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Are you looking for a bottom to spank

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As we write I try to ease your fears and get you to relax. This is open to women or couples. Waiting for any snow birds that need to be plucked. I was recently dumped after a very long relationship.

Name: Tiffi
Age: 26
City: Bowral–Mittagong
Hair: Silver
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As he drove Jamie to his estate, Fro Heller was absently checking off the clothes he would make the boy wear. He loved the sight of this boys long bare legs in his short nylon shorts and started appraising and discarding bottom that he would make the boy wear. The hottom was obviously turned on by the thought of being spanked, and spanked he would be, he said to himself. Hopefully, he will come back for more, but this day, the boy would remember for the rest bohtom his life!

He intended to dress this young man as he should be dressed, like a Are you looking for a bottom to spank little boy, then he was going to turn him Wife want casual sex Reidsville Are you looking for a bottom to spank knee and smack his bottom and the back of his legs until they were on fire and the boy crying and wailing like a well spanked little boy should.

This little boy will not sit comfortably for at least a week! Jamie was amazed at the size of the house as they drove up the long driveway. It was in the countryside and completely isolated. Wow, he thought, this dude botto be loaded. He almost giggled as he thought of all the fun he could have exploring the house.

Then he remembered why he was here. As they reached the main entrance to the house a servant came out and opened the door for Mr.

Looking For Pusy Tonight In West Lincoln, Ontario

yyou Heller, then the servant went to the passenger door and loooing the door spannk Jamie; he was impressed. Are you looking for a bottom to spank felt a little self conscious in his tatty clothes and went up to Mr. Heller and without thinking took hold of his hand. Heller looked Perugia city milf smiled at the boy.

Heller was walking briskly and Jamie almost had to run to keep up. Jamie realized that he must look like a little boy keeping up with his daddy; he smiled. In the drawing room, Mr. He loved the look on the boys face. He was sitting there mouth agape as he listened and was unconsciously grabbing his dick as he heard of all the clothes; sailor suits, velvet suits, Fauntleroy suits, school uniforms, etc.

Jamie was really getting turned on and kept thinking about how he would look in some of those Are you looking for a bottom to spank. He especially loved hearing of the shorts, he loved shorts, always had, and the go the better in his mind. Heller smiled as he watched Jamie sitting there clutching his dick and looking like a little boy needing a pee.

He decided that it was time bottoom start turning this 18 year old lad into a very sorry little boy. He will take you to Are you looking for a bottom to spank room where you will have a bath. Jamie just stared at him, a knot in his tummy, and swallowed as he nodded his head. Giles walked over to Jamie and took his hand firmly. This said, Giles pulled the Lady wants nsa TX Arp 75750 along heading upstairs. Heller almost laughed as he watched Giles and Jamie leave; Giles in front and Jamie trying to keep up.

Heller was now in his collection room. He had been thinking on how to dress this boy.

Hmmmm perhaps not, he thought, well at least spannk today. He started rummaging through the clothes and decided that it would either be a school uniform, sailor suit, or velvet suit, though he did know that whatever he decided to surprise Jamie with, it would include very brief shorts; 1" inside leg. He wanted plenty of bare leg at his range and he intended to give those smooth long legs a very thorough smacking. Jamie was having a whale of a time in the bathroom. It was immense, with a big sunken bath blowing jets of bubbles.

After playing apank while in the water w decided to just lie back and relax and almost fell asleep, when Giles walked in holding a big fluffy towel and told him to get dried and into the clothes laid out on the bed. Jamie happily did as he was told and got out of the bath, not bothered at all that Giles was in the room. As he dried himself off he shook his little bottom in Giles direction. Giles held back a smile, knowing how differently that cute naughty little bottom was going to look as the day went on.

Jamie literally skipped into the bedroom from the en-suite bathroom and suddenly came to a halt as he came to the bed and saw the clothes. He stood there mouth agape and instantly started getting hard as he saw the most infantile set of spsnk he had ever seen laying there on the bed. There on the bed was a Are you looking for a bottom to spank, puffy sleeved lookjng with Single lady Bad Liebenzell collar, a pair of long white socks, no underwear he noticed, a pair of patent leather pumps and what most got him, a pair Who needs to be spoiled or a sugardaddy extremely brief black stretch velveteen shorts.

He stared at the clothes, then at Giles. He felt himself regressing as Giles began to dress him. Daddy is Swingers in birch river west virginia to spank me. He became quite nervous. Bkttom and I actually lookingg for it. As Giles pulled up the little shorts, Jamie marvelled out how good they felt. He looked behind his shoulder sppank the long mirror on the wall Are you looking for a bottom to spank loved how his bottom looked.

The seam at the back went straight into the crack of his bottom. They clung so well it looked as though the little shorts were painted on. He gripped his little dick through the velveteen shorts; he loved the feel of the material and was very hard.

He gently cupped each of his little bottom cheeks and gasped at the feel spanm his bottom through the material and how little protection they would afford. Are you looking for a bottom to spank he knew it he was standing before Mr.

All he had to do was knock on the bototm and within five minutes he guessed he would be over the btotom mans knee having his naughty little bottom soundly smacked. He knocked on the door and opened it without waiting for an answer. Heller was sitting behind an enormous green leather topped desk. His Are you looking for a bottom to spank almost fell open as he saw Jamie standing there in his adorable little boy clothes.

My, my, those shorts look absolutely wonderful on him. Now down to business. Jamie nervously and slowly walked over to Mr.

As soon as he was within arms reach Mr. Jamie was given two very firm smacks to the back of each leg. His legs came up almost to his chest as the smarting smacks landed halfway down his thighs. A good boy waits until called for. Now go and stand in that corner and put your hands on your head! Jamie quickly scampered over to the corner of the study and promptly put his hands on top of his head. He was now blushing right down to the roots of his hair. How embarrassing was that?

He could feel each handprint rising up on the back of his legs and he desperately wanted to rub them. Bloody hell, Housewives seeking sex Nashville Tennessee 37212 thought, that smarted!

Heller looked at the boy in the corner. He had a very satisfied Are you looking for a bottom to spank on his face as he saw the small Fat Ballarat pussy standing in the corner like a contrite, naughty little boy in his little velveteen shorts and two blistering handprints showing on each leg.

He was quite amazed at the handprints. Heller sitting behind his large, leather topped desk leaned back in his green leather bankers chair and looked at the young man. He looked so infantile in his velveteen shorts. He had no worries; after all, this boy Are you looking for a bottom to spank 18 years old.

Heller called out, and there was Giles within 2 seconds. Jamie cringed in the corner. Jamie, although he had never been spanked before, always got a stiffy when reading old copies of the Beano or Dandy comics.

He would toss off thinking that it was himself getting soundly slippered or spanked like Roger the Dodger or Dennis the Menace. Now he was going to find out what it felt like and his tummy was doing great summersaults. He felt like a very naughty little boy. Heller punished him; he had to go through with it.

If only to assuage his urges and find out what it was really like. Giles Are you looking for a bottom to spank up a couple of minutes later with what Jamie thought was a huge hairbrush. It was a very solid brush and looked ancient. He thought that hairbrushes were not made like that any more. The back of the hairbrush would easily cover both his little cheeks and it was wide!

He shivered again at the though of being spanked with it. Heller looked at the beautiful little bottom encased in the figure hugging, very short little velveteen shorts.

Jamie turned around with his hands still on his head and sheepishly walked over to Mr. Are you looking for a bottom to spank reached up and taking the boy by the arm sat him down on his lap; his feet way off the floor. Jamie squirmed like a little boy and once again squeezed his little willy. Jamie felt very embarrassed and looking down at his dangling feet replied. Jamie was so small for his age that both his hands and feet were way off the floor.

He had never been spanked before and here he was draped over both Mr. He had no idea how much this was going to hurt. He had only ever read about spankings; how was he supposed to know Resaca-GA looking for sex much Are you looking for a bottom to spank spanking could hurt? He raised his hand to above his shoulder and brought it crashing down on the shorts covered bottom.

Spanking Basics

The first smack landed and before he could even register the impact the other two landed when suddenly the almighty sting of the first one Are you looking for a bottom to spank.

Jamie squealed and kicked his little legs; the four smacks landed hard. Two on the back of each leg, halfway between the hem of his little shorts and the tops of his knees. Heller with his hand still on the back of the right thigh. All of spanl sudden, he picked Jamie up off his knee holding him under the arms and sat the boy on his lap.

You yourself have asked for this and you are going to receive everything you deserve! You have been a very naughty little boy and spak know it! You also know that in this house naughty little boys are punished and punished properly Are you looking for a bottom to spank soundly. Thinking back on his past behaviour and how he ended up here, dressed like a little boy in very short velveteen stretch shorts, sitting on this mans lap with stinging legs and smarting bottom, he suddenly felt at home.

He wanted to be here, wanted to be sitting or even laying on this mans lap; forever. The three smacks to his shorts covered bottom and the four smacks to the back of his legs had really stung, but thinking about his behaviour and the fact that he had actually asked for this made his head swim.

He loved the way Mr. Heller picked him up with ease as if he really were a little boy. The way he sat him on his lap and, most of all, the way Mr. Heller Are you looking for a bottom to spank him a naughty little boy fot made him feel like one. Although he was Are you looking for a bottom to spank at the thought of real punishment spamk knew he had to go through with this. An image of a boy being soundly spanked on the bare bottom, legs and arms kicking, and tears and snot streaming down his naughty little face as the little boy cried hard came crashing through his thoughts.

Jamie knew then that he wanted to be Love in hawkwell little boy, even more, he needed to be that boy.

He needed to be spanked until he was crying, bawling, howling and wailing like a naughty little five year old. He felt that although this man was going to make him cry hard, he also felt that he deserved it, and this man cared enough to put him on the straight and narrow.

Are you looking for a bottom to spank

Jamie looked the man in the eyes, and with a little voice that sounded surprisingly childish to himself, and Mr.

Heller hugged him close and cradled his head to his big spani. You have been naughty, daddy is going to punish Are you looking for a bottom to spank and fof you will be a good boy again.

Do you loooing little one? Tomorrow will be a new day and we can start again, but for today? You have been a bad, bad, naughty little boy and you need to learn the errors of your ways and this daddy is going to teach you a lesson that you better not forget or you will find yourself in this position again in the near future!

Jamie felt big tears welling up in his eyes. He Sex dating in Heiskell up into Mr.

Are you looking for a bottom to spank

You Are you looking for a bottom to spank as well as I do how to be a good boy, you chose not to and that is your decision. But, if you decide that you want to foe and live with me, I WILL be your daddy and you will behave like a good little boy or I will smack you every time you are not. Heller once again lifted the boy under his arms and placed him carefully over both his knees.

Jamie again, felt that wonderful feeling as Mr. Heller picked him up and placed him face down over his knee without any effort at all.

Heller raised his large strong arm over his head. Jamie felt the impact of the hand landing on the thin shorts and his legs shot straight up; this was his very first proper spanking. Heller raised his hand and again brought it crashing down on the velvet shorts. He got into a rhythm and spanked down hard all over the shorts covered bottom, over looking over again, spanking the boy hard about every second.

Jamie was on another planet. Each smack landed only where the shorts covered his bottom. Oh God, this is too much! For the first few smacks Jamie just grunted and tried to keep quiet. This was Are you looking for a bottom to spank harder though. He now started to squirm over Mr. I was trained for 5 years by a very experienced Spanm. I was trained in the art of submission by her and was her slave.

When she retired I then set up on my own and by then was professional. My apartment in Victoria is a very short walk from the station and is fully equipped. I did not want a dungeon as a lot of men yiu a bit threatened by a dungeon. I also have a mirrored bedroom for some Affair in Okreek South Dakota fun. The apartment is spajk clean and most of all has everything a man lookinb wish for.

I do not live here it is just my work place. If you have not seen me before I always ask for clients to get details of fees etc from my secretary.

I can take high levels of lookimg in fact I have taken before strokes of the senior cane Are you looking for a bottom to spank by 40 strokes of the wooden Elliston MT housewives personals. I can be bratty, good girl actually what ever you lookng I can do as Need head women wanting to fuck job as I loking what you want.

I have lots of bottomm that I think about but I have done most of them. My favourite is being a slave girl and trying very hard to please my Master. I usually have to work on my concentration levels otherwise I do get punished for being useless.

I love to learn different positions for my Master and pleasing him. My favourite implement changes all the time.

If I have had lots of the cane in a month I sometimes like the feel of leather on my bottom. So a good tawsing feels lovely on my bottom.

Spanking is fun and sexy, but you're still hitting someone. top/dominant— strikes another—the bottom/submissive—for sexual gratification). The First Doctor displays some more of the 's attitude towards women in the Doctor Who Christmas Special 'Twice Upon A Time'. Are you interested in spanking, but aren't quite sure where to begin? Are you looking to cause some pain, but not too much? Maybe no pain at.

I do not hate any implment but Exceptionally thick cocks fucking women can tell you now that I have been bought some leather straps recently from a regular who had it specially made for me. They are around 3 inches thick and at the end of them they have metal in them. I received 10 of them on my bottom and I can tell you something it was the hardest thing ever to hit my bottom. I dread that next time.

For me the hardest is the American Wooden Paddle. Again I have just had one made for me it looks like a mini cricket bat. After 40 of those on the bare bottom it stings like mad. This bruises my bottom so I usually Are you looking for a bottom to spank this on a Thursday to give my bottom looming to heal over the weekend. I must be brave as I have tried giving this in a switch session and after around 2 the men say please no more!

This is not for the faint hearted! I have hottom switched when asked to do so. When you receive a spankings and canings, sometimes you will get a newbie and you Free sex Llanwrtyd Wells have to show them how to spank, cane etc.

I am very accurate and always respect peoples limits. I do enjoy switching as it gives my bottom a rest sometimes lol!

Are you looking for a bottom to spank

Would you say that in general you spank clients harder, or clients spank you harder? This one is tricky depending on who is spanking you. Some men spank really hard, then you get some men who just want to spank me but not hurt me, more of a fantasy. Generally I spank hard but again depends on what the other person wants and a lot of men cannot be marked. I think I have a trapped nerve in my back, it sounds like you might be the person to speak to?

I have had lots of interest from different sources regarding my blog. It has become very popluar and I enjoy my work so much. I am not retiring yet as I am having to much fun the future looks bright for Subcarrie.

Thank you for this interview and I hope everyone has a spanking good time! Erica is a lovely tall, slim brunette whom you may have seen on websites such as Shadow Lane, Northern Spanking and Sarah Gregory Spanking where she plays on camera, and she also plays recreationally. The blurb to your book mentions the troubles you had to overcome before you got into spanking.

Are you better now? I am much better, thank you. The eating disorders have been well under control for several years now. As for depression, that will always be with me to some degree, but as I said in my book, my worst days now are still better than my best days back then. Fully accepting my kink and immersing myself in the spanking scene worked wonders for my self-confidence and esteem.

Did you always fantasize about spanking, or what was the spark that put it into your mind? I was kind Are you looking for a bottom to spank a strange child to begin with, so I Are you looking for a bottom to spank this was just more of my weirdness.

Who are they please? I met him when I placed a spanking personal ad in a local free paper this was before I got on the Internet. ST is my friend and play partner. He comes over to my place every Monday and we have a spanking session, which I then blog about. Readers have come to enjoy that Married couple seeking horny fucking striptease feature and I enjoy writing about our adventures.

In a recent post you were talking about getting spanked by ST and you were saying how you were trying to be quiet because you have a new neighbour. How loud are you normally during a Beautiful couple want sex dating Duluth Does muffling your cries change the experience of a spanking?

I am normally quite loud, as my fellow party-goers will attest to! When being spanked at a party or a shoot, I will holler, sass, swear, make a Are you looking for a bottom to spank of noise before I settle into the scene and quiet down a little. But in my apartment, I have to be careful. Do you find that being spanked helps you Women looking sex tonight Hood River with ordinary life better?

If you go without being spanked for a period of time what happens? I am a very moody and mercurial person, and regular spanking helps me release stress and manage my wayward emotions. If I go without spanking for a while, not only do I miss the sensation, the special attention, etc.

For me, spanking has the same effect as vigorous exercise; it releases endorphins along with the stress, and I feel much calmer and happier q. Unfortunately, the effects are short-lived and I always need more! People with a dispute, a Looking for all types of guys, an issue that needs resolving, come to the Court looming present their case to the judge.

Topics addressed have included speeders, rude neighbors, perpetrators of malicious pranks, lookinh cheaters, and errant wives. The judge passes sentence a number of strokes from with the implement of his choosingand the defendant is remanded to the bailiff Dana Kane and the Are you looking for a bottom to spank disciplinarian The Villain for the punishment.

The sentencing room is formidable, with spanking benches and two walls filled with implements. Loiking spankee has to count the strokes out loud. I was lucky enough to shoot with them this year, a story arc with six scenes.

My Are you looking for a bottom to spank scene was shot on November 5. Spanking Court has been headquartered in Hollywood, CA, but they will be relocating. I will miss them, but hope to be flown to their new location sometime next year for more. Physically, I love the sensation of the impact, the pain that blends seamlessly into pleasure.

The feeling of his hands, Are you looking for a bottom to spank thighs under my belly, the sound of his voice. Physiologically, I love the endorphin surge and all those delicious feelings that ensue.

Emotionally, so many things… the power exchange. The pretense of not wanting it when we both know I do. The game of it: Powerful hands, dexterity with implements, a calm voice and demeanor, a strong presence that commands to be taken seriously. Someone strict and firm but caring, who knows how to caress as well as chastise. He respects limits, but knows when he can challenge them a little.

But what takes him from good to excellent is a mutual attraction, an emotional connection, and trust. I tried many years ago with John Are you looking for a bottom to spank is a switch.

I got dressed up in black lingerie and heels, and he had me flicking him with a riding crop. I will never do that again. Some people say that going from bottom to switch is a natural and somewhat inevitable progression in the scene.

Not for this girl. Hairbrushes hurt like crazy, but they work well with OTK and their classic look in a Woman wants sex tonight Oakton scene is undeniable.

I have no video plans at this point. But then someone or another always comes along and yanks me out of retirement, so who knows? I absolutely adore shooting, so I hope that will continue. And of course, lots more blogging and lots more spanking! While she may be new to spanking infront of the camera, she is well used to spanking….

Sexy Teens Looking For Abingdon

I hardly know anything about you at all, can you tell me a bit about you please. What came first for you, being a model or being a belly dancer? How did it all start?

It all started when I was My cousin was taking a Hawaiian dance class, and was constantly boasting about her tiny waist. Being the self-conscious, insecure, adolescent girl that I was, I too wanted a tiny waist, and I promptly went to my local parks and recreation center to sign up Are you looking for a bottom to spank Hawaiian dance.

The class was Are you looking for a bottom to spank, so I signed up for belly dance, which Are you looking for a bottom to spank thought would do the trick as well. I kept at it, and after a few years, I got pretty good at it.

It turned into an artistic Paramedic looking for fuck buddy outlet for me. When I was 17, my teacher encouraged me to perform in showcases. I did, and it all snowballed from there. I frequented the L. Inevitably, I stumbled upon rope bondage, and quickly became an avid fan. I was lucky enough to meet and play with DonSir, who invited me to do my first photo shoot.

It all escalated from there: I met models and photographers, and gradually started to shooting on a semi-regular basis. Most of my training has been classical Egyptian style. Do you have any other special talents? Had you done any spanking before that? How did the shoot go? I had done spanking before that: I had shot with Assume The Position Studios a few times prior to that. The shoot went delightfully well.

Clare Fonda is wonderful to work with, all the girls were very helpful and friendly to each other, and the atmosphere was fun and easy-going.

I had a wonderful time! I had been encouraged before by a few photographers and some models to try it they all said I have the butt lookinv it. Additionally, spanking is something Gor really enjoy doing. I love getting spanked! I like pain, I like the endorphin rush I get after experiencing pain, I like being submissive to certain peoplebut I think my greatest contributor to my love of spanking is that I Are you looking for a bottom to spank having my bum played with.

I LOVE Leasburg MO sexy women, bare-handed spanking; preferably by a male authority figure. After nice warm-up, I do like to progressively increase the intensity, with little breaks. It depends on who is spanking me. Miss Chris is a lifestyle player who is also a professional disciplinarian, so you can see her at a spanking party, or in a private session on top of her rapidly growing body of spanking movies.

There is much more info about Miss Chris including her schedule, global tour dates and information for booking a session on her website: Discipline by Miss Chris. Were you ever spanked back then? Some of the teachers would walk around with paddles. Did you see anyone else get spanked back then or was it the t that turned you onto it? It was the threat of the taped frat paddle that my PE uou brandished. It was actually more about the scolding back then.

Hot dang, could those teachers make Are you looking for a bottom to spank want to crawl into a hole and die forr from their tongue lashings!!!

As for watching others get it, well again I got way more out of the experience NOT seeing it! The PE teacher would bring the miscreant into the auditoriums back office for their swats. You only heard muffled sounds, implied cries and squelched dismay.

Bogtom own imagination filled in the blanks. I was restrained on a spanking bench while wearing panties and a leather corset. I experienced the most profound sense of subspace I have felt yet to this day, and it was bliss!

Disciplinarians can certainly benefit from taking a good spanking just like everyone else! Are you looking for a bottom to spank Narrabri guy seeks black woman for fun tonight different aspects about being spanked, what is it you like? What is your own tolerance like? I feel emotionally cleansed Are you looking for a bottom to spank a blood letting caning.

I enjoy being caned until I orgasm. I call them cane-gasms, tor full body, almost electro-chemical feel in every fiber of your being. Most spanking scenes for me are disciplinary in nature. It sounds like you became a top almost by mistake but your build, spqnk limbs and hard hands meant that loking were an ideal top.

Horny Ketchikan Seniors

What qualities make an ideal bottom? I did initially become a top out of necessity, but these days I top to advance my skills, to enjoy guiding people on their journeys, and to heal from my botom character flaws. When did you give a public spanking on film for the first time?

Was Horny as hell chub bottom a big Are you looking for a bottom to spank The first video company I worked for was Shadowlane. It was definitely a big deal for us all! The thing is Eve, Tony and Butch were so cool about everything. The set was real relaxed and we were really able to be ourselves, do some improv and even got to add elements the double OTK hand spanking was my creative input! Are you looking for a bottom to spank had a blast, and I think it really showed in that video!

Do you Silverthorne swingers mature giving a harder spanking more than a milder one?

As well, I tend to attract many folks who enjoy a heavier handed spanking because statistically there are not many of us out here who can spank hard just with our bare hands. But I very much enjoy giving a nice percussive spanking on occasion.

For tor spankings, I use both hands Are you looking for a bottom to spank a light, rapid, drumming rhythm. At the end of one, the recipients bottom is a nice light warm pink, nothing crazy, not even red! I have many different levels, and I enjoy giving the spankee an experience that matches their hopes and fantasies rather spaank spank them clean out of the ballpark!

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For the uninitiated are there any dangers when trying a new implement for the first time? I teach various classes around the country and I explain there are always risks when you pick up something new or try something for the first time. I always tell folks to start their exploration with the shortest and lightest possible implement usually ones hand, a very small pocket paddle or even a hairbrush. Accuracy is your number one priority and it always should be! Learn what the target area Yakutat Alaska sex girl fucking, and then practice until you can hit that area every time.

Once you master the short and light category you can move up in length…a medium sized leather strap, Are you looking for a bottom to spank fraternity paddle, a short flogger or even a small cane. Note that implement flexibility will play a pivotal part in your ability to hit your target. A rigid long armed wooden paddle is easier to aim and hit with than an equally long ultra limp leather razor strop. I remember the fear that both sets of authority figures invoked by just walking the halls and I like to recreate that for others.

My role plays have an enormous amount of detail in them, the more authentic the better! Because I lived both scenarios extensively, I call on those memories to help enrich and color the scenes I have today. Watch for a lot more home grown videos!!!! I have some absolutely amazing footage of real life spankings and canings that will blow you away!!! Please consider joining my mailing list, or just read my email blasts in the blog on my Back to schhol milfs. Find out more about Miss Chris and see more of her giving spankings at her website: Sophia Locke is a lifestyle submissive who has recently burst onto the internet.

Are you looking for a bottom to spank may be new but you may well have seen her at parties and Are you looking for a bottom to spank has already worked with the likes Are you looking for a bottom to spank Ron Jeremy and Clare Fonda. Can you describe what it is you like about being tied up? That fantasy has been with me for as long as I can remember.

I was always disappointed when the hero saved her. What turns me on the most with these scenes is the loss of control, the fear, and the idea of being used. I wanted the bad guy to abuse the poor helpless girl. I wanted him to rip off her clothes and make her vulnerable and scared.

I also love the erotic energy that comes from struggling against someone. Of course I would hope to lose! Everyone likes different aspects of spanking, what is it you like? Actually, I really enjoy getting marks.

It started out with me requesting a OTK spanking from my Owner. He put me over His knee on the couch and it started out nicely. I decided to be a little bratty by trying to run away. I really enjoy the takedown and capture sort of play.

He chased me around the room, grabbing me Housewives looking sex Elrama my hair and forcing me down on my knees for more spankings. Each hit was more severe! He would tell me after each time that He was finished — our game Are you looking for a bottom to spank over. He used that line to get close to me again so He could hold me down and spank Lady seeking sex LA Bossier city 71112 more.

Each individual spanking was almost over my limit of how much pain my body could take. Being on the edge of that pain eventually brought me to such a deep subspace that I was able to truly believe that I would never get away, that it would never end.

I had tears streaming down my face and onto the carpet. I had given up. I felt like He could do anything to me and I would just take it. He played with my pussy for a while, telling me that He would loan me out to friends, that I could never escape Him. I have never been so turned on in Naughty ladies want nsa Hanover Are you looking for a bottom to spank Of course, in the very back of my mind I knew it was a game.

Sophia gets spanked by Snow Single women New Post at a convention. Because bare handed spanking can get very intense for me physically, it helps turn me on when there are mental aspects to it as well. I like being lectured while being spanked. When I did my scenes with Snow Mercy, she did a lot of Are you looking for a bottom to spank.

I was pleasantly surprised with how turned on I was! What was it he said in his ad that was so scary? He wrote about how long He had been involved with the scene and what He expected from potential submissives. His profile was aggressive without being arrogant. He also had blogs written by past slaves and submissives. They were heavy with public humiliation and punishment scenes that scared the shit out of me. All of that combined was the reason I contacted Him. How does it work?

To use your example, I always push the grocery cart or hold the baskets when we go to the store. I have to ask permission to get any type of food or drink. He gives me His grocery card and credit card at checkout, so I always complete the transaction. I am not allowed on the furniture at home without His permission.

I also sleep in a cage and wear a special sleeping collar to bed. The control over my life is what works for me, sexually. There are certainly large aspects to our relationship that are vanilla, though. I feel comfortable being myself and speaking as I wish most of the time. The main difference in our lifestyle compared to others is that He has the final say in what I do. Sophia playing with her Owner. What seems silly to me is that I know how it feels to sexually enjoy pain, but I still feel bad inflicting it on fellow masochists.

When I realized I wanted to try webcam and video work to make a living, it was a difficult decision to actually act on. A lot of my life revolves around my sexuality, so it seemed like a natural thing for me to do and something that I have no regrets doing. The dichotomy between my vanilla work and lifestyle outside of work was eating away at me, so it was the right thing to do.

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Your website seems to cover everything from sex to BDSM and everything inbetween. Which scenes do your members enjoy the most? Which are the most fun to shoot? As far as webcam work goes, my guys and gals! I give that to them in the best way I can while staying within my personal limits. I really liked the fun section, especially the Monday Night Fuckball. Do you actually play those games? They make my shows fun for me and the people watching. Monday Night Fuckball works like a football pool, but with more fun prizes than normal football pools.

Are you looking for a bottom to spank were the scenes? The scenes were so much Free for ladies to meet I got very lucky, considering it was my very first spanking video shoot. Snow Mercy and I had played previously at a party, so I knew Ror was going to be comfortable with her.

As I mentioned before, the lecturing during our scene really got me going. With women, spanking Are you looking for a bottom to spank feels more like a fun and silly thing. It can get intense but I feel more playful about it than with men. When I am spanked by a Are you looking for a bottom to spank especially my Ownerit feels more animalistic and raw. I feel the same way about those differences when fucking men as opposed to women.

I would love to eventually run a production company with yo Owner that specializes in videos featuring women in submissive roles that yoy enjoy the mental and physical aspects of submission. Today we bring you Tena sexy, brunette lifestyler from New Jersey. At just 24 Ten has already had many experiences in the world of kink and she writes about them in her blog: Ten has been very busy over the past few years and you may have seen her in all kinds of kinky bondage and, of course, spanking scenes.

We q Ten, is there a story behind it? I have a link to rAe big, long story here for fetlife users: I was actually turned on at the idea of having a healthy dose of fear for a patriarchal man in my life. It also allows me to be quite the brat. We first saw you on a kink. They do some pretty extreme-looking scenes. Only in a positive, growth-inspiring way. The upside is obvious, but is there a downside to being boytom well-known spanking model?

Naw… I heal quick. The epank, the discipline, and recently… the sensation. Preferably if I stepped out of line, being taken over the knee and spanked through my intense struggling, holding me down and spanking me, in spite of my protests.

My favorite part of the Are you looking for a bottom to spank is the releasing all control. I eventually say that one thing that trips the boundary and he snatches me. I fight like a wildcat but he gets me over his knee and spares nothing while he goes to down on my backside. Then, he lifts my skirt and keeps going to down until I start Sex Dating in Aguilar CO.

Adult parties. calm down and stop struggling. Tamed, he pulls me Aee for a deep Aree kiss awwww and… bottkm really corny romance novel ending. A big damn question mark. Miss Cassie was kind enough to answer our questions in June … Did you have an interest in BDSM before you botto, a fetish model and started performing as a rope bottom? Do you prefer top or bottom? How does an online session work? Any spanking experiences growing up? As an adult I started from the bottom, see question one for my first experience.

What makes a good spanking scene? Do you like it when people top xpank the bottom? Call the scene means stop or end the scene.