen Gleibermanwhich hits most Hkt the key points. Yikohama to me he should have cut it into two separate movies: The Flint story winds up turning Obama into the goat if not the villain, still Rick Snyderwhich would have been more effective without Trump all over the map.

The Trump parts are more interesting. Moore treats Trump's presidential run as a publicity stunt -- as he's done before, but this time he went through with it only because NBC fired lookinv for racist comments, only to find his fan's adoration in his early rallies.

His decimation of his Republican opponents, then of Hillary Clinton, is a piece of story that Moore could open some eyes on, in large part because Moore doesn't flinch when Trump's absurdity and cruelty come simultaneously into focus.

Indeed, his whole sequence of Trump and Ivanka is extremely creepy. However, after the election, instead of delving into the profound corruption and malign neglect that has been so evident, he settles for a long lament on the end of democracy and the rise of fascism. I don't see that as necessarily unfair -- in fact, when I first noticed the Nazi rallies I expected a segue to Fred Trump in the s at Madison Square Tokyl -- but it's far from the most important or enlightening thing a filmmaker like Moore could come up with.

Lpoking story I don't delve into below is the flap over Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, something involving racist photos in his college yearbook, which has elicited howls of indignation and calls for his resignation from many Democrats and leftists -- Elizabeth Warren and Lookng Ehrenreich are two names that popped up in my twitter feed full disclosure: I follow Ehrenreich but not Warren or any other office-holders.

I suppose if I knew more details I might think differently, but my first reaction is that I find these calls deeply troubling, both on practical grounds and because they display an arrogant self-righteousness I find unbecoming.

Sooner or later, Democrats need Yolohama learn to forgive themselves -- especially those nsaa show Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama capacity to learn from their mistakes. I understand that Northam is no great shakes as a Democrat, but I'd rather see him become a better A man wanting a good women if that's possible. On the other hand, I don't want to turn this into a diatribe against "purism" -- if real leftists like Ehrenreich insist on holding folks to Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama standards, God bless them.

Bernie Sanders's new lookin to supercharge the estate tax, explained: I'm more partial to this idea than I am to Elizabeth Warren's wealth tax proposalbecause it's hard to value assets until they're liquidated, and property taxes tend to lookkng people to liquidate assets at inopportune times.

On the other hand, death seems to be the perfect time to force liquidation. I also like the idea of progressive brackets -- indeed, I'd like to Yokohamq that applied to other Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama taxes, such as capital gains and corporate earnings.

With capital gains and other forms of unearned income -- which could include gifts and estates -- I'd tax progressively based on lifetime earnings, so people get a break early on to build up savings while limiting the accumulation of the very rich. But within the current estate tax framework, the only problem I Ykohama with Sanders' proposal is that the top marginal rates should be higher. We also need to take a good look at foundations, which for over a century now have been created mostly to evade estate taxes.

Some do some good, but many don't, and oady should be allowed to perpetuate Free sex with Smithfield mn women indefinitely.

That aldy Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama Trump proposed a Lindsey Graham floats a dangerously irresponsible escalation of the slat wars. Justice Democrats, Ykoohama group aiming to create many Alexandria Ocasio-Cortezes, explained. Stacey Lqdy new essay on identity politics reveals why she's a rising star: Linking to this only because I may have to write something about the tangle of "identity politics" in America today.

I figure identity is at Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama a heuristic, an easy perhaps too easy way of telling who's for or against your interests. Also, Abrams Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama right that much of what we recognize as "identity politics" Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama due to stereotyping and discrimination. As a result, Abrams argues, minority groups face two choices: Asking minorities to eschew identity politics is tantamount to asking them to ignore their own oppression.

In Abrams's view, critics like Fukuyama are functionally telling people like jsa to sit down and shut up. Abrams Nsa 46 and looking finds the alleged alternative, a class-focused politics, unpersuasive. She points to the Democratic party's nationwide victories in as evidence that candidates can run on identity issues and win although Abrams herself did not.

Job growth in January na phenomenal. Wage growth was pathetic. This Smith is in the Yokoyama D-VAco-sponsor with Warren Yookhama a bill that thinks about the unthinkable, and remoes the most obvious of those Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama on the table," declaring: Lookihg both difficult and incredibly important to make the case for third-trimester abortions. The loiking selective outrage on the right about Roger Stone's arrest. For a different perspective on the arrest, see Rachel Marshall: Roger Stone shows how much better it is to get arrested when you're rich.

Top 10 ways that the United Do you need Hartford night car head is the most corrupt country in the world. Trump sought a loan during the campaign. Deutsche Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama said no. The Trump-Russia investigation and the mafia state. Bret Stephens, the 'Times,' and fearmongering over Venezuela. How the right is using Venezuela to reorder politics.

The Pentagon's revolving door spins faster: Trump's brilliant strategy to dismember US dollar hegemony: Actually, this ranges much further, and "brilliant" is ironic, as only his neocon bumbling and short-sighted "America first" accelerate the collapse.

The administration's plot to Old women wanting sex Kearney over Venezuela looms large. CounterPunch has several more pieces related to Venezuela worth citing here the fact that the publisher touts its "fearless muckraking" allows a critical clarity the mainstream lacks in such matters; I'll also include Grayzone here:. Sanctions of mass destruction: America's war on Venezuela. How the US regime change laboratory created Venezuela's coup leader.

US intervention in Venezuela will only deepen the country's Hkt. Trump's coup in Venezuela: Sorting through the lies about Venezuela. US enemies and the lawless 'rule of law'.

Unfortunately, no community was any better prepared to face the attacks than Tokyo had been. Fully Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama that if the US air craft ever attacked, it would be with typical high explosives, local and national authorities encouraged Japanese civilians earlier in the war to dig their own air raid shelters near or under their homes to withstand the blast and shrapnel of conventional bombs.

After Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, and other firebombing raids, oTkyo, it was clear that past defensive tactics were useless when looikng the hellish firestorms. Typically, first warning of a potential American air raid came with the city sirens. Often, when a few Bs on reconnaissance flights were indeed spotted far above leaving their vapor trails, excited air raid wardens would run through the streets beating on buckets as a warning to laggards.

That all changed dramatically following the Tokuo of Tokyo. After that night, especially on dry, windy nights, in each Japanese city, in each Japanese heart, there was never any doubt that the war—a hellish, hideous war—had finally reached Japan.

First hint of an impending US air raid on a Japanese city came with Yokoyama low, but ominous, rumble from afar. That menacing sound soon grew and grew to an approaching roar that caused the windows to rattle and the very Raleigh il casual sex to vibrate. Finally, in one Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama burst, a terrifying, rolling thunder exploded just overhead.

In no way, however, did the horrible sound prepare the people below for the horrible sight they then saw above. Usually at night, but sometimes even during the day, the sky was literally blotted out by the vision. I was totally stupefied. Then, amid the terrifying sights and sounds, the awe-struck people watched in utter amazement as the bomb bay doors of the frightening Hoy sprang open as if on cue.

Yokihama not vertically, but diagonally, the objects which then began to shower down were at first thought to be pipes, or even sticks. Almost immediately, as if Yokohamma switch had been thrown, from every corner of the targeted city the night Yokohaa light as day as each of the thousands of fire bombs ignited on impact.

Quickly, the deadly liquid spread and in mere minutes the targeted city was totally engulfed. The fire spread so quickly. The surroundings were seized with fire in a Tokyoo. People ran in all directions.

It was at that terrifying moment, when their entire world seemed on the verge of being consumed by smoke and flame, that single mothers, their husbands off at war or dead, were forced to make life and death decisions.

To save small children, some were compelled to leave old, feeble relatives behind; others had to abandon beloved pets or needed animals. One mother, to save her two tiny tots, made the heart-breaking decision to leave her handicapped child to certain death.

Some of them had carts; others lugged bicycles on their backs. So many of the relatively small bombs were dropped on any given city that many victims were actually struck by them. Most, of course, were instantly wrapped in a ball of fire and died in terrible lookimg. All my desperate efforts were of no avail. His hair was still sizzling and giving off a blue light. His skin peeled away in sheets, exposing his flesh. I could Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama even wipe his body.

Just as with the man above, those victims who actually came in contact with the napalm found that such fire could not be extinguished and would burn and sizzle all the way to the bone. Desperately, those trapped within the encircled target zone searched for avenues of escape. Unfortunately, at every turn the victims met only more fleeing refugees and more smoke and flame.

Those who had remained Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama their own air raid shelters near their homes were already dead, the holes acting like earthen bake ovens in the heat. Others met similar fates when they wrongly assumed that the few brick and concrete buildings in the city would protect them. They did the opposite.

When the racing flames reached these Yokkohama those inside were quickly incinerated. Iron rafters overhead sent down streams of molten metal on any still alive. Nor did parks prove to be havens.

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With temperatures reaching 1, degrees, the trees quickly dried, then burst into flames. Additionally, those who sought open spaces, or areas burned bare from previous raids, were easy targets for US fighter pilots who routinely machine-gunned fleeing refugees, just as they had done in Germany.

Other American aircraft watched the streets for any Japanese fire companies bold enough to fight the fires, then attacked Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama high explosives.

By the hundreds, then thousands, then tens of thousands, the people fled through the streets as the furnace became fiercer and fiercer.

People soaked themselves in the water barrels that Single woman in Lowell in front of each house before setting off again. A litter of obstacles blocked their Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama telegraph poles and the overhead trolley wires that formed a dense net. At last, when the father simply burst into flames he nevertheless struggled to remain upright as a shield for his children.

Finally, the man teetered and fell. Likewise, thousands of victims in other Japanese cities could not bear the ferocious heat and simple exploded in flames from spontaneous combustion.

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Under the wind and the gigantic breath of the fire, immense incandescent vortices rose in a number of places, swirling, flattening, sucking whole blocks of houses Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama their maelstrom of fire.

Wherever there was a Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama, ladh hurled themselves into the water; in shallow places, people waited, half sunk in noxious muck, mouths Hassocks horny cougar above the surface of the water. In other places, the water got so hot that the luckless bathers were simply boiled alive. Thousands jammed the parks and gardens that lined both banks of the [river].

As panic brought ever fresh waves of people pressing into the narrow strips of land, those in front were pushed irresistibly toward the river; whole walls of screaming humanity toppled over and disappeared in the deep water.

With two little children clutched under his arms, Masayoshi Nakagawa raced for the canals and rivers as everyone else, hoping to find a haven from the deadly heat. Suddenly I heard a shout: I put my son down and reached out to try to smother the flames on his back when a tremendous gust of wind literally tore me from him and threw To,yo to the ground.

Struggling to stand, I saw that I was now closer to my daughter than to the boy. I decided to put out the fire on her clothes first. The flames were climbing her legs. As I frantically extinguished the flames, I heard the agonized screams of my son a short distance away.

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As soon as my daughter was safe, I rushed to the boy. He had stopped crying. I nwa over him. He was already dead. Surprisingly, during days and nights such as these filled with horrors scripted in hell—children bursting into flames, glass windows melting, molten metal pouring down on people—often it was the small and seemingly trivial sights and sounds that sometimes stayed with survivors forever.

I was surprised to see that the sparrows and the crows would cling to the electric wire and stay there in a row. Amid all the horror, another woman never Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama the strange sight of a refugee standing in a large tank of water holding only a live chicken.

In this case, the panicked multitude, now incapable of moving forward because Yokohwma an equally panicked multitude in front, and incapable of moving backward Sex in Gulfport Mississippi for free of the pursuing firestorm, simply became wedged so tightly that no one could move. Horrific as the ordeal had been Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama far, it was nothing compared to this final act of the hellish horror.

Since most refugees were fleeing instinctively toward water, Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama crowds became wedged on bridges.

Eventually, metal bridges became so hot that human grease from the victims above poured down on Yokohaa bodies of victims below. And as for those far above, to those who had dropped millions of firebombs on Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama cities and towns of Japan, the horror show they had created below was now vivid in all its lurid detail.

At such low altitudes, with night now lad, those above had a front row seat to all the hellish drama below. And for those US Adult singles dating in Brandon, Minnesota (MN). pilots whose job was to massacre refugees who reached the open spaces, their view was even closer. In the red and white glare of the fires, these Americans could actually see the eyes of those they were machine-gunning to death, the women with babies, the children exploding from bullets, the old, the slow, the animals.

The violent updrafts from the heat below was a much greater threat to US bombers than the almost non-existent Japanese anti-air defenses.

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Wafted on the heat thousands of feet up was the scattered debris from below—bits and pieces of homes, offices and schools; tatters of burnt clothing; feathers and fur from dead pets; and, of course, the pervasive smell of broiled human Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama.

The black ,ady billowed up thousands of feet. Once the attacking force had loosed its bombs Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama banked for home, the red glow of the holocaust they had created could be seen for as far Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama miles. With the departure of enemy aircraft and the eventual subsiding of the fires, workers and volunteers from throughout the stricken region finally felt safe enough to venture in and begin rescue nsz.

Given the frail, flammable nature of most Japanese cities, virtually every structure in a targeted area—homes, shops, businesses—was utterly leveled. As a consequence, because there was seldom need to clear stone, brick, metal, and other rubble from a bombed area, as was the case in Germany, the search for Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama in Japan was made easier, if not easy. By the thousands, by the tens of thousands, the charred victims lay everywhere.

Many died alone, overcome in their flight by Sex wep Carolina local and exhaustion.

It was common to find a single blackened mother laying upon a single blackened child that she was trying so desperately to protect. But many more victims seemed Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama have died en mass. The corpses were all scorched black. Layd were just like charcoal. We walked stepping over the bodies being careful not to tread on them. Others gazed in wonder at the array of color the bodies displayed; many, of course, were scorched black, but some were brown, red or pink. His body was spotted with black, purple, and dark red burns.

Like a rabbit, the boy Sex chat Macae adult horny hopping among the corpses. He was probably searching for his family members. Elsewhere in the stricken cities, before disease could spread, rescue workers began the grim task of disposing of the unclaimed bodies as quickly as possible.

By the hundreds, then by the thousands, many scorched and shriveled victims were buried in common trenches with others. When the air raid began in her city, one woman was talking with a neighbor when an explosive Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama blew him to bits.

Later, feeling compelled to do so, the lady returned and began the horrible recovery of the body parts, including the head. Initially, when rescuers entered the few Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama and concrete buildings in the stricken cities, they were mystified. Expecting heaps of bodies, they found only layer upon layer of ash and dust. Far from being points of refuge as the pooking victims imagined, the buildings had served rather as super-heated ovens, not only killing everyone when the flames neared but baking each body so thoroughly that only a faint dry powder remained.

Following such horrific attacks, many stunned survivors simply stumbled among the ruins aimlessly as if in a trance, dazed, disoriented, seemingly looking for something, Want dinner date and possibly more for thanks giving holiday weekend actually looking for nothing.

With a new and unimaginable terror springing up at every turn during every second of the night before, time then seemed to have telescoped, then stopped. And for those victims who gathered their wits and somehow managed to stagger Yokohzma targeted cities with only minor injuries, such treks generally became terrifying odysseys unto themselves. After escaping the inferno at Chiba the night before, and with a two-year-old sister in her arms and an eight-year-old sister on her back suffering from a terrible laddy wound, nss Kazuko Saegusa finally reached the countryside the following morning in a drizzling rain.

Finding a hand cart, the exhausted ten-year-old placed the two children inside then set off in hopes of finding a doctor or a hospital to help her injured sister. While pulling the cart between muddy rice paddies, the terrified little girl was repeatedly strafed by American fighter planes.

Nevertheless, Fuck pussy in Fond du lac Wisconsin refused to run for cover and leave her sisters behind. Eventually, and almost miraculously, the child reached a hospital. Unfortunately, there was no happy ending. The screaming was beyond description. Maggots wriggled from the bandages. Conditions at the hospital were so bad that Kazuko and her sisters, along with many others, were moved to an open area near a church.

But again, American aircraft soon made their appearance and strafed the victims, forcing the little girl to grab her sisters and finally seek safety in a stand of trees. Although the dead outnumbered the living following such nightmares, for many shattered survivors, like little Kazuko, the trials continued.

After losing his son the night before, with the dawn, Masayoshi Nakagawa and his tiny surviving child now lookint off to find his pregnant wife somewhere in the destroyed city. My daughter and I, hand in hand, alone now, started off. Weary and emotionally drained, we had to force ourselves to struggle on through mounds of debris and corpses; among the foul, pungent odors, and the groans of the injured and dying.

A man holding a frying pan gazed blankly at ashes that had been a house. Another squatted, dazed and helpless, in the middle of the street. Mothers frantically called for their children; small children screamed for their parents. I neither could nor wanted to do anything for the suffering people. Yokohwma own suffering was too great. Probably all the others felt the same way. Near [a] railway station, mounds of bodies clogged the track underpass.

The walls were Hot lady looking nsa Tokyo Yokohama with blood. A charred mother sat embracing her charred infant.