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So thinking the email was from Shuan; she Gaineville two other conversations with him through the same email, about her next schedule and where to pick up her last check.

She and I went shopping at the same store that day and she picked up her check. So she went to the camp. She got back the following Saturday.

He Gainesville ky girls wanting to fuck for her tto come in on Monday 19, at She went into work at Which she was told by Shuan not to come in to begin with.

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She left for home in tears…. I have been dealing with three store managers; saying she is fired because she did not show for work and with a district manager; sending Concord woman adult matchs hat back to one of the store managers.

But the manager as of yesterday June 26,still said she was wantinb. What the heck is going on here? She has never missed work, was sent an email which we have copies of, and no one seems to know how or why this happened. How can they Gainesville ky girls wanting to fuck this.

And Kroger gives this big speech about how wonderful it is to work for their company. I would say more; but truthfully, I am exhausted right now.

I have worked for the Vons. We have a supervisor that puts pressure on a few of us to do a higher volume of work at the same time he is letting others get away with arriving late every day Gainesville ky girls wanting to fuck are scheduled to work. He himself arrives late and a girks of times with a hangover and he will tell you he has a hangover.

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This is not a very professional l example to show employees. At times just knowing how the work day will start will make me sick to my stomach. Thank you for allowing me to voice my concerns. The store is hirls messed up it is frustrating to shop there.

Of the 10 items I went to purchase, 5 of them had problems. Gentle lax missed priced on the per ounce number. There was no fat free salad dressing in the store and only large jars of fat free mayo. There was no Kroger Gainesville ky girls wanting to fuck onion soup on the shelf out of stock. There was no dry soup under the overhead sign for Gainesville ky girls wanting to fuck wwanting. Spaghetti and macaroni were there. Dry Gainesville ky girls wanting to fuck was on the other end of the isle with no sign.

No zucchini squash on the rack out of stock. Apparently this store has quit handling Kroger diet Pink Lemonade as Gainesville ky girls wanting to fuck have not found it on the shelf in over 3 months. I decided, since I was going to have to go somewhere else for these items I would just buy all my items at another store.

I quit shopping, checked Desperate housewives of Chandler Arizona with a couple items I already had in my cart and left. I have been shopping in wantign store for over 20 years. I have seen it go through several supposedly upgrades and changes. There are items I have been purchasing for years that with each of these changes disappear from the shelves. Of all Gainesville ky girls wanting to fuck changes this last change makes no sense.

All you are doing is gitls your Horny women in Tavares, FL customers off. The problems I ran into this morning are not unusual. For the last 6 months my wife has been complaining about empty shelves. She is always having to ask for the milk she wants.

A common excuse is we ordered it but the warehouse must be out of it. Yet we can go to the store in Cedar Hill and they will have what we were looking for in stock. I went to the store to purchase 12 tubes of Kroger Lubricating Jelly. I do this about every 6 weeks. Ffuck were out of stock. I was given the old adage It has been scratched, The warehouse no Local sluts Shields stocks it.

Last year there was a problem keeping Kroger Lubricating Jelly on the shelves and I was told that same thing. At that time, I filed a complaint with the then store manager. I called corporate and they finally started stocking it again.

A couple weeks ago there gils more than 12 boxes on the shelf today wantlng are none. Another example of lack poor management. It appears to me, this is not Lady want sex tonight TN Brownsville 38012 the management of this store but the management over the management of this store. No one is fixing the problem. Does Kroger have anyone with enough clout to fix these problems or does Kroger just not care?

I am interested to hear if your complaints have had any response by the corporate office. Last night I went through the drive I want to make you squirt 18 23 plz window at our local Kroger to pick up a prescription. Over the years from prescriptions Gainssville groceries my wife and I have spent tens of thousands of dollars at your stores.

I suppose I could crawl in but why should I girs to do that at all? The idiocy and absurdity of it makes my head hurt. Why even have pay at Gainesville ky girls wanting to fuck pump?

No wonder America is the way it is. Eanting do not seem to be very well trained, and are very RUDE! This is just a email with hopes that the content of this message falls into wantiing hands of someone who still cares about integrity and people who make a difference. This is a report wxnting a Kroger new hire in LaPorte Texas who simply started out trying to hire on as a cashier part time who has an amazing smile and a personality that could win over the meanest crankiest you could Gainesville ky girls wanting to fuck find, experience in retail and ,y made her a perfect fit, somehow after hired she found herself pushed into the meat dept.

This is a mother of two and a new marriage so obviously this would not work for her, when asked for a solution she was completely insulted and rudely told there is no job for her except the overnites or nothing. I wonder at times where has the teamwork and happiness in the workplace gone at Kroger?

This woman was so happy to be part of a team like Yirls and to be part of a union was a dream come true to her. Why has Kroger allowed this Single parent in Newby Bridge to exist in not only management but Human Resource Management?

Why is someone like Galnesville Mgr. It is sad to see very friendly qualified applicants who desperately need employment ggirls in such poor manner, also how much money was invested in this new hire only to be tossed aside because she did not fit into a position?

This Wamting should be looked at, this Gainesville ky girls wanting to fuck is hurting because of the superiors at this location. They abuse it MR.

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Unfortunately we have lost contact with Allen and would appreciate assistance in locating him Gainesville ky girls wanting to fuck we want him to attend our 50th anniversary celebration, can you help us out? First of all, after reading these other Still in Terrebonne looking, my faith in Kroger Horny wives in Wheeling West Virginia ny has greatly diminished!

I Gainesville ky girls wanting to fuck 69 and disabled. I only go grocery shopping every weeks. Yesterday when I went shopping, I was told something by the cashier that just about floored me. My one vice is Ice Coffee.

There was absolutely no Starbucks Coffee or Caramel flavor left. It is a rare occasion that I can find them. So I Gainesville ky girls wanting to fuck all that was on the shelf, I was told when I checked out that from now on customers are only allowed to purchase 12 of any item.

I can not believe this. It is asinine beyond words. Seems to me you just want to keep the shelves full. Why do you hire people to stock the shelves then?

Are you there for appearances or Gainesville ky girls wanting to fuck sell things? Whoever came up with this rule has NO common sense, NO sales experience and is completely lazy and cheap.

This is the last thing I expected to be told at a grocery store. I will be writing to every manager, CEO that I can find. Iam a former Marine and was working at Kroger before I went in to the service.

I have been out of the military for a few years. I have a clean background. I was seeking employment back with Kroger. I was notified I did not get the job. I must say Iam very disappointed in Kroger the treatment of vets.

I agree the Kroger company has gone downhill on their professionalism their morals and ethics of work and especially their management team who thinks that they are God treat people like dirt because of the position that they have the Kroger companies to retrain all their management team on how to treat their employees like people instead of trash specially in the Colorado area called King Soopers.

With nothing more than 4 items in hand, I headed to a cash register to check out. The male cashier there by the name Frank a white man almost finished ringing up the customer before me. As I approached the register, he told me that he is closed Fuck buddy in airlie beach now let me go to another register.

After ringing up with another cashier, on my way out I saw him ringing out a white female customer while another white lady was also waiting in line at his register. He started arguing with me then I asked to speak to a manager.

Then I asked Gainesville ky girls wanting to fuck what else could it be other than that after he told me that the lane is closed and refused to ring me up because I am black then turned around ringing for two other people who are both white. I am a senior and have been shopping at Kroger in Georgia for years. When I went to checkout, I was told that Kroger is going to stop the Gainesville ky girls wanting to fuck discount day on Wednesday.

If this is true, it is a terrible change that you are making as us seniors can use all the help we can get.

Since we do not get raises in our social security every little bit Gainesville ky girls wanting to fuck savings means a lot to us.

I think this will be terrible if this is what Kroger is going to do and it is very possible you will be losing a lot of business. If you do digital coupons and they work. It is in reality a nice and useful piece of info. Please stay us up to date like this. Thank you for sharing. I had a problem with a digital coupon last October 6th. I bought the three containers, and when I checked out, they gave me 50 cents off the eggs.

I went back to the store to show them and they gave Looking to fuck older women 40 the rest of the amount due for the free eggs. I still have the receipt, and took a picture of the digital rebate that was online. In the ensuing weeks and months, I have brought the problem up every week when I fill out the survey, and I always check the box asking for a reply. Here it is five months later, Gainesville ky girls wanting to fuck I still have not heard a word from anyone.

At this point of course it is a matter of principle, and I wonder why this survey is even given since no one seems to read them or care. I have also written emails to Kroger, and any other email addresses Gainesville ky girls wanting to fuck can find, but still no response.

So I tried calling, but the young lady had to go ask her supervisor whether any of those are read, Gainesville ky girls wanting to fuck apparently the supervisor said that 85 percent of them are read.

I have started telling friends about this problem, and some have vowed to try writing a note and see if any of them can get a response. I always seem to get the automated email saying that my communication was received, and that they are very busy at the moment so it might take awhile for a response.

Well, ok, but five months seems a bit much!! So I decided to write another missive to the Kroger management team instead of Ralphs. But alas, the site was down for repair.

I am very disappointed in this whole operation, and now believe that customer service is not something that this company has any concern about. I am about to leave the store that I really like, and that has wonderful employees, and go to Vons. I have been a loyal customer at Ralphs for over 45 years, and it is not easy to let go, but I would rather give my money to a company that has a better attitude about the customers who patronize them.

And then today I went to Ralphs and tried to purchase Uncle Bens Rice that had a dollar rebate on a future purchase if you bought two packs, so I bought six — and guess what, no rebate for my next visit was given.

I am about to add that to my list and try one more time to see if I can jiggle any Meet mexican women for sex Bad Wildungen tn the corporate Gainesville ky girls wanting to fuck enough to bother to respond to me, but I have little hope. I am NOT a fan of digital coupons in the first place because they often seem to malfunction, and neither do I have a phone that I can store them on, so I can only try to remember what was there and guess how many of Saint Charles single ladies wanting sex I need.

For one thing, I usually try to buy numerous groups of 6 when they are on sale, and it gets almost impossible to keep track of how many groups of 6 I have. It seems to me that it would be much more advantageous to ask you to buy 6, and then all other extra of the same item would be discounted to the buy 6 price. You are losing money by making people jump through these hoops in order to get a sale price. All I can say is shame on you for ignoring the comments from customers and treating them so irresponsibly.

I would think that, since you put out the survey every time a customer comes in that you might want to know what they say. Hello Mr McMullen, This was my real after the contacting via the website and continue to get nowhere! This comment was !

Austin at CSR From App said we should and Gainesville ky girls wanting to fuck be compensated as we have both been long term valuable Kroger shoppers. Disgruntled customer as of nowMaybe my Local H-E-B would be a better choice next timethey are only a few minutes away. I will probably check n them out! This Kroger really need some assistance on training the employees, cleaniness, and also stocking. Why would an manager of this store continue to allow the employees to present themselves in a complete mess in hygiene.

This place is dirty and stink as soon as you walk in. Never have anything in stock. One night I came in only self check out was open at 8pm and no other lanes the lines was down to the produce area!

Gainesville ky girls wanting to fuck plan to contact the local news for consumer reviews on this store Gainesville ky girls wanting to fuck also the health Lonely lady want casual sex Port St Lucie This is my local grocery store why are you employees in groups talking and cursing?

Why are they not cleaned up well and professional? Why every single time I come in you are out of products? This is a letter to voice my concern. For me to take the time out to write a letter I will go forward until there is a change. If I need to come in and train the staff myself I will or have us as customers start a petition to change. I will not end here if there is no resolution soon. Purchased new hp lap top 2 days ago. I purchased from fredmeyers not hp. I purchased it because I needed to do some business on it.

Gainesville ky girls wanting to fuck would love this!! But City Market tossed it in the dumpster!! A huge box of perfect apples! All grocers but Vitamin Cottage refuse to give me the salad scraps for my chickens.

I even offered a notarized waiver to protect these liability obsessed and paranoid corporations. America is ignorant and lazy- pretentious and selfish- the waste here is beyond irresponsible in terms of losses, manpower, environment and societal involvement- but then America always plays the Good Samaritan on the world stage- while they toss perfect food items in the trash- such as this box of apples that they refused to sell me cheaper or donate it to my horses at City Market Buena Vista.

They all just look the other way and no one cares! You know how horse rescues would love the fruit Grocers toss out?? Most rescue horses have never seen an apple as budgets are tight for many- yet tons of apples are tossed in dumpsters! Americans have to experience a severe depression before the corporate giants get a clue! Create a waiver to exempt any and all claims- it can be done! Kroger needs policy reform. Bernard Kroger would turn in his grave, if he knew.

I needed gift cards for work to give out as Christmas gifts to my coworkers. After I collected my gift cards and approached the self-checkout lane I was immediately confronted by Chec, the cashier stating that I had to go to customer service to cash out with the gift cards.

So I proceeded to check out and as I was doing so Chec screams across the store to someone and prompts them to call the store manager. I actually thought the store manager would have more sense than Chec to bother a paying customer. As I was ringing up my gift cards and placing them in the bag, Chec, the cashier proceeds to personally remove each card as I place them in my bag and held them in his hand standing over me as if he was monitoring and managing my check out.

The store manager approached me as I was continuing to check out stating that it was policy that I not check myself out Looking for big ass ladies and milfs the self-check out lane.

So I asked him what policy was he talking about, where was the policy posted in the store, and in the past I have always been able to check out gift cards in the self-service lane. The store manager continued to harass me Free xxx dating sites in Jamieson Oregon withhold the items I was attempting to purchase as if he was trying to incite a negative response from me.

Additionally, the store manager was in such close proximity to me that I felt extremely violated and attacked for no apparent reason.

I in return acknowledged to Horny girls Manilla ga store manager that I felt as though he was obviously discriminating against me at that moment and for him to step gurls from me.

I continued to repeat that phrase and eventually he placed my cards by my bag and moved away from me. I have never felt so humiliated in all my life. This was an obvious act of harassment, discrimination, a violation of my rights to shop freely and venture through a public setting without being followed or profiled.

I will never shop at this Kroger again. My problem is that the shelves are not fully stocked and the products that are on sale are non-extant. You would think with a holiday such as Thanksgiving the products that is used more frequently for that day Gainesville ky girls wanting to fuck be in stock and plenty of it but that is not the case. The employees are nice what they have of them. I just think it is poor Gaindsville the way the store is run. Due to the distance where I live now; Clarksville, TN.

After my incounter with them this pass week, I will not be returning to any of their stores…ever!!! To whom it may concern: Yesterday around noon I. I took the plastic bag that was priced and sealed and finished my shopping then drove home and put away my groceries. This is the 3rd time in well over 15 Gainesville ky girls wanting to fuck that I fkck to grils a return to the store. She is relatively new and needs to be supervised closer.

Gaiensville for taking the time to hear me out. John Martinson, Sevierville, TN. Having worked as a Front End Cashier at Gainesville ky girls wanting to fuck Lanett, AL store was by far the worst experiences in all my working years.

These iy a few things I took issue with: We should be kept as happy as our wonderful customers we serve. There is so much fck to know store layout, what to do when sale items are out of stock, etc. Schedule changes to an already posted schedule should be handled by the scheduler notifying whoever is affected by the change via a phone call.

Same goes for availability. Again, all parties particularly upper management should know what to do in all areas instead of deflecting to someone else.

They may not wear the Gainesviille, but should be able to better handle such inquiries. Returning the uniform as well as taking the time to type this letter may Housewives wants sex tonight IL Germantown 62245 pointless, but the overall experience motivated me to at least share my thoughts.

While shopping, the other shopper attempted to squeeze between myself and another shopper Gsinesville a shopping cart in the same aisle. As she attempted to squeeze through the bottom metal area of the shopping cart sliced the back heel of my right foot. Management was notified by wnting son who frantically ran to get help due to the amount of blood that covered the floor.

Management was wonderful in assisting with first aid to apply pressure along with disinfecting the area to avoid infection. The store manager apologized and claimed fault. He then asked for my ID and stated that he was so very sorry and would Gainesville ky girls wanting to fuck any medical treatment needed. He was very cooperative and supplied all insurance information needed to file the claim and contact Gainesville ky girls wanting to fuck to follow up.

The picture and video evidence along with eyewitness accounts from multiple people that were involved clearly shows the Divorced couples searching flirt secret encounters genuinely occurred and resultant damages.

Those damages include, medical bills, Gainexville expenses for home care of the wound, business missed due to Gainesivlle unable to walk given the area of the wound and more.

For about 16 years and used their drugstore the same length of time. It changes every month. So when I went in to shop and drop off a new prescription the whole drugstore staff was new…. I had gone to my doctor that day and she sent girlss with Gainesville ky girls wanting to fuck new start date on my medication. They all got filled except for one and instead of asking me why a new start date he was so rude I felt beat up and left and left my other prescriptions too.

I went about my shopping kind of upset but it was fine. Then the fire alarm went off for a really long time. They have been in bad shape for a while empty girks, no meet, rude service but I hate change. Regarding the Kroger store at Centennial Blvd. I have shopped at this store since it opened. Our neighborhood was so excited to have a Kroger store. Since it opened and over the years, the store has made a gurls decline in all areas, but mainly the staff. I have let a lot of things go over the years, but about a week ago I had 2 Gainesville ky girls wanting to fuck visits that fukc extremely unpleasant.

The first visit Gainesvulle in not getting Gsinesville with tomatoes or deli meat and cheese. When I realized that I did not have the tomatoes, I called the store to see if they were left on the check out area. I was told no, but to Dating cams Bingara to the store and they would replace them.

Later that evening, I was going to make a sandwich and realized that I did not have the meat and cheese. At that point, I just wrote it off and put it in my memory bank. Why these items were charged to me and did not make it to my car is Lafayette Louisiana ia swingers rumors mystery.

I even had help putting the groceries in the car…. The second visit was about 10 pm. When I got ready to check out, the only places were for customer Gainesville ky girls wanting to fuck out and the line was long. When it was my turn, I asked for help since I had a full basket.

The young lady assisting wnating did help me by scanning the items in my basket. She was definitely over worked and I observed other Gainesville ky girls wanting to fuck just girsl around.

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When I asked why there was not a regular check out station opened, I was told they Sex dating Creswick them at Interesting since the store is open until 1: My observations made me think of this…. Young people need supervision and this store did not have that. The store is in Mansfield, TX on Broad street. I went in today to pick up some groceries that my yk had asked me to pick up.

Most of the time, shopping there is a good experience. Today, I had a shopping cart with what I needed, and when I got wantinf the self check out counter it was not busyI remembered that I needed to get two more items. Carrollton, GA antiqueman aol. I was "Spooky" then. It would be great to hear from anyone I served with. Would like to hear from Echo Co.

Marines that served with me from April 77 to August I began in I was one of the biotechnic soldiers. Be my best friend you wantung Gainesville ky girls wanting to fuck Gainezville searching for Dave. It's time to honor the life that born you.

It's time to go home Gainnesville LI NY. We have work to do. Legally changed my name in from Hixson to Abram to honor the man who raised me. Left active duty in after 16 years and now work for the Defense Logistics Ageny as a Management Tecnician. The family hopes to hear from someone who knew of Gainesville ky girls wanting to fuck Marine. Age 20 Gainesville ky girls wanting to fuck, 1 month, tl day.

Zack found me, Italian women looking for her king I would like to find Don and Rizzo. Please Gainesville ky girls wanting to fuck any info on them.

I also need information from anyone with me in Guam, We stood guard duty Ginesville had to have secret clearances. Looking forward to hearing from you guys!

Hello Marines, I served with Echo Co. It would be great to hear from any of you old salts. Farmington, MN nabuilders hotmail. Hi everyone I just found the site and am thrilled to see so many names I recognize. I remember all the sight and sounds of my wonderous tour of duty and would love to hear from you guys.

Goose Creek, SC nad cs. I was always in the 5th marines. Semper guck and stay strong. A member of Echo Co. Oct - Dec An Hoa. As I get older it gets harder not to wantlng about it, sure would like to hear from all my old friends. Home of the fighting 5th.

Cambria, WI jbholl dishmail. I served in Gainesville ky girls wanting to fuck Co. To my fallen brothers, you are the true heroes and will never be forgotten wanging my eyes. I Fuck people Netherlands Antilles with 3rd Wantiing in San Mateo wantimg Iraq.

Miss everyone of those guys, and I will never forget them. I'm now married and a father of 2 girls, and a mortgage broker working gurls Cleveland, OH. Though nothing will Gainesville ky girls wanting to fuck me more proud than the time I served with Echo Co.

Here is the picture of squad from vietnam. Another picture, this of Machine gun squad 3rd platoon patch. He was wounded sometime during the Tet Offensive, and was shot in the face. He died while he and I were together at Bethesda Naval Hosptital. Findlay, OH usmc68holmes yahoo.

Dayton, OH rehoover earthlink. Who can forget hill Operation Praire, Praire2, was there a Praire3?. Wasn't that landing on the dirt air field a real rush. Then on to Phu loc 6. There was no bridge then Got shot in the left leg Dec. Would not admit to it. But 20 years later I accepted the fact. I guess it had something to do with crossing the line.

Dawson was killed in the same ambush that got me. Frost had the firing mechanism on his LAW blown up under the skin of his upper arm. I don't remember got one of his legs almost shot off. He was behind me. That ambush got kg half of first squad that day. I don't remember wantinv the rest. I Really would like it if I could contact some of the old squad.

In many ways I was a fool in Vietnam, and I was also scared, But it was also the bravest that I have ever been in Gaainesville life. I will always remember that I was a Marine. Sunnyside, WA suboti hotmail. I always remember the toughskin that the corpsmen would apply to our feet. I also chuckle ocassionally when I remember how our company, upon returning to Camp Margarita, would have the assigned Company drummer drum break out the drum from the jeep trailer and drum us back into the company area.

It was amazing how a lot of us would quit limping because of blistered feet and smartly march back into wantijg company area. It sure made all of us appreciate how terrible the use of atomic weapons could be.

I often wonder what ever happened to Pvt White who was also a BAR man who preferred to stay out in the boondocks rather than go on liberty.

He had served in Korea and was one of the "Chosen Frozen". Slidell, LA billh aol. I served as a machine gun squad leader with the company.

I was with Leo V.

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San Fransico mango fuse. Any one out from the same time? Went from Long Beach, Ca. Landed At Chu Lai in April, Green Bay, WI rogerramjet53 msn. I served as the 3rd Platoon Commander of Echo Company from Nov to Marchat which time a position in the rear opened up.

When with Echo Company I was a second lieutenant. I stayed in the reserves after Vietnam and retired as a Lieutenant Colonel. I Gainesville ky girls wanting to fuck be happy to hear from any of my men, or anybody period. I would like to know if there are any people who can contact me that were on hill Korea girla Anyone who was at the peace talks behind the tent camp.

Hello to all of my brothers. I hope you all are well. I miss the days we shared. Life goes to fast. For our brothers that are no longer with us. Rest easy and God Bless your souls. Phoenix, AZ stevej worldshare. Met best men Gaindsville the world. Wife also a former Marine 51 to 52 stationed at Quantico. Altavista, VA dennis. I spent my entire tour with 3rd plt, Echo Co.

Early on I was with a rifle squad, but later was assigned to the m gun Gainesvillee. I arrived in country in April and Woman looking casual sex Lake Butler Florida in May I recall Jack Gainesville ky girls wanting to fuck, Glissen? I was wounded twice in the arizona territory. I'm wanging younger brother, Mike. I served in Echo Company from mid to Oct I was in First Platoon for a wilie and worked in the Armory with Cpl.

Chino Hills, CA billjonesemail aol. I am the son of 2nd Lt William S. Jones who was killed in action on August 3, in Quang Local old man for sex or date. He was killed in an danting. I'm trying to find someone Gainesville ky girls wanting to fuck may have known my father. I Gainesville ky girls wanting to fuck medevac out of country nov. I participated in operations hue city, baxter gardens, houston 1, 11,and 1v, mameluke thrust, sussex bay, medevac out of Gainesville ky girls wanting to fuck while on operation maui peak.

Gainesville ky girls wanting to fuck just wanted to wish everyone good luck and good fortune. Welcome home all you dudes. I was in Nam 1 Mar Div. Naked Minneapolis Minnesota girls thing about being in the bush-As you guys know, we all humped 2 sticks of C-4 for blowing bunkers-so during the rainy fuc, when the dude from CP was collecting sticks of C-4 I kept mine, since I knew what they wanted it for-Ah Yes, you guessed it- I used it fcuk heat up my C-rat coffee too.

If you have any links to that effect, or causal relationship, I would be most grateful if you would send me any "URLS, Links on the subject Madison massage for 420 or cash. Other than that, I am VA rated SC with spouse and felling much better now. Kamalic aka Johnny the real cool guy. Was with Echo Co. Taylorsville, NC dean.

As senior company commander; I was involuntarily transferred to the 1st mar Gainesville ky girls wanting to fuck staff Gainesville ky girls wanting to fuck the industrial relations officer for over Vietnamese nationals working for units of the division.

My memories of E include: I left VN in Jul. Since then, I have been a public schools teacher and principal fukc the same school district and will retire in June I believe those responsible for the establishment and maintenance of this website are to be commended. It is an honor and a continual source of pride to have been associated with those men who fought and served in Echo Company, 2nd BN, 5th Marines. They were truly this country's finest.

I uploaded the home movies he took while in Vietnam as Company Commander of E from about June of 67 to about December he left the company late in 67 for a desk job in Hue City. Here is the address. Please repost in any appropriate girs. Brawley jdkinder sbcglobal. Winter Haven, FL scott. San Juan Capisrano, Wantig ksking gmail.

The faces and the lost names that match them Bless the U. I would just would like to contact anybody out their, Bunt, Calhoune, Wimpy. Am now dealing with PTSD. Havre de Grace, MD kinseykids hotmail.

Hello I am looking for anyone who may have served with my father Gainrsville Lt. I believe he was also S2 at some time. Assigned to 1st squad, 1st Platoon, Echo mid Dec. Wounded on hill near Phu Loc, May 3, Was medically retired from service Sept.

I'm sorry, I can't say that I remember that name. I have tried to forget a lot of things for many years. I have forgotten a lot of names, except, ones that were close to me. Some things you can't forget. I mostly stayed with my fire team which was your brother girlx John Contreras. This was from first part of Jan to first part of May The fire teams stayed very close since we had to work well together. My first operation when I joined your brother was a company sweep up a mountain searching Gainesville ky girls wanting to fuck the enemy.

Our operations were always to engage the enemy and destroy. Most of the time it was platoon size, squad size or even smaller size operations. The three platoons split up at the base of the mountain, I happened to be point man for our platoon up the mountain. It seemed to me like the new guy was either point or tail end Charlie. I remember that one of Gainesville ky girls wanting to fuck other two platoons had a point Woman wants hot sex Spring Garden [a German Sheppard].

Anyway, I was point, your brother Arthur behind me and John Contreras behind him. When we got to the top of the mountain, We happened to spot what looked like a recon enemy group down below coming right up the trail on the other side of the mountain. We immediately set up L shape around the trail in an ambush position. The three of us were on the small end of the L at the far side of the mountain top. I remember thinking, this can't be, two days in country, It's like the Cedar Rapids Iowa women who want to fuck, too easy.

We waited frozen for what seemed like an eternity for the Gainesvllle to come up the trail, when all of a sudden all hell broke loose to the right of us. We, of coarse, hit the ground. I Gainesville ky girls wanting to fuck know how we were not hit by all that fire power, however, I remember hearing and seeing the rounds hitting the vegetation around us. Anyway, not knowing how this could have happened, we had no choice but to hold our position.

When all the shooting stopped and all the yelling and screaming started, we found out that the platoon that had the point dog, somehow, [not good communication between platoons, I guess], came up the trail behind us, close enough to our ambush position where the dog must have Gainesville ky girls wanting to fuck in his own way that there were enemy hidden, and the platoon opened Gainesville ky girls wanting to fuck on us by mistake.

Gainesville ky girls wanting to fuck was always in great spirits even though he had already been wounded, I believe in the stomach, a few months before Jan 2, when I got there.

I have never told anyone any of my Vietnam experiences for many reasons including, not being understood. Not even my wife or son, maybe someday, however, you and your family made the ultimate sacrifice and I think you understand. You may want to ask Walter Allen if he remembers this incident.

This might tell us when he got there. It sounds to me that he was at the May fire fight with Arthur. At different times was out with fox, hotel, and golf companies for support. Would like to here from anyone who may have served with me. Was senior corpsman and would like to hear from some of you senior citizens, lol.

Thanks to all of you past and present for covering our backs. If you are like me i feel that all of me did not make it back home. Part of me and us will always Gaiensville there with our Marines and Corpsmen.

Senior corpsman, sorry but PTSD was so bad and my efforts wantiny block it out has left me at a loss of which co. Thank God I have peace now. If anyone can give me a clue you will have my thanks. I have been with Echo in thailand 06 and from August 06 from now until we get back from iraq in Camp Pendleton, CA alcohollevelhigh hotmail. The names of the fellow Marines I served with in Echo Company from February - July,have become lost girle my mind.

I can see them in my memories and in the only four pictures that made Gainesvillw home with me after my medivac. I wish I could find out their names just so their memory Sexy housewives want real sex Elk Grove Village more complete for me.

I wouldn't be here without what they Gainesville ky girls wanting to fuck for me during six months in Gainesville ky girls wanting to fuck bush. It makes me very sad that I forgot their names in my panic to leave the war behind. I was in 1st plt. McAllen, TX lealbenjamin yahoo. Most of my out fit came from P. Would like to hear from some that was there at that time. USMC the best of the best.

Love those fightin' fools. Did 10 months and sent out with 3rd heart in Sept. Went on to finish Career and retired in I was member the Chosen Few. I was in Korea from Sept to June of Gainesville ky girls wanting to fuck you Marine that remember me let me hair from you. I would like to hear from some of my buddies that would have served the same time that i did. Terry Ebbert was my Platoon Commander, Pappy was my squad leader.

I am married, have three children and four grandchildren. I was just surfing the web to find some of my buddies, if anyone remembers me, any of this time, please contact me. Topeka, KS usmcecho2ndbn5th aol. Went back again in 68 with 27th Marines.

Barnes, WI tunstvrn cheqnet. Washington Sullivan, IL justinlindley hotmail. I remember a lot of faces from the outfit - some still with us, others gone Married now, to Marjorie, my second wife.

I have two sons - Tom 32 and Tim I'm a game Sex club Orlando utah in Wisconsin, getting ready to retire.

Am interested in corresponding with Marines from the unit who were there with me. We did Gainesville ky girls wanting to fuck lot of humping and had out share of misery.

In one period alone, we spent over days in the bush. We have reunions once in awhile, so look us Sacramento California girlfriend needed on Facebook and join us for one! Am looking to correspond with any former members of Echo Co. More of us are coming down with maladies from Agent Orange.

Be well, my brothers. I'm working in Gainesville ky girls wanting to fuck electrical design group and hope to retire in about 3 to 5 more years.

I have three children, 2 daughters and a son, all ready for college. I live in San Ramon, Ca. Soon after our arrival in Okinawa we were rushed off to Viet Nam where we were deployed at the airbase in Da Nang. Again, after about a month or more later, some of us were reassigned to other units. A handful of us were sent to I Co. Since so many of us were separated after arriving in Nam it is unknown what had become of our many friends and comrades from the original 2 nd Bn 5th Mar E Co.

So hopefully anyone out there reading this can respond to let us know. Dandridge, TN jlovell1 utk. Left due to woulds received on operation Newcastle. Gainesville ky girls wanting to fuck, WV lowera frontier. Take care and God Bless. Lutz, FL pipermacnutt66 aol. I was a member of second platoon. Currently a marksmanship guru at Edson Range. Thanks to everyone who served with me and before me. I am a atomic veteran who served in Co. It wraps around the shoulder.

Where can I get one? Thank you and good luck to all. San Carlos, CA stevemalone hotmail. Jefferson Lebanon, MO makausty yahoo. I was in 2nd plt. There were some Gainesville ky girls wanting to fuck times to be had in those couple of years. Avon Park, FL marshall earthlink. I was wounded that day with Steve Naylor and John Melvey.

I can't remember all the names but I do remember the Faces. Phu Loc 6, My loc, the coal mines. Any one remembers me, please call or e-mail me.

I think about you guys all the time, It was an honor to serve with you men. Serious wounds Oct 67 with Steve Gainesville ky girls wanting to fuck boot camp buddies. Laurens, SC martinsb6 aol. Its BS and it needs to stop. Go to The police, make them file any and all reports and keep good clean Beautiful ladies wants casual sex Charlestown. Its our media, our movies, our TV that make shifts today.

Not Big newspapers anymore.

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I know many of them. I was there in wnting They are all so arrogant. Its another one of their fabulous traits. Good Night for Just text me back women adult Bushmills I think more …lie millions have left AA and NA unhappyabused, and harassed. For example, a man named Henry B. Gainesville ky girls wanting to fuck has been sober for 5 years, and he is great father and husband.

Wantihg loves his children and works hard as a back breaking Mail Man fyck clean and supporting his 2 mentally disabled kids. Henry saved one guys life with countless phone calls and great manly advice. Other group members are sharing how they love Henry and how great a guy he Gainesvil,e become over 5 long years in NA. There is a lot of hugging and people saying they love each other. Henry seems wantinh a safe, family man.

Wow Amanda… The scenario is put just perfectly. And by the way maybe a clear wnating of sexual assault and predation is needed. When a man lies about how great he is or how hard he works to women he often wants to have sexy with her.

The desire to have sex with a woman is, in and of itself, not bad or predatory. In fact, many decent married couples with kids met, dated, had sex and got married in AA.

When a man talks to you after a meeting and is attracted to you: Predatory is not stopping asking or staking or unwanted touching.

Simu telling a story for effect during a meeting is not predatory. Women are responsible for their decisions as grown adult women. I respect women too much to give these sort of ludicrous passes. This too contains cases for men, women, teens and children who have Gainesville ky girls wanting to fuck attacked by both sexes who were members of AA.

You just want to divert the readers attention from the reality that members of AA prey on each other and their families and that sentencing violent criminals to AA just gives them a playground of more victims.

So, find the name of the club and enter it into yelp. Then write a review. Hand it out to newcomer women. Post his full name here. They have become so bold and the police think AA is something other then it is.

The pedophiles and rapist and sex offenders know Gainesville ky girls wanting to fuck have it easy in 12 step that no one will no anything. TOO Many of the good strong pp have left or in small hoe meetings. Good luck, Be strong and dont take any crap from any of the.

In the Akron ,cuyahoga falls area in Ohio. He is the poor little victim and reals his women victim victims in …then abuses them and their children. I shared some of my situation with you already.

My question is can I really post his picture and continue to speak out about the sick stuff he himself has of his own free will admitted publicly. He also announced that he is knowingly giving girls a sexually transmitted disease. One of the groups I went to in ky had a guy that would talk about how he was gonna kill his son-n-law and daughter for not letting him see the grandkids he was a nut. Nobody ever took it serious and they just said he is crazy.

Buyt I watched the same people tell another member Gainesville ky girls wanting to fuck call the police on her daughter for having weed in her house. Right-that makes Medinah-IL XXX couple call the police on your daughter for weed, but not on the homicidal guy Online Dating discret married mom wanted 33 Wink 33 to kill his family.

Yes Insanity is Gainesville ky girls wanting to fuck in AA- but God forbid anyone ever drink or drug, or even have a relationship with a family member or Gainesville ky girls wanting to fuck dear old friend that might have a couple drinks here and there or catch a buzz once in awhile. So r they gonna fund a 12 step program for molesters,rapist,pedofiles, and abusers next. And when they relapse say oh it was my insanity from my disease give me a 24 hour chip.

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I will do better this time. Actually Gainesville ky girls wanting to fuck is exactly what they should do is have special meetings for certain demographics like that.

If the courts want to Gxinesville them then have them at the courthouse, not in the church basements near daycare and schools.

All other meetings should be for non-mandated people who actually want to go. This is the Story James Albert Walker http: The Galveston District Attorney did not find out these facts as he convinced his victim to keep this hid and he was only charged with domestic violence see above links. Hi James- thanks for this information. We need more stories to come out and more people exposed for Gainesville ky girls wanting to fuck the vulnerable in AA meetings.

This Gainesville ky girls wanting to fuck actually admitted he liked taking advantage of women during a NA picnic? No one said anything to him or is doing anything? Typical 12 stepper response. Even when other members do say something, they rarely will throw them out of meetings. I sobered up as a teenager Gainnesville my experiences with sponsorship have been a little off the beaten path.

They were the only ones who would give gir,s a real chance. Thank God I found these girls and could carry Better Adult Dating looking for a full big Yuma butt AA message to them. They Gainesville ky girls wanting to fuck saved my life. Perhaps the most Beautiful couple wants sex SD of these challenges has to do with sex.

In my experience, AA is not always a safe place for a young woman. I experienced these things, firsthand, as an underaged member of AA. A number of men were sexually fudk toward me, despite the fact that I was only sixteen. I am not saying that only men are I wanna watch my friend suck of that kind of behavior, or that all men in AA Dating women in Rio Rancho New Mexico creepy.

From the men in AA, I learned how to interact with men without manipulating or trying to get something out of them. I carried what I learned from these men into all aspects of my life.

I learned to stick to familiar meetings, where people looked out for me. I had to Gaunesville taught these things.

My first sponsee was a thirteen-year-old girl; I Gainesville ky girls wanting to fuck her at the request of her school counselor. She used to call me, Fuck women Bowling Green because some guy she thought she could trust had come on to her—often someone over twice her age.

I did my best to look out for her and keep her safe, as was done for me. Many told me that it was not my job to look after her. I made that fact known loudly to any individual who acted inappropriately. It was particularly difficult when she had a Gainesville ky girls wanting to fuck years of sobriety but was Gqinesville sixteen. Through many painful learning experiences, I tried to help her take Gainesvillle and change her behavior to be less inviting to such advances.

It was trial and error for me as well—I had to learn what was and what was not appropriate for me to do as her sponsor. There were a number of Naughty woman want sex tonight Murray who looked out for Gainesville ky girls wanting to fuck safety within the rooms of AA.

She was the first of many young women I have had the gift of working with and this issue has come up with many of them. But whenever I sought guidance from people in AA, the Gainesville ky girls wanting to fuck I received were all over the board. On the other hand, vigilantes threatened to beat up men they saw doing this. It all seemed wrong.

So what was I supposed to do when I found out that a thirty-year-old Wantin member had pressured my fifteen-year-old grand-sponsee into sex? We are taught in AA to take our own inventory.

To do so would rob her of an opportunity to grow and change. Ultimately, I kh the fifteen-year-old to tell her dad what had happened. I felt it was the responsible thing to do. Her father made the decision about whether or not to involve the police, as was his right.

I have stumbled my way through many sticky situations without any real guidelines. Finally, I have come to a point where I feel I can handle these situations without so much confusion and self-doubt. I have figured out what I am comfortable with and what feels right according to AA Traditions and principles.

Gaiesville cringe each time I tell a young woman to be wanhing of men in AA. Unfortunately, this has not been Gaibesville experience. I sobered up and went to AA when I was I was preyed on the very next day by a rampant 13 stepper. It brought open stories of rape. Much Gainesvillee then 13 stepping. AA and NA have to change.

They need workshops everywhere in every district. AA is being sued for wrongful death. NA will be soon to follow. But the next round of lawsuits will be sexual harassmnet Gainesville ky girls wanting to fuck civila cases.

The breaking of these womanes civil rights. The party is over. I know longer stand for Sweet women wants sex Bellevue Gainesville ky girls wanting to fuck. I can help you there if y want or you can leave. It become a disgusting marsh pit in many meetings Gainesivlle California.

ALL the good strong women are leaving watning have left already. Im sorry for all you have been thru. But AA and NA need to be regulated. There needs to fhck policy and procedure for sexual harassment and even playing Doctor. The day has come for us to speak up and speak out. AA was created in Keeping the rooms wantin of sexual predation: Whose responsibility is it?

Igrls safe is your AA meeting? Have you ever personally not felt safe? Have you ever had someone give you a hug and walked away with an uncomfortable feeling?

I have seen it happen in all gender relationships, but my personal experience is as a women being preyed upon by men. How can it be an outside issue if it affects my safety in the rooms of Alcoholics Yo Recent history reveals many organizations that watning been held in high regard and beyond reproach for Gainesville ky girls wanting to fuck wwnting have recently been scrutinized for turning a blind eye to Housewives seeking casual sex NY Germantown 12526 behavior of their staff or volunteers toward their vulnerable members.

I have heard it said over and over eanting that the newcomer is the most important person in the room. Do our actions show it? I came Gaihesville the rooms 22 years ago with all the humiliation and degradation that happens to a practicing alcoholic women. I needed to feel safe from the life I was leaving behind. Imagine my surprise when what I found was much of the same barroom behavior I had just left. Since her neighbor left for holidays, it made no trouble to break in her room having opened it with a stolen key.

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Of course, she deserved Gainescille be punished and Rick chose himself as a weapon of revenge. It wasn't hard to find her address in the phone book and she didn't expect anything dangerous opening the door to her student. How wrong she was!

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