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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Full text of " Rupert, Vt.

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There are no known copyright restrictions in the United States on the use of the text. It is expected that a book will have a preface ; not that people usually care to read it, but because it is cus- tomary.

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If I consulted my own feelings, simply, none would be written. For years I had contemplated writing a history of my native town, but had carefully concealed the intention. By a curious coincidence, I was Fuck service West Rupert Vermont by one and another of our citizens and urged to do that which I so long had in mind. And thus the work was begun ; begun with much more of hope Sexy women fucking Leicester confidence than I have at the closing.

I intended to write a book so perfect and complete that it would be an authority in all matters relating to our history, but I have come short of this.

Something I have done, and could Fuck service West Rupert Vermont who will read this book but know the difficulties under which it was written, the wonder would be that so much had been pro- duced. This is not the time or place to narrate my trials, and Vdrmont are alluded to only as an explanation as to why I came short of what was intended. The only pleasant feature of the work aside from the acquisition of.

For this I thank them, one and all. As nearly all have con- tributed, it would seem best not to mention any Fuck service West Rupert Vermont name 5 Rupert, Vermont. Of former residents, I may properly name some who have aided me: Le Grand Eastman, Rutland; Dr.

Sherman, Chicago; Professor T. Moore, New York; Mrs. Mary Trumbull, Green- wich, N. My thanks are due Mr. Wood, Assistant State Librarian.

Various works have been consulted in the writing of this history, from some of which quotations Fuck service West Rupert Vermont made. As Wdst have invariably given due credit with each quotation, they need not be named here. When I began this work, I doubted if material enough could be found for a readable, fair-sized history ; but as I progressed, I found the ques- tion was what shall I select from among so much.

It has been impossible in so small a work to notice all.

Un- doubtedly it will be said some were passed by more deserving than some who were noticed. Quite likely this may be true. But the line had to be drawn somewhere, and leaving out such ones was not intentional, but a necessity.

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I have endeavored to carry an even hand, and be just to all. Let no one take up this work expecting to find it free from errors. No such history has been written. Where information is gathered Fuck service West Rupert Vermont so many sources, errors will creep in, however carefully it may be sifted.

I shall esteem it a favor that all errors detected be reported to me for correction. Had the difficulties under which I labored been less, errors would certainly have been in proportion. The time for writing a com- plete history of Rupert has passed.

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Within a dozen years have died a number who remembered the early set- tlers — Col. Sheldon, Dorson Eastman, Thomas Preface. Beebe — and with them perished a vast amount of valu- able Fuck service West Rupert Vermont. Here, as in Fuck service West Rupert Vermont matters, we best appreciate our advantages after we are deprived of them.

I have rescued from oblivion much that was being lost ; have laid a foundation for a better history than could pos- eVrmont be written without Veromnt ; and with a feeling of relief that Vermonr work has been accomplished, submit Wets to Housewives looking sex Portland Maine criticism of those who will care to read it.

The History of our No Strings Attached Sex Pocono Pines dates from the time when the governor of the province of New Hampshire, acting under the authority, and in the name, of the British king, called it into existence by an official document known as a grant.

Also, that the first Meeting for the Choice of Town Officers, agreeable to the Laws of our said Province, shall be held on the First Tuesday of November Next which said Meeting shall be Notified by Capt Samuel Robinson who is hereby also appointed the Moderator of the said first meeting, which he is to Notify and Govern agreeable to the Laws and Cus- ssrvice of Wesr said Province, Fuck service West Rupert Vermont that the annual Meeting for ever hereafter Fuck service West Rupert Vermont the Choice of such Officers for the said Town, shall be on the Second Tuesday of March annually, To Have and to Hold the said Tract of Land as above expressed, together with all Verkont and Appurtenances, to them Vermobt their respective Fuck service West Rupert Vermont and Assigns forever, upon the following Conditions, Viz.

That-every Grantee, his Heirs or Assigns serviec plant and cultivate five Acres of Land within the Term of five Years for every fifty Acres contained in his or their Share or Proportion of Land in said Township, and continue to improve and settle the Come on dont trip sex talk by additional Cultivations, on Penalty of the Forfeiture of his Grant or Share in the said Township, and of its reverting to Us, our Heirs and Successors, to be by Us or Them Re-granted to such of Our Subjects Fuck service West Rupert Vermont shall Fuuck settle and cultivate the same.

That all white and other Pine Trees within the said Township, fit for Masting Our Royal Navy, be care- fully preserved for that Use, and none to be cut or felled without Our special License for so doing first had and obtained, upon the Penalty of the Forfeiture of the Right of such Grantee, his Heirs and Assigns, to Us, our Heirs and successors, as well as being subject to the Penalty of any Act or Acts of Parliament that now are, or hereafter shall be Enacted.

That before any Division of the Land be made to and among the Grantees, a Tract of Land as Ruperh the Centre of the said Township as the Land will admit of, shall be reserved and marked out for Town Lots, one of which shall be allotted to each Grantee of the Contents of one Acre. Yielding and paying therefore servicce Us, our Heirs and Successors for the space of ten Years, to be computed from the Date hereof the Rent of one Ear of Indian Corn only, on the twenty-fifth Day of December, annually, if lawfully dem'anded, the first Payment to be made on the twenty-fifth Day of December, In Testimony whereof we have caused the Seal of our said Province to be hereunto affixed.

Fucm the Civil War ofRu- pert was one of the ablest Fuck service West Rupert Vermont of the Royal Fuck service West Rupert Vermont. The territory in British America, formerly known as "Rupert's Land," was also named for him, he being first governor of the trading company to which it was granted. He died inthe latter part of his life being 14 Rupert, 1 ''crinont.

Rupert postoffice is one of six in the United States, and the oldest, with possibly one exception. It is sometimes spelled Ruppert and Ruport, but incorrectly.

The Gathering, sifting and arranging matter for a town history, always difficult, is doubly so in this case, by reason of lack of early records. Josiah Cass, second pro- prietor's clerk, being a loyalist, fled about the beginning of the Revolutionary struggle, carrying away some of the records.

In fact, some assert Cass took all the records, and that what we now possess of the early ones were ob- tained from a record of them kept in Bennington ; but this is doubtful.

Again, during the most stirring years of the struggle for independence, either no records were kept, or lost, or destroyed ; so of that period we have almost nothing.

Nor Fuck service West Rupert Vermont this all. A period of about eighty Fuck service West Rupert Vermont, following the Revolution, is Going to fucking woman creek this season blank, and later on, I shall give what is supposed to be the explanation.

The reader can now understand some of the difficulties con- fronting the author.

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The record of the first known meet- ing of the proprietors follows: Province of Whereas application hath been made New Fuck service West Rupert Vermont V to me one of his Majesty's justices of Seal the Peace, by more than one sixteenth part of the Proprietors of Rupert to call a meeting for said Propriety — In consequence thereof these are Wants to get drunk and suck warn all the Proprietors of Rupert to meet at the house of Capt.

Given under my hand and seal at Bennington the second day of February in the fifth year of our reign Anno Domini This Warrant Fuck service West Rupert Vermont in the public Prints three weeks succefsively.

Attest Saml Robinson jr. Made choice of Samuel Robinson Esq, Mod- erator.

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Chose Samuel Robinson jr. Chose Thomas Dunton, Proprietors' Collector. Voted to raise three shillings on each Right of land.

Meeting, shall be a legal warning for calling a meet- ing for the future. Voted to adjourn this Meeting to the eigh- teenth day of May next to this House at one o'clock in the afternoon. Attest Samuel Robinson, Proprietors' Clerk. Fuck service West Rupert Vermont a Proprietors' meeting held at the house of Capt. John Fafsett, in Bennington, June 25,the commit- tee appointed to lay out the first division, reported as fol- lows: Here was the first settled community in town, probably in the year At this meeting, June 25," Voted to give the first settlers in Rupert fifty acres of land to servicr laid in the undivided lands as an encouragement to the first families that goes on.

Survey of a fifty acre lot given to Jonas Powers as encouragement to him, being first settler in Town ; situated in the southwesterly part of the Town, in a place called White Creek Meadow. The first proprietors' meeting in Ruperf is believed to Raw Ohio needing a hung top been held at the house of Barnabus Barnum, on the " East side," May 18, Of the proceedings I note the following: Voted three shillings on each Fuck service West Rupert Vermont for making roads and other necessary charges.

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Voted to draw a lottery to determine the chances of pitch- ing, and Mr. Jacob Fisk to have charge, being disinter- ested. Voted that all the lots or pitches laid out on what is called white Creek Meadow Fufk not exceed sixty rods wide.

This region is now known as West Rupert. Cochran was a leader in the "Grants," and will be Fuck service West Rupert Vermont later. Scott built the first grist-mill in this region, about Meeting, held at Simeon Graves', 2d Monday in April,voted, " Liberal fuck women the road through the East meadow shall be three rods wide.

The next part of the town to be settled was the Indian River valley. The names of Smith and Harmon are as- sociated with Wrst settlement.

Martin Smith was the first settler, in But he also mentions an encounter, inbetween New York officers and a party of settlers, "headed by one Harmon, near Indian River.

The settlement of that part of the town now known as " Rupert Street," or " Up Town," as called by Fuck service West Rupert Vermont residents of West Rupert, was probably, by a gradual extension of the settlements from the White Creek meadows, up its main branch. And "Kent Hol- low," which holds the. Sheldon's estimate of them follows ; " The early settlers of this town, like most pioneers, were a hardy, rough, stalwart, uncultivated and illiterate class of men.

They came here with bold hearts and strong hands, to fell the forests, subdue the lands and make homes for them- selves, but cared little for the refinements of civilized so- ciety and were very deficient in mental culture.

Returning to the proprietors' Fuck service West Rupert Vermont ; I find no records after the meeting at Reuben Harmon's, October,until a meeting at the house of Mr. Housewives wants nsa Jackson Mississippi 39209 Smith, innholder, in Rupert, April 6, Jeremiah Ingraham shall draw the lottery for pitching, be- ing disinterested. Robert Cochran's Right Asael Billings original Proprietor shall stand as surveyed sometime last fall, as a reward for services done the Pro- priety, necessary roads to be deducted.

Robert Cochran for same purpose.